Why Men Lose Interest After Sex: How To Avoid Being Used For Sex

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Why men lose interest after sex: How to avoid being used for sex. Is this question wearing you out? If so, read the article below to find suitable advice.

Why Men Lose Interest After Sex

You might have heard that men are more likely to lose interest in a woman after she has slept with them, but do you know why this happens? This can be incredibly frustrating for women who are looking for something serious. 

For example, let’s say you meet a guy at the bar and end up going home with him. You sleep together and wake up feeling good about what happened. The next day he goes completely cold on you despite your attempts to contact him. 

That fact is leading to the rise of the question “Why do men lose interest after sex: How to avoid being used for sex” More importantly, how can we avoid being used as objects by men and actually find relationships worth having? Well, let’s break it down! 

What Do You Think When You Sleep With Men

What Do You Think When You Sleep With Men

I must say that this appears to be a simple question to answer. It is not the key problem that you have sex with anyone after a day or a week of dating. If the man likes you due to your outstanding appearance, he will leave after that one-night stand. 

Many of you might believe the ‘3-date’ rule of thumb or in your friends talking about how you will look like a slut sleeping with a man to satisfy your needs.

The first step of all is to get rid of those silly beliefs. Do understand that the timing might not be the whole story. It’s just that a man has to surpass barriers and challenges before really getting into a woman’s heart. 

So, the first point I’ll make here is that do not think in such ways. Those thoughts may affect you in your relationship and the concepts I’m about to show below.

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Influence Of Physical And Non-physical Attraction

Though both genders share the same concept of paying attention to physical and non-physical characteristics, they practice that differently. 

Women are also attracted to the appearances of men. Still, his personality counts. If his personality fits you well, and you feel good being with him, you will also feel attracted to his appearance. At the same time, if the man is hot, but his personality is not your cup of tea, he can’t develop any physical attraction towards you. 

Surely, men are no different than us. They can get attracted both physically and non-physically.  However, here comes the big difference. They can even flirt with someone just for sex. 

Let’s say there’s nothing in you that attracts him besides the pretty exterior. That man can still chase you for months just to get you in bed and then leave. Why? All they care about is sex. That’s it!

Even worse! Maybe he’s not attracted to your physical appearance but still tries to flirt and use you for such purposes. Nowadays, it’s easy to catch such men out there. They’ve got their “skills” to try to have a one-night stand with women to another level.

The best advice here is to prepare yourself with knowledge. Only then can you detect those men and get away from them as soon as possible. 

Why Men Lose Interest After Sex

Not Feel Enough Non-Physical Attraction 

Not enough attraction to your soul might make him lose interest after having sex. Maybe the man can say everything you want to hear at first, he might just as well leave you after getting what he was aiming for. Even if he does feel something, that attraction will start to fade soon when you change your behavior after that night.

Nevertheless, I do not say that this practice on the first date would cause ghosting. Maybe the man still thinks of you as girlfriend material. But if you try texting and gossipping about your ex with him just to prove yourself and get his approval, ghosting will happen.

With a strong enough non-physical attraction, even if you sleep with him on the first date, the man will still try to get you home rather than disappear from your life. He will then view you as girlfriend material and spend time and effort to achieve your love.

So, the issue is: how do you stop being used for sexual purposes by men who are just interested in you physically? Let me take you through this section!


The Role Of Hormones

Hormones have an important part in love courting and mating for guys. Testosterone, dopamine, and vasopressin are the three names of hormones that males require to start a romantic relationship.

Now we will go through the role of each of them for guys:

Testosterone makes guys feel more macho. It increases their desire for sex.

Dopamine is involved in the euphoric feeling we get when we have a strong desire for something. It is this hormone that activates the pleasure center. 

You will recognize it when you experience that sensation when you bite into the most luscious dessert you have ever tasted. Or maybe when you’re approaching your first kiss.

Vasopressin is a hormone that helps males maintain their interests. According to the Harvard Neuroscience Institute, the hormone “related to behavior” is what causes long-term, exclusive partnerships. 

Men are physically designed to establish attraction instantaneously through physical attractiveness. Therefore, it is not their mistake. They also take much longer to develop their emotions.

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How Do Hormones Affect Him?

How Do Hormones Affect Him

Hormones affect a lot of human activity, especially men.

When a man has sex, his testosterone level rises to the highest point. After that, it will decrease to normal quickly. That boost makes him feel like a great man! 

