Ignore A Guy and He’ll Come Running Back: What Should We Do?

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If you want to pay attention to somebody, the best way can be to ignore a guy and he’ll come running back. Keep reading and go through more details in this post!

There is a well-known belief that to attract someone or want him to admire you, you should ignore a guy and he’ll come running back to you. If you have ever attempted to flirt with a guy, you will find that sometimes it succeeds but may still fail terribly. 

This is because each man is different. Everyone has different feelings, behaviors, and thoughts, so clearly, each guy will respond diversely to being ignored. 

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But Why Ignoring A Guy Is A Good Method? 

If you haven’t noticed, guys are extremely predictable. They’ll run if you give them something to pursue.

Ignore A Guy and He’ll Come Running Back

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Here is one more tip: 

If you are too easy to capture, men will back off. Avoiding guys will make them insane in a positive way.

They’ll view you as a challenge, and we all know how much guys enjoy this!

You are constantly thinking, “Will he miss me if I neglect him?” I can assure you that he will at some time. 

For some people, it starts right once, while for others, emotions of nostalgia and sometimes even loneliness emerge a little later on. This is the reason why it’s critical to stay the course and not give in. 

While you’re alone, it’s easy to succumb to desire and reach out to him, but this only gives him more power.

If He Wants Power, You Should Surely Ignore Him!

Guys have an intrinsic sense that they must express themselves as powerful. They attempt to claim themselves to those around them to avoid being seen as weak and unmanly.

They aspire to be powerful and prosperous. And if they see something they can’t get, they’ll go to any length to get it. So, if you neglect a guy, you’re robbing him of his power since he won’t be able to win you. That is at least what he is thinking.

He’ll go insane if he doesn’t have control of the situation. You have to fight the impulse to recognize him, regardless of how hard he attempts.

You shouldn’t be concerned that he will give up when things become tough. It will be a hit with him. The more inaccessible you show up, the more he will come running to you.

However, a cautionary note is to make sure this strategy doesn’t reverse. Make sure you don’t take yourself too unreachable, or you will end up with sadness.

You’re Showing To A Guy That You’re Unique By Ignoring Him.

It is common knowledge that females are much more emotional than men. When ladies fall in love with a guy, they will go to any length to get his attention.

They will be their closest friend who enjoys sports with them and will begin exercising to be their gym companion. But when you do so, he will become more and more self-esteem, and he will no longer regard you as unique. You are probably a friend forever.

Gym Companion

If you want to capture his attention, on the other hand, you must stand out from the crowd by neglecting the guy. When you do so, he’ll think you are a girl, someone unique and wonderful.

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Ignoring Him Will Bring Out The “Hunter” In Him.

Men enjoy the adrenaline rush of a pursuit. Nothing makes them happier than catching someone or something they can’t possess. You will immediately become someone a guy can’t get if you neglect him.

That is the reason why he’ll be even more enamored with you. It may appear to be backward, yet it is the reality. Everything is part of your little game to capture his attention. You must also play it wisely.

In reality, a man will constantly pursue the female he can’t possess. 

You May Make A Guy Seek Your Attention By Ignoring Him.

Guys are quite straightforward. They yearn for power, attention, and admiration.

So if you make yourself unreachable to him, he’ll feel compelled to work more hours just to get your attention.

The more inaccessible you appear to him, the more obsessed he will get.

If he is a narcissist, our hypothesis is especially useful, so you should be cautious.

The majority of men enjoy being the center of attention. As a result, if you use this characteristic to take up your advantage, they will come running back to you.

Guys Love Getting A Lot Of Attention

You can ignore him by no contact. You should take a lot of self-control to keep it up, but this is the best way if you want him to get back, or at least attract him.

How To Make A Guy Chase You Down By Ignoring Him?

But how to get his love by neglecting him? Take a look at this normal process.

Psychological Effect 1: He Develops A Sense Of Guilt.

What normally happens is that he will feel bad, especially now that he has abandoned you!

What about it?

We don’t want to bring harm to others! And not the folks you used to care about. Then you can make sure that if you ignore him, you will end up with a bad conscience.

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Psychological Effect 2: He Gets Provoked By The Word “Missing”. 

The sensation of “missing” is primarily elicited. Especially after you’ve abandoned him!

Ultimately, we only regret something when we’ve lost it. Or we’ll miss it even more!

And it indicates that if you continue to ignore him, he will recognize you have lost! This causes “miss” to occur relatively soon. However, if he abandoned you… possibly due to a lack of love… the chances that he misses you are slim!

