Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You- Catch Up The Secret IN 2022

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Are you curious about “signs he’s fighting his feelings for you“? If so, this content might be a wise stop for your search. Read on to get a satisfactory answer.


Signs He's Fighting His Feelings For You

Are you commencing to have some special emotions with a guy and asking yourself if he has any special feelings the same as you? You read his affections that he also wants to start a new relationship with you. Yet deep down inside your mind, you still feel something to hold him back. 

But at heart, this might put you in a cleft stick, as you will not get how your guy truly feels. This is actually not only your own curiosity. 

Thus we are here today with some way to know “signs he’s fighting his feelings for you” to unravel this interest of many people who are on the point of love. 

His Reasons For Fighting His Feelings For You 

His Reasons For Fighting His Feelings For You 

It might be that he had an unforgettable traumatic past that makes him feel like a swing in the balance to start a new relationship and has no desire to disturb you around. 

Or he is in two minds if where do your heart turn and fear of being rejected and the two of you could never go back to the current relationship.

Perhaps he spent his harrowing youth with his ex-girlfriend, and he does not want that to happen again. Or someone left without a word, etc. These incidents accidentally make him fall over backward to open his heart again. 

A turbulent home environment can affect his attitude to love. If he had grown up in an unhappy family, where there was destruction in the relationship between his parents, he might have lost his trust in love. Hence, he could get trapped in the psychology of fear and has not yet stepped out of his comfort zone. 

In addition, if he assumes that he has not yet matured emotionally or is unable to cope with his mixed feelings, he is also most likely to hide his emotions from you. 

Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You

Take His Body Language Into Consideration

All else can deceive you, but body language will not. Its strength pulls away from hundreds of voices, just like everybody has different characteristics. Similarly, this rule is also true to love, guys who have various ways to express their emotions through body language.  

While some start getting tongue-tied and stuttering when saying some simple sentences in front of you, others might commence acting awkward and clumsy as soon as they see you. 

Especially, give heed to typically shy guys. There is no guarantee that the personalities shown off by these guys are evidence of their feelings to you. 

Yet, if he’s normally lively and loud around others and starts to stammer and blush at the precise moment, you step into the room, absolutely that you are his crush.

There Is Vague Chemistry Between You 

You guys are staying in a non-committal relationship, above friendship but under love. 

Judging by externals, it seems like both of you have just normal friends, yet, indeed, you both get clearly there is something more than that. Perhaps you can’t get up the nerve or wait for the other who shows something more apparent than at present. 

Here we should not mention knowing; we should consider the feeling side. Because likely, this affection won’t come overnight, so it isn’t hard for you to recognize there is vague chemistry in this relationship. 

He behaves differently to you than the way he acts with others. This can be seen that there is a special bond for you from him. You have got a soft and unique spot for him and is perhaps like “putty in your hands.”

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He Gets Uncomfortable or Awkward 

He might get embarrassed, uncomfortable, or shameful in some cases where you would not expect his reactions like that. 

For instance, you are left in the same room together, especially you guys alone; your dress’s strap slips down, or you got your hair stuck in your zipper. 

If you asked him for help, he might feel shy and act uncomfortable with his own affection. Also, he will want you to ignore this scruple on the behavior he showed.

In sum, it comes to any events, even small, yet churns up something of special feeling within his heart. 

He Doesn’t Miss The Things You Share With Him 

If you are his crush, he will give your stuff or stories some thoughts in-depth, if not most of the things you share with him. He will not pin in his mind the minor details if he just stays at hearing politely. Such things as dream dare, favorite food, best music, etc., are mentioned in pieces of your stories.

If he carries your things in his mind, don’t hesitate to believe that he wants to have something special with you. He could attempt to hide his feelings with the common reason that he owns a great memory. That’s a typical sign of fighting with his emotions for you. 

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You Discover A Surreptitious Glance From Him 

If he likes you, a usual rule is that this guy will try to avoid making eye contact with you. He supposes that this resort will save him from his leaked-out secret. 

He acts as though your eyes can see right through him if he stands at gaze long enough; he might fall in the snares of love easily. If this thing happens, it perhaps comes at the wrong time, in his current view. 

Yet, no matter how hard your crush tries, at one particular point in time when you catch him changing his gaze away from or to you. These moments indeed become unguarded ones for your confidence. 

He Always Tries To Show Off In Front Of You 

You could find that he is trying to imprint his personality on your mind by sharing about interesting achievements he got, expressing fancy skills, or showing off his unique charm whenever you are around. 

This belongs to one of the most obvious pieces of evidence of his struggles in burying his emotions to you. He is not ready to admit his feelings and ask for a date with you. However, he hopes he leaves a good impression and has a warm spot in your heart for him.

Perhaps this also would be a wise test to see how you react and whether he is good enough by the end to say yes to him someday. In this way, he can enjoy every single moment with your company without worrying about being rejected. 

He Talks With You At Every Single Chance He Has 

A guy has some special feelings for you, for sure, he wants to save as much time as possible to talk with you. He usually calls or even texts you just for flimsy excuses, for instance.

To reduce doubts in your mind, he might approach you by asking about work or schools. He digs in-depth into many other conversations about everything and anything from these simple and specific topics. 

He Feels Uncomfortable When Seeing You Around Other People 

Another core sign he is burying his affections to you is when he catches any moments. Like in a bar, for example, when you are around with other guys, he will feel annoyed and switch into the “big brother” version. In case you intend to date someone new, he will try to list their faults or do them down. 

It is a question of himself; he has not yet admitted his feelings. Because he doesn’t have any formal reason to postpone your affection to other guys, this does not mean he satisfies your dating situation. 

He Can Switch From Being Nice To Avoid You Completely 

A man who is into you yet is attempting to conceal it will commonly act you nicely. That thing is for days in a good mood. He could ignore you completely on some bad days and even show off very coldly.

Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that he ends his affection for you. It is one of the reasonable signs he is hiding his emotions. He might fear that you will quickly discover his thoughts about you when he treats you extremely lovely. Or, perhaps he thinks you do not get the same feeling with him and don’t want to make you awkward. 

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The Final Thoughts 

Until these bottom lines, we bet that you’re clear about “signs he’s fighting his feelings for you“. Yet what should you do if you both want to move forward in this relationship?

So the core key now is approaching your guy by empowering both of you. There are just a couple of things like the hero instinct or protective “big brother” mode. The trick is to appeal to an outbreak of his innate drivers directly. This wise resort will quickly push your relationship out of friendship more than ever.

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