Text Chemistry Review (2022): Is It Worth It? My Verdict

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Hit nowhere with your romance? Then Text Chemistry is your best bet. My Text Chemistry review will lend an in-depth assessment of its dating tips and services.


A few years ago, my love life sank to an all-time low. Though certain guys were interested, our sparks always fizzled out once the dating phase neared. Out of sheer frustration, I decided to cast a look at Text Chemistry – and its astounding impacts explain why you are reading my Text Chemistry review at this very moment.

It would be a crime to keep such an incredible dating guide all to myself. So buckle up, as I will now plunge deep into its feature sets and services. They would be a major turning point for those still struggling to find some luck in romance.

What Is Text Chemistry?


Text Chemistry is a famous dating guideline for users 18 to 50, launched by Amy North, an expert and counselor in romance. Her curriculum offers one main core book, a 13-part video series, and three supplemental eBooks. 

The Text Chemistry series aims to help you grab your man’s attention and pique his desire. Amy North achieves such a feat by showing us how to create sexual chemistry via text messaging. 

A painful fact is that many females (and even males) struggle to flirt in the digital era. Paralysis, rigidness, and embarrassment have become our new norm. We severely lack the self-esteem and confidence necessary to test the opposing sex properly. 

Here is where Text Chemistry enters the scene to become a game-changer for such users. Around 80% of its loyal customer base are between 21 and 45, with an average age of 28, indicating that texting does matter in a serious romantic relationship (not just in flings at early ages).


Who Is Text Chemistry For?

Women who desire more compelling and memorable communication with their men would benefit from Text Chemistry, just like I have. This program is tailored for all ladies that wish to:

  • Flirt with a man to make him her boyfriend
  • Leave a good impression on her lover. She wants him to think of her as amusing, intriguing, and “worth it”.
  • Revitalize her relationship with a partner (or spouse) who seems to be withdrawing and losing interest.
  • Rekindle her fire with an ex-boyfriend.

And what if you are already content with your ongoing relationship? Then I think you probably would not gain much from Text Chemistry. Amy North’s texting guides would help spice things up here and there, but you will sail fine without them.


Why Am I Writing A Text Chemistry Review?

As a woman who struggled to find my Mr.Right, I understand more than anyone else the pain, the fear, and the humiliation after a relationship failure. These chagrins brought a toll on my confidence, and it took me years to claim it back. 

I do not wish such misery to happen to any of you, and that desire motivates me to send you my pieces of thoughts.

Some might think I am exaggerating, but Text Chemistry has been a life-changer. It accompanied me through my lowest moments, gradually helping me rebuild the strike.

The success that followed was not an overnight occurrence (that would have been too good to be true!). Still, even the smallest victories lend a much more optimistic light to my dimming mindset. From on-and-off relationships that lasted barely over a month, my time range progressed to two months, three months, then six months. 

And now, after what seems like a millennium of hardship, I am finally and happily in love with David, my two-year fiance. I truly want you to experience the same bliss and overjoy as I do. 


Sure, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and Text Chemistry might not be for everyone. But it hurts no one and costs you (almost) nothing to try. You have already gone through the worst before; why take a step back now?

Who Is Amy North?


Now that I have already given you a glimpse into Text Chemistry, you must feel quite eager to learn more about the mastermind behind this program.

Amy North is a Canadian dating instructor from Vancouver. This talented woman built an empire on Youtube and has sold some of the best-seller books on the market. 

At this point, Amy’s channel has already amassed 608,000 subscribers for 171 insightful videos on texting tips. Furthermore, Text Chemistry and The Devotion System – two of Amy’s online dating guides – have sold over 100,000 copies around the globe. 

Her primary goal is to help women snatch the guy of their dreams – which, as we all know, is never an easy task. Amy’s degree in psychology gives her unparalleled insight into how romance works, and she also has an ever-growing customer base for breakup counseling sessions.


What Does Text Chemistry Offer?

Amy North did lots of research when she was a graduate student in psychology. As a relationship counselor, she also developed her study by observing couples texting each other. And this program is supported by the fruits of those hard work.

To get to the essence of this dating guide, allow me to pose you this question: How adept are you at capturing a man’s attention?

With so many temptations in the modern world (not to mention other women!), it is never easy to keep a man’s eyes on you. And that is the whole point of these guidebooks. With Amy North’s expert dating tips, you will be the only one he could think about.