In contrast, it is possible that your “not responding” goes unnoticed! As a result, this psychological impact is frequently only felt after you’ve left him!

Psychological Effect 3: He Might Grow Envious If … 

When you combine neglecting with envy, you get a potent combination! It does not matter if you were left or if you left!

If you want to attract him, you should follow these instructions:

Suggest that you have met somebody on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Then begin ignoring him!

As a result, he realizes he’s misplaced you.

Worse yet, you have been lost to someone else!

The psychological impact: “miss” usually begins. And don’t be surprised if he starts chasing after you!

Finally, when the split is still fresh in your mind.

Psychological Effect 4: He Gets Angry With You. 

Anger is another common side effect.

Especially when you still keep in touch frequently after the breakup.

And, in the end, everything worked out in a pleasant, friendly, acceptable, and beloved manner. Or else, it is a divorce without a mudslide.

If you begin to neglect him immediately, you are likely to become enraged.

He’s angry that you are capable of things! Anger directed towards yourself! And resentment at having to part with you!

However, if you break up in a conversation, this impact is frequently absent. In contrast, there is empathy rather than anger!

Psychological Effect 5: He Downplays It. 

The all-time classic: you start ignoring him… And then there are private messages saying, “Hey come on, stop playing these games.”

“I understand exactly what you’re trying to do to annoy me…”

Adopt a firm stance!

The issue is that if you give in right now, the mental factor will be lost!

However, if you neglect these games as well, he will gain a new level of awareness!

The realization that you have made a mistake, and you have been abandoned.

As a result, there is a dread of losing as well as a bad conscience. And then he begins to pine for you.

He may be a narcissist if he makes statements like this. In this instance, it’s best to keep a safe distance!

Keep Your Distance Or Your Guy Will Downplay The Situation

Psychological Effect 6: He Comes After You. 

It’s a typical occurrence: he immediately runs after you!

Now is your time to exact vengeance. Another question is will it make you happy!

So, if you avoid him and he follows you… You also have the opportunity to avenge yourself!

But: I’ve been in this situation before… I chose to disregard it! Finally, he chased me down! As a result, I continued to ignore him while plotting my vengeance.

The ultimate result: I didn’t feel any better.

It is the reverse.

Instead of relaxing and focusing on myself, I’ve channeled my energies into a vengeful act against him.

As a result, my advice is to avoid vengeance!

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Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Psychological Effect 7: He Chases You Down.  

Is he a peaceful and lovable guy? But only finds the bright side of people?

Then he’ll most likely become concerned.

A psychological effect that happens regularly.

However, if he discovers that your “ignorance” is motivated by other factors… You have the potential to break things.

In the worst scenario, a friendship bond may have provided a lot.

So, if you want to go further, think more carefully!

Psychological Effect 8: He Apologises! 

He’s immediately remorseful, which is a classic.

Especially back then, when he was still experiencing things. As a result, the divorce process begins if you’ve abandoned him!

If he has affection for you, he will likely come up with a slew of justifications.

Our advice is to accept the apologies if you are still engaged!

And why?

This is because it may be your only chance to get a refund!

However, if you choose to neglect him to be at peace… Then dismiss him!

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Psychological Effect 9: It Becomes Evident To Him That You Do Not Wish To Communicate With Him. 

This impact is most noticeable after he has separated from you. Or if you were injured in the meantime!

Mostly in the context: “OK, I harmed you!” I completely understand why you don’t want to communicate right now.”

This is common: you reject him and get equally “counter-ignored.” Although pleasant communication is theoretically feasible!

So, if you’re looking for a way to catch people’s attention, never do it! Ignoring him won’t help you if he doesn’t care about you!

This is evident by the fact that, regardless of your “ignorance,” he does not reply!

Do this if you want to get some space!

Psychological Effect 10: Even More Time Passes And The Awareness Of Errors Rises.

Avoiding your ex has a common side effect: a good feeling of mistake emerges!

It was about the fact that we sometimes hurt others without knowing how damaging our acts are!

And sometimes all it takes is a little “ignorance” to wake us up to our errors if you’ve wanted him to get away with a lot in the past. To put it another way, you’ve been treated poorly many times!

We Sometimes Accidentally Hurt Others

Alternatively, if he received you with aplomb. You usually say yes and give in, according to your slogan.

Ignoring makes perfect sense in this scenario!

You alert him to the fact that he has hit a limit! And as a result of this knowledge, he gets aware of his errors!

The result: you gain a lot of money, and he reflects bad behavior!

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Psychological Effect 11: After A Long Period — “Feeling Of Loss” Becomes Apparent.