Yet, as things return to normal, he gradually loses interest. The hormone oxytocin rises, which lowers testosterone levels. And when a man’s testosterone levels drop, he loses his masculinity. He feels compelled to distance himself, and he may even lose all interest for a time.

Sometimes, that process may happen faster as the testosterone decreases quickly. If oxytocin is released at the correct time in a relationship, it can lead to emotions of love by promoting prolonged human interaction.

Another factor we need to notice is the dopamine level. His dopamine level will increase when the chemistry is high, and he will desire another piece of chocolate from you. Still, once through eating the cake, he thinks in his mind, ‘hey, you have had enough cake.’ You are doing great! or “Get out of here.”

Nonetheless, if a man has an expressive attraction, his dopamine level will stay unchanged, and he will desire more of the good thing, which is you.

Vasopressin enables him to keep a woman’s attention and increases during sexual stimulation, but it drops drastically after that.

Though the physical attraction is simple, if there is no connection, it will start fading.

How To Avoid Being Used For Sex

Delay Sex

How To Avoid Being Used For Sex

When men have to delay satisfying their needs, their vasopressin levels rise. He will seek out more scenarios that offer him a flush of dopamine and feel desired, mainly thanks to testosterone.

Those hormones are also the reason that makes a man start a romantic relationship if they exist for a long time! 

In particular, when a man falls in love with a woman emotionally, they really want to treat her as his girlfriend. If a man is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually interested in someone, he will stay around. He will keep bouncing if he doesn’t feel connected or inadequate.

Moreover, Dawn Maslar also writes in her book named “Men Chase, Women Choose.” that “Delaying sex with guys allows his vasopressin level to rise and stay stable long enough for the reactions to be developed and then gratified. If this continues for a long enough period, he may fall in love.”

Try To Ask Yourself

Try To Ask Yourself

I have never dated a guy before, so we agreed immediately that we would not do that for a while. My boyfriend agreed once I offered it. We even have a no-kissing policy!

That was a wild ride! We chatted, went to performances, learned a lot about each other, had wild makeout periods, and our sexual attraction was incredible! We had more opportunities to get to know each other since we postponed having sex.

Here’s the deal: I maintained his curiosity, and the emotional connection developed naturally. Then one day, I discovered my love was genuinely interested in me. 

He was always messaging me and devoting all of his free time to me. It was obvious that the time had come. Here’s the greatest part: when we did do that, it was incredible!

Get Emotionally Naked Before You Get Naked

We were able to bond and get to know each other because we postponed having sex. We discussed our favorite cuisines, as well as our dreams, anxieties, and hobbies, as well as key life moments, sadnesses, and other topics.

I maintained his engagement by requiring him to devote time while I participated as well. Both of us had to go to work. This was not a one-way street. I had to maintain his interest as well. 

This entailed responding to texts, chatting, and displaying affection. Remember when we discussed testosterone, dopamine, and vasopressin? Whereas those hormones were building up, they were functioning in both of our interests, making him thrilled and intrigued about what we could be as a loving pair.

Throughout our sex-free period together, I wanted to make sure he understood it would all be worthwhile when the moment was perfect.

Rather than throwing out, invest in the relationship.

Hopefully, you can now see why delaying sex overweighs going into bed straight immediately. Before I sign off, here are a few more pointers: If a guy thinks a woman is hot and wants to spend time with her, that’s a winning combination. Only by spending time together can this occur.

Continue to pursue him. Out of the five steps to start a romantic relationship, the first one is pursuing. Men are hunters by nature, and they do not even adapt well to being hunted. And testosterone and dopamine are the driving forces behind this feature. In other words, men were born to chase women in nature.

For example, in daily life, they work hard to earn money and then enjoy it. They work hard to acquire muscle and place a high value on such gains. They invest time in you, and you can bet they respect you. You should maintain their attention so that they see you as a piece of their objectives and successes, as well as a part of their lives.

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We hope that the article above has fully answered ‘Why men lose interest after sex: How to avoid being used for sex’.

You will grasp your worth, and the guys you encounter will sense it if you focus on improving yourself and developing a non-physical appeal. When you improve and create your value, men will understand that you are unsuitable and easy to use. They can also respect you. 

You can also sleep with men if you want to. But you should consider it carefully and make a decision. When you want a sexual relationship more than the guy, it’s not you being used for sex. In this case, it seems your option, and let’s enjoy it.

After having sex, there will always be males who disappear. Stop seeing it as an indication that something is incorrect with you or with guys. Take efforts to strengthen yourself and elevate your requirements, and you will discover that you no longer live in a nation of flaky males.

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