What To Do When A Stressed Man Withdraws From You: Typical Reasons And How To Fix The Problem

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Your man can be carrying several burdens dealing with his hard life. Take a look at what to do when a stressed man withdraws from you and show him your care!

Whenever facing any obstacle in life, a man tends to be lowkey and cope with the problem himself rather than sharing it with his lover.

As the dearest one beside him, don’t rush to accuse your man of making you feel like an off-cast.

Instead, it’s time for you to express your support and ease his uptight mind.

Let’s dive right into our post on what to do when a stressed man withdraws from you and figure out the answer yourself!

what to do when a stressed man withdraws from you

Why Is Your Man Pulling Away? 

There are plenty of familiar reasons that blame a man when he acts as though he wants to get out of a relationship. Yet the following aspects may persuade you otherwise!

He’s Got A Lot On His Plate 

Why Is Your Man Pulling Away

Well, we can all agree that life is hard for most of us. And your man is not an exception.

Thus, perhaps what you see that makes you think he’s withdrawing is just an expression of his anxiety and depression when suffering from numerous of such severe things in reality.

Try to look around other aspects of his life. You may realize he could currently be in huge trouble with his boss, colleagues, pals, or even family.

He’s Feeling A Bit Smothered When Being In Your Relationship 

He's Feeling A Bit Smothered

Scientifically speaking, when a couple is deeply in love, their bodies produce a hormone called oxytocin.

This hormone to females is kind of a miracle cure that helps them reduce stress. Unfortunately, things don’t go the same way for males.

Due to the hormone’s appearance, their testosterone level moves toward the decline, causing them to fall off overextension.

So, if you see your partner withdrawing, he’s simply trying to stabilize the testosterone levels! And by that, it means he will keep retreating until he feels like a man again, regardless of how hard he is in love with you.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Yet, keep in mind this bizarre knowledge, you’ll somehow see it useful soon!

He Feels As If He Doesn’t Have His Personal Space To Breathe

The fun fact is that you can easily freak out any man by mentioning commitment. It’s like their instincts. They all feel afraid of letting their freedom fall into your hands.

In contrast, women frequently wish to be mentally intimate to their partners and express their feelings more openly, no matter how.

That antithesis is probably the reason why men have a need to back off to prevent you from taking control over their personal space.  

This kind of reason is actually nothing of a big concern. All you have to do is give your man what he wants, space! And don’t bother yourself whether he will abandon you or not.

If your boyfriend or husband cares about you, he’ll return after finished settling his thoughts.

Are you having trouble with dating? Do you need any practical advice or tips on how to draw attraction and make your man commit to you, check out this “His Secret Obsession” guide.

Your Man’s Still A Boy On The Inside

It might be a bitter truth, but perhaps your man isn’t emotionally mature enough to deal with the matters of growing up yet.

Since the stress has become too much for them to manage, most guys will find it difficult to open up to you.

As a result, he acts like a kid who only knows sidestep difficulties and distances himself from you.

This, however, would not happen to a fully grown man. But not every guy possesses such strong emotional fortitude.

Though it might be hard, let’s consider the situation as a chance to grasp more about your lover and know whether you can handle that kind of character or not.

What Should You Do To Help Things Work Out?

Now you’ve seized the reasons why your stressed man is pulling away from you, jump right into the most feasible solutions to remedy the crisis!

Don’t Force Him To Talk About The Problem 

Don’t Force Him To Talk About The Problem 

You may be used to all the chit-chats between women. Nevertheless, things like that don’t usually work for men. As a man with high self-esteem, they will prefer to keep their emotions private and try to find ways to solve the problem themselves.

It doesn’t mean they don’t love you or you’re not worthy enough for them to share it with. It simply implies that they need space and will come to you whenever everything is back to normal.

Sure, the occurrence might seem annoying when you can’t do anything to share his load. But stay calm, satisfy the man’s needs, whether it’s space or anything.

Otherwise, if you keep heckling about the matter over and over again, your man will feel persecuted and uncomfortable, which only prompts him to withdraw even more.

Make Him Feel At Ease, And He’ll Be More Inclined To Respond To Your Sincere Effort

In case you really yearn for him to communicate with you as you do, at first, prepare yourself to be a perfect listener. 

Keep in mind that your lover is going to let you in his secret domain, so don’t ever ruin it by judgment and impolite assault. Also, make it about him, not you.

In that way, he will sense your sincerity and know that you indeed care. Voilà, your relationship has taken a huge step toward! 

Remember, don’t rush to be overjoyed. Before such a thing happens, you have to figure out ways to show that you’re ready to listen to him. Take our words when we say it isn’t tricky like it sounds!

Just send a text or a voice message, for example: “Something appears to be on your mind lately, sweetheart. I’m not sure if you want to talk about it or not, but if you do, I’m all ears for you. If that isn’t the case, I hope you work it out soon.”

No matter if he does or does not reply to you, the point is he’s seen your effort. And by that, your lover’s trust in your tolerance and patience has risen to a whole new level!