Have you ever got sucked into a television program to the point that you could not stop watching it? After each episode, something always compelled you to click “Watch The Next Ep” repeatedly – as if you were incapable of self-control. Yes, and now Amy North adopted those exact Hollywood techniques for messaging.

In fact, many studies have shown that those with high anxiety levels fear in-person communication and seed online interaction instead. That’s why more and more people flock to the love path where texting is the guide. 

According to Ph.D. Leora Trub from Pace University, how couple text is way more important than the texting frequency in determining their mutual satisfaction. Text messages with attention-grabbing headlines are particularly effective; they tap straight into a man’s brain concentration mechanism. He will begin to pool his focus on you and pay keen attention without recognizing it. 

Even if the man of your dream is thousands of miles away – or you two have not kept in touch for a long time – such strategies will instantly spark fireworks.

Different stages call for different ‘hooks’. And luckily, Amy offers you situationally pertinent messages that you may use for each phase, from flirtatious beginnings to long-term relationship maintenance. 


A Closer Glance At Text Messages

Amy offers the exact type of texts to send your partner that nearly always gets an immediate reaction. Even better, she advises ladies on the ‘hows’ and ‘whens’ of these messages in any circumstances.

Thus, regardless of your current relationship status, your success is guaranteed. There are extra guidelines included for better outcomes. 

Several texting situations are discussed in the book, including the following:

  • What to say when a man ignores your SMS messages
  • When you have parted ways and now want to reconcile 
  • When you are suffering from boredom and stagnation in your relationship
  • When you want to be sensual and do an “Anastasia Steele” move on your Christian Gray
  • When you are looking for a long-term commitment 
  • When you two are separated, and you want to pique his desire for your company
  • Send seemingly childish texts that will rouse his interest 
  • Discuss important matters in such an enthralling manner that he always feels eager to speak with you.
  • When you are worried about your boyfriend, fiancée, or spouse cheating

Have you ever gotten a message from a man and had no idea what he was talking about? You just want to bang your head against the wall whenever it happens. No worry now, as the guides also cover a ‘cheat manual’ to help us decipher what those perplexing texts are trying to convey.


How About The Bonuses?


As I have already mentioned, the bundle includes one primary core book and 13 videos. 

There are also three complimentary eBooks to finish the package. Here is a quick synopsis of each one: 

The Phone Game

To realize your man is clinging to every word you say on the phone is a wonderful feeling (Been there, done that!) So what do men find irresistible in a conversation with their women? Amy North’s first bonus eBook will delve into this mystery. 

Why Men Disappear 

Have you ever wondered why guys abandon their (very sweet and beautiful, may I say) girlfriends? The truth will astound you. 

This eBook sheds light on the true reasons your men leave and how you can avoid such cataclysms in the future. We women must equip ourselves with critical tactics to retain our boyfriends’ interests in the long run.

Quality Men on Tinder

Wait a minute. What? Are there ‘quality’ guys on Tinder? Yes, you did read that right. There are nearly 77% of male users from the US on Tinder (2020), and a positive number of 13.6% of couples get married via online matching. So, why not you? The point here is: how can you single out your dot-on guy?

Speaking of which, Amy shows us how to build a well-calculated Tinder account (including bio and pictures) that only pulls in the finest men on the market. No more jerks and creeps! 

This last installment is probably the most beneficial bonus out of the whole package (or at least to me. David and I met through Tinder).


How Much Does Text Chemistry Cost?

Text Chemistry is priced at $49.95. I know, it is quite a hefty sum at first sight. But given Amy’s years of dedicated research, that price tag is justifiable. After all, you get four books and 13 videos for life-long usage with just a one-time purchase (instead of monthly subscriptions like tons of similar titles). 

Most importantly, these guides do work – which is our ultimate goal at the end of the day. Your investment would not be for naught. It is definitely worth a shot! 

Why Do I Love It?

It Is Effective

Well, ain’t that the whole point of this review? My fiance David is also a keen reader of Texting Chemistry, and he told me how wonderfully these SMS messages work on him. The texts are witty (and at times cheeky), setting an incredible and sensual mood regardless of circumstances. 

With everyone spending time at home due to the pandemic, texting is more critical than ever. Do you want to step up your SMS games? Then these guides will be perfect for you.

