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What a man wants from a woman in a relationship is a thought that must cross your mind at least once when you are in love. Check this out to unveil the question!


Being in love can have a greater effect on yourself than you thought. From a single person to a taken girl with a man accompanying you all the time, you’ll no longer be the oblivious girl like before him. Instead, you would spend a good amount of time and attention on him, trying to become the perfect partner for him. 

Being in love

However, that is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes, after spending hours in front of the mirror trying to appear gorgeous and attractive, all you get in return is an unimpressed face of him. No matter how long you and he have been together, you can’t figure out what he is into. 

In that case, let us help you. We will give you insights into what a man wants from a woman in a relationship with some tips to help bring you and your other half closer. Scroll down now!

Discovering What A Man Wants From A Woman In A Relationship

Let Him Work For Your Relationship

Let Him Work For Your Relationship

People tend to appreciate things that they have to strive for. On the other hand, if something is given to them easily, they’ll probably get bored of it in a very short time. Things hit the same in a romantic relationship.

If a girl says yes to a man easily, chances are he’ll take her for granted. Not having to go through the hardships to win your heart, he will be overconfident about your love for him, that you always stay loyal to him no matter what. A relationship where one doesn’t know how to cherish the accompaniment of the other is not healthy and won’t last long.

The solution we offer here is to let the man work for the relationship. So, how do you do this? Setting the bar high is a great choice. You need to show your boyfriend what you’ve got, establishing the standard of who will get to be by your side. 

A woman can also motivate her partner to build a bond by extending her life past him. In other words, her life doesn’t revolve around him only. She has amazing friends out there and can live completely fine without her man. That way, he won’t be arrogant about her affection and make an effort to be a fixed part of her life.

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Make Him Feel Like A Hero

Hero instinct exists in all kinds of men in this world. However, not everybody is aware of what it is. Many people associate this tendency with some typical scenes in fiction, like running out of nowhere to save a girl from being hit by a truck. In reality, hero instinct is much more practical, including leading a meaningful life, receiving appreciation, and respect, and providing for his loved ones. 

That being said, unleashing this tendency in men doesn’t always require you to act as a damsel in distress. The basic thing is you need to respect and cherish him as he does towards you. Hero instinct inside men will lead him to care for you in every aspect despite you’re completely capable. 

In some guys, this instinct is very obvious. In others, however, it is harder to know, and you need to observe a little more carefully. Either way, if you can give your partner this feeling, it will immensely benefit your emotional bond. 

Every time the hero instinct comes into play, the guy brings happiness and a sense of satisfaction to the relationship. That way, he’ll be aware of his importance to you; thus, he stays more connected to your commitment or marriage. 

Plus, when the guy makes his girlfriend happy, she’ll be sweeter to him. As a result, he will feel loved and wanted, which is the key to a stable and long-lasting love.

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Play Hard To Get

Playing hard to get is an excellent way to achieve a sense of satisfaction, which is the feeling that almost every guy fishes for in a relationship. 

Some people apply this tactic by appearing mysterious. They never show their cards, letting the men guess to discover the truths. This will keep the man intrigued and motivated to keep exploring you.

Others can opt for physically playing hard to get, keeping your distance. Of course, keeping your distance doesn’t mean holding him at arm’s length with tension and hostility. You can slow down things before getting physically intimate by teasing or flirting with him. Giving him a chaste kiss or flirty gestures like touching arms or bumping knees will effectively build the “delicious” tension between you two.

At the early stage of getting to know each other, one can also try to be away for a while. He’ll start to miss your accompaniment and pay more attention to you during this time. 

Although there are many tactics to play hard to get, you need to know its conditions and limits. You can only act as a hard-to-get date when the other person is at least interested in you. After all, what’s the point of doing this if there is no spark between two people? It would only come off as unnecessary and weird. 

This tip shouldn’t be repeated too many times when it comes to limits. Overuse it, and your partner would be frustrated and soon give you up to chase another “easier” target.

Compliment Him

A sincere compliment can effortlessly boost anyone’s mood, and man is no exception. Don’t judge him from his hard and strong facade. Sometimes, men have vulnerable egos, so don’t forget to praise him when he deserves it. How to praise your man without exaggerating?

Start with the most simple yet incredibly effective method – saying “thank you”. From small gestures like squeezing toothpaste on your toothbrush, holding the door open to house chores like cleaning up the apartment, rearranging things for you, don’t hold yourself back from thanking him.

While doing this, you can be more specific with your words, showing him how you appreciate his help. That way, he’ll take pleasure in those activities and continue to do more. 