Perhaps it’s not adequate for him to open up this time, but you can count on this try for the long haul.

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What To Do When He Won’t Commit To A Relationship?

Bear In Mind That You May Have Nothing To Do With His Issue 

Of course, the wonder of whether you did anything wrong is unavoidable. Before you discover the proof, don’t make any silly move!

The line between being sensitive and exaggerating is extremely thin. It’s ok when you softly ask your man about what’s going on. If you become panicky and try to start a fight, you will ruin the mood. 

Imagine it is you who got the problem, and your partner, instead of easing you down and making you feel better, yells at you just to satisfy his ego, regardless of how stressful you are.

Don’t you see this one is such a selfish person?

That’s why it’s important to let your boyfriend have some private moments. You have no idea what he’s going through, so don’t make the mistake of thinking his stress comes from your relationship.

Be aware that just like you, the boy has many other things in life, too!

Appease Your Feeling With Help From Your Love Ones Till His Emotion Is Ready

All the healing process takes time, and so does your man’s. Thus this occurrence could happen for a long, long term. Nobody can guess the exact number. But we can definitely be certain that this time will not be easy for you either.

So, how to prevent your feelings from getting hurt while your lover was not ready to be there by your side? The answer is quite simple!

Remember, it’s not only him who demands more space. Now it’s your turn to grab your own time and enjoy life with your besties and family, too.

In that way, rather than adding more burdens to console your insecurities, you can not only express your feelings but also strengthen the strong bone between you and your beloved ones.

As a result, you will be in a much better emotional state. When he ends up finishing his botheration, you two will be able to reconnect with each other on a much deeper level immediately.

Don’t Gossip About His Problems 

As we have already mentioned above, seeking other help aside from your man’s, in this case, is nothing of negative aspects. Nevertheless, it will go wrong when this sharing turns into gossip.

Since one of the most obvious keys to a healthy relationship is respect, it’s your responsibility to keep your private life away from others no matter how hard you feel about it.

You must think it’s ok to talk a little bit with your best friend, but it’s not. Save it to yourself, even if your best buddy is dying to find out.

If you don’t know what’s going on with him, then what is the point of telling others about his difficulties?

Believe us. You will lose nothing when following this golden rule. Once you break it, the bond between you and your man is at risk of never getting back to normal.

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Seducing Him Physically Won’t Help Things Any Better  

It’s naive to believe that guys just desire one thing. Sure, they enjoy bedroom romps, but it’s not a panacea for the problems.

Since what he’s facing is far more serious, using your flirting tactics to make your man feel better or forget about reality is undoubtedly a bad idea anyway.

Not to mention that his stress levels are likely to negatively impact his performance, which neither of you desires. Could you imagine how disappointing it would be if he realized this is just your trick of being there for him?

Not only can’t it help change the situation at all, but you can also offend your lover’s self-esteem due to the thought that he only craves for your body.

After all, when you two are in a genuine romance status, what he needs is your emotional presence, not your physical presence.

The only way to calm him down is to give him distance, understand, and be patient. A bedroom romp will do nothing except make the man feel less like a man and increase the likelihood that this attempt will turn counterproductive.

So don’t use your seduction techniques as a weapon in any way. You’re smarter than that. Also, he isn’t a 15-year-old. He’s an adult with real needs that extend beyond the physical.

Simply give him what he wants, regardless it’s time or space. The sooner he pulls himself together, the sooner you’ll be able to reclaim the hunk of your man.

If Nothing Else Works, Go Straight To A Conversation With Him 

Time and distance are really crucial to a reclusive guy, without a doubt. And for the most part, that’s all they require.

However, you can’t wait for him to come out of the shell indefinitely. Especially with some people who find it tough to deal with the emotions on their own.

So, if he’s still tense and withdrawn after a while, it’s time for you to sit down and have a serious talk with him. But again, don’t forget to make him feel at ease and secure when expressing himself to you.

Ascertain that he understands that you are not blaming or pressing him in any manner. For the best, you should only inform him that you care and are concerned about his recent behavior.

He would gradually open up to you about his deepest sentiments if you have created a strong emotional connection with him.

From there, you’ll be able to figure out exactly what’s causing him to be so stressed out, and assisting him to overcome it is now no longer a problem! 

How To Get Inside His Mind

If you love to motivate your other half with adoration and attraction, there is no way but to maintain the same frequency between the two of you. Let’s imagine how it will get worse if you do nothing with his silence! It likely presents a situation that “Despite getting angry, I do not want to talk about this situation”. 

As long as you can get inside the mind of your other half, his ugly silent treatment will become an old story. So, if you are still confused about the next moves, click here to discover ways to understand and attract a man.  


After all of these attempts above, you should be proud of yourself for trying your best. Anyway, remember that you can’t help someone who insists on refusing your kindness.

We hope this post has shed some light on what to do when a stressed man withdraws from you. Best of luck to you!

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