It Gains Me Self Confidence

Knowledge is power. Some of you would think it is such a tiring cliché, but these tactics are the key to your victories. This program teaches you to be commanding, playful, and mysterious. 

You will never come off as ‘needy’ or ‘clingy’. After all, you are your own woman, and a woman who knows her worth is what keeps men staying.

Most dating manuals only show us how to appear ‘worthy’ to men. Not many teach you to become a respectable lady on your own. That is where Texting Chemistry departs from other products.

It Offers Excellent Value for Money

As previously established, the guides cost $49.95, an excellent value for a comprehensive package that would accompany you for the rest of your life.

There Is A Product Guarantee

Some ask me, What should I do if my man refuses to react the way I want him to? That is an uncommon occurrence, but I admit it does still occur. In such cases, a complete refund is available, provided that you contact Amy North within 60 days after the purchase.

No questions to be asked. No hoops to be cleared. Send an email to Amy, and all your hassles will settle.

What Can It Improve?

You expect an honest review, and here I am. Though the program ticks many of my boxes, there is still room for further improvement. 

For starters, the language is rather too sweet and flowery at times – which I am certain is not to everyone’s taste. I appreciate Amy’s attempts to make things enjoyable and instructive. But still, the wording might have been a little more realistic. 

Secondly, all the books are 100% digital, rendering them useless without an Internet connection. Traditional readers will find this feature a tad uncomfortable.


What Are Some Text Chemistry Alternative Options?

Text Chemistry is a renowned and beloved book series. Nonetheless, the market offers some alternatives that you might want to consider.

We have His Secret Obsession penned by James Bauer – a best-selling author and expert relationship counselor. The guide focuses on men’s basic inclinations – particularly the hero instinct. It might take a while to awaken that intuition, but these powerful strategies will make him burn fiercely for you. 

You can read our full review of His Secret Obsession here.

The Devotion System – another program by Amy – is also a good dating guide. It is divided into three sections:

  • First part: How to overcome your emotional injuries from previous relationship failures. 
  • Second part: What do men truly desire in their women?
  • Third part: Further tips and tactics to secure his full commitment.

Self-reflection is always crucial, no matter your personal goals. The Devotion System ensures love only makes you better – rather than tearing you apart.

Genuine Feedback from Current Users 

customer feedback

I am sure you are eager to learn more about this dating guide from other users. No problem; a quick browse on Goodreads will reveal thousands of reviews, most of which are favorable. 

Brandi Sander wrote in her five-star comment, “Honestly; the guide is rather simple to use. You do not need to be concerned with its intricacy or anything else. The handbook weans you from outdated tactics and introduces you to a new horizon.”

Amanda Gentry gushes, “He (her lover) adores my texts very much. He is overcome with enthusiasm – as if this is the first time we have fallen in love. I realized that I needed to pay closer attention to each of my words. Even a simple chat with him could drastically evolve my love life, something I was never aware of.”

Jessica Woodbury concurs: “This book is incredible; it is the finest texting handbook I have ever read. Amy addressed many significant issues, supplying sample texts to adapt and utilize. 

However, do not get overly preoccupied with what you should and should not say. Once I began considering these tips through the lens of my circumstances, it became much easier to apply the principles and benefit from them.”

Some readers go into further depth about extra techniques discussed in the book. But I will not recount them in this review and spoil your experience. It is much more delightful to discover them by yourself! 



Are These Books Shipped To Me?

No. Currently, no hardback or paperback editions are available. 

It is a digital package covering four PDF e-books and thirteen AVI films. Your purchase confirmation email will include a link for subsequent download. An established account is a must, which lets you re-save these contents at any time.

Is It Possible to Have Chemistry via Texting?

Why not? Think of a family member or even your best friends. Your exchanges with them often employ unique and colorful vocabulary, which would never be possible with a total stranger. SMS chemistry is not a myth, as long as there are some prior real-life connections between both parties.

Final Verdict

My Text Chemistry review has covered all you need to know about these enlightening dating guides. 


Of course, I am certain that some of you can navigate your way without such programs (after all, those relationship failures must have taught you something!).

It is just that they would propel you towards your goal much, much faster. Your self-confidence also strengthens, paving the way for greater success in other non-romantic aspects of your life.

Write to me if there are any points not yet mentioned. I am more than delighted to assist you with your concerns.

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