If he still loves you, he should have a “sense of loss”!

Sometimes, you wouldn’t know how much you had lost until your ex disregarded you!

As a consequence, many emotions are suddenly broken, and you feel remorse for ignoring

What you must acknowledge is that if he had neglected you after the separation, you would have struggled for him!

As a result, when the breakup is new, you’ve been left. He may feel compelled to return if he is “ignored”. He gets conscious of your loss all of a sudden!

Psychological Effect 12: He Is Hurt.

Recall that “ignorance” can be harmful to him!

Especially after you’ve abandoned him, and whether or not he has emotions!

This usually occurs after you have instigated the breakup. Or if you’re the one who caused the split by your actions!

This impact is only useful if you’re looking a long way!

Alternatively, if you do not want to hear anything else from him. Maybe you’re looking for your center.

It’s sometimes necessary to break someone’s hurt to make them realize that the relationship has ended!

If that’s your goal and the conditions are met, it’s reasonable to believe that you’re hurting him by “neglecting” him!

He Is Hurt

Psychological Effect 13: In The Near Term, You Can Placate Your Ego.

Would you prefer a vengeful act? Ignoring sounds reasonable in this scenario!

Particularly after you’ve been left alone.

Additionally, if you now have a large number of calls!

Worst ever, if you forget to wish him a happy birthday!

There will be times when he notices your actions. And it gets its presence known in some ways such as via enraged text texts, by chasing them down, or through heartfelt declarations of affection, using strategies such as jealousy, etc.

And you’ll be satisfied when that happens! You’ll have this opportunity to gratify your ego.

But then it’s back to business as usual.

Oh, what can we say: No, it’s even worse again!

But why?

This is because you concentrated all of your efforts on him! Rather than yourself. And rather than focusing on your psychological freedom, you’re focusing on your physical independence!

As a consequence, your adoration rises and develops.

Similarly, if you have emotions, you will feel horrible later. Who wants to hurt somebody they care for? Thus, in turn, strengthens your emotional reliance!

As a result, if you merely want to soothe your ego, we encourage you not to ignore him. You will be dissatisfied!

Psychological Effect 14: You Set Clear Limits – Which Is Excellent For You.

What sounds logical, though, is that you set explicit limits! He’s gone beyond his limits.

That is to say, you are on your own.

You must have a high sense of self-worth.

You have a powerful personality.

Also, you can’t do it all by yourself.

In turn, it has a beneficial effect, especially after you’ve been abandoned and hurt.

So, if it is the impact you’re after, disregard it!

It’ll only benefit you in the long run!

However, in this scenario, you do not simply “neglect” but create a connection block.

Psychological Effect 15: You Have Regained Your Attention On Yourself!

Furthermore, ignoring him allows you to concentrate mostly on yourself!

In other terms, your goal should be to be able to focus more on yourself.

In this scenario, “ignorance” can be beneficial!

However, blocking relationships makes better sense. That has been communicated effectively! And he shouldn’t call you as well!

Because simply “neglecting” him will still result in him sending you messages!

As a result, you won’t be able to sleep! Because if you ignore a guy, he’ll come running back to you.

Therefore, if you want to focus more on yourself, don’t disregard it; instead, put a contact block in place!

Focus On Yourself And Be Truly Happy

Psychological Effect 16: You Make It Easy For Him To Complete His Studies!

We don’t always wish to notice differences. We shut ourselves off from it! Even if it has been a long time.

So this whole thing can escalate to the point where lovesickness can linger for years.

If you understand he has sentiments, you can utilize “ignoring” to your advantage.

On the occasion that you let him know it ended! Also, there is no going back! You have run out of emotions!

You make it simpler for him by dismissing him. You imply that you do not want to lengthen it anymore. And that you purposefully harmed him!

As a result, he is injured. And this “hurt” aids in putting distance between oneself and others.

As a result, he will improve more quickly. And the sensation of “Oh, he loves me” has been snuffed out!

Ignoring is an excellent strategy to use if you want to make things simpler for him. But prepare to hurt his feelings! Especially after you have been abandoned.


It is believed that you should ignore a guy and he’ll come running back to you if you want to attract somebody.

If you neglect a guy, he’ll realize that you’re no longer his priority, and he’ll gradually realize that you’re a fun challenge. Avoiding him will only bring him back if you can use this separation as a learning experience.

When a man realizes that he feels happy with you, he will return. This is the reason why it’s critical that you don’t give in during your no-contact period and that you utilize this time to enhance your life and make yourself truly happy.

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