You should also notice the subtle change in him. For example, if he is trying to keep fit and finally develop some muscle, go ahead and support him with “You look good today” or “You look buff!”. This will let him know you care for him, encouraging him to change for the better.

Complimenting men doesn’t always need background, either. You can tell him how lucky and happy you are to be with him out of the blue. Occasionally reminding him of your feelings for him will strengthen your bond.

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Embrace His Mistakes

No one is perfect. Just like you, your partner still has a lot of flaws. Loving him means accepting this not so glorious side of him and learning to accept his imperfection. 

He can be careless and break things at times but don’t nag or scold him for hours on end just because of it. What a man wants from a woman in a relationship is an equal, loving, and understanding partner, not a grumpy mother. If this scenario keeps going on, he’ll feel uncomfortable and pressured in your company and gradually avoid talking to you.

If he makes a mistake, just talk it out. Discussing with a calm attitude will knock some sense into him more effectively than screaming at each other’s faces.

Give Him His Personal Space

Give Him His Personal Space

You and he can’t live inside a private bubble all the time. A whole life exists outside of your love life, and you need to respect that. This is very important, especially for guys who are inclined to be independent and adventurous. Me-time will let him relax his mind and achieve a healthy state of mind.

Some people have a really toxic approach to this topic. If her partner stays in his room for too long or he wants to go out and unwind, she’ll confront him with tons of questions like “Where are you going?”, “What do you need to do there?”, “What takes you forever in that small room?”. In this case, she is overbearing and trying to control his life. 

Living with her, the guy will feel suffocated, as if his freedom is ripped away. Thus, this behavior will put a strain on their bond and quickly put an end to the relationship.

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How To Get A Man To Fill The Missing Spot In Your Life?

Seek Help From A Guy

Asking a guy to help you does a good job in starting a relationship. If you struggle to move a big and heavy table, find a guy to do it for you. Or, when there is an academic problem that you can’t wrap your head around, seek an explanation from another man. 

When you’re applying this tip, a small note is listening attentively to his explanation or even his rambling. That is his way of sharing something he’s interested in with you. If you give him a positive reaction, the guy will see it as common ground. Once you two have something in common, it’ll be the foundation for your relationship to nourish.

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Be Comfortable In A Guy’s Company

This is a necessary thing for those who are looking for a partner. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable when you’re with a guy, how will you take the lead and find your other half?

Besides being natural with men, you also need to learn how to customize yourself to a man’s lifestyle. Occasionally, he’ll turn your house into a sports festival filled with excited cheering or disappointed screams. You’ll see a bunch of guys with eyes glued to the screen, following every movement of the player’s feet. 

Once you can fit in that situation, which means you have made an effort to share his passion and interest, he’ll feel even more connected to you.

Let The Guy Prove Himself

Understanding men’s behavior will come in handy when looking for a boyfriend. Normally, the way men take care of other people is often mistaken as showing off. However, it is just because they love challenges and want to prove worthy of your love.

When facing difficulties, don’t fight to deal with the issue with him. You can take a step back and let him on the driving chair. That way, you can save your energy, and your boyfriend can also satisfy his interest in challenges. 

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What Does A Mature Man Want From A Woman In A Relationship?

A playful girl and a mature man can make a wonderful combination. While a grown guy is full of experience and knowledge, his life could use some playfulness. That’s exactly what a lively girl can offer. A little push and pull, a right amount of teasing here and there from her will make him become more active every day.

However, being playful here is not emotionally immature. A grown man doesn’t need more burden coming in the form of a childish girlfriend. What he needs is a partner who can control her emotions and be able to sit down and work through problems. 

What Do Guys Hate When Being In A Relationship?

Respect is always a must to maintain a relationship. On top of it, inside a man always exists a tendency called “hero instinct”. Thus, if you act superior to him or treat him inadequately, he’ll surely hate it. He’ll see it as if you disrespect him and disregard his emotions.

What Shouldn’t You Do In A Relationship?

Yelling when things go wrong is always a big no. Whether your partner is mentally strong or vulnerable, yelling will solve nothing but build up resentment between you two.

Imposing yourself to him is also inadvisable. As mentioned above, equality is an important factor in building a stable relationship. Forcing your thoughts and behaviors on your partner shows unfairness in the relationship and can be early signs of abuse.


A successful relationship requires effort from both sides. For a woman to win a guy’s heart, she needs to figure out what a man wants from a woman in a relationship. Hopefully, this article is helpful to those who are striving for this goal. Thank you for reading!

Have a good day!

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