How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man – The Secret Behind

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How to trigger the hero instinct in your man is a secret for a long-lasting relationship that does exist. A lot of people are craving it. Let’s find out!


How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man

How to trigger the hero instinct in your man is a question many women are curious about these days. It’s a fascinating new concept that’s becoming a hit on social media. It is claimed to be the button to making a man fall head over heels in love and stay in touch with you for the long haul.

It is not about how to turn a man into a Superman or Batman. It is how you switch the primal man instinct on to make your relationship healthier, happier, and last for good. This keeps your love like it is always at your first time you two fall for each other. 

Are you tired of the no-way-out relationship you must deal with every day and hope that magic can come and automatically solve all problems? 

Well, there is that magic. And it starts from the moment you come to read these lines and the upcoming below. Unlocking the hero instinct in man is an amazing and simple solution to your problems.

So, how to awaken and make it strengthen your relationship?

The Hero Instinct Definition 

The Author Of Secret Obsession

Firstly, let’s take a look at the heroic instinct idea. 

Simply put, the hero instinct notion comes from the hugely popular dating book His Secret Obsession. James Bauer, a well-known professional relationship coach, and author, has invested his time and effort in this book. And it turns out as the bedside book to puzzle out the ever-since trouble of any woman: How to trigger my man’s hero instinct. 

The hero instinct already existed in men from the time they were born, from the very first day they start knowing how to protect things and people they love.

In short, heroic instinct in men is:

• to have a fruitful life

• for being respected and recognized

• to supply and offer his desire

Few of them are explicitly on the outside. Some and most of the parts are hidden and need you to activate. 

As long as women know how to tap into this natural hero instinct they were born with, a man will surely be yours and love you to the moon and back. No exaggeration. The keyword is a very practical explanation, and the sample text is amazingly simple but surely can help you put your relationship up to the top-notch level. 

Hero Instinct Mechanism

Hero Instinct Mechanism

So, how does it work?

According to James Bauer, when men are in love, the hero vibes do intensify. 

They want to be a shield to protect their women and get their recognition by doing everything they desire and deserve. That is the reason he falls for her – the person making him risk everything but please them.

If you used to chase after someone, you would apprehend well that the other way does not succeed because men do not appreciate easy and available things. Sadly, it contains the person he chooses to be with. Their instincts push them to pursue everything they think they need to work very hard to get. 

They are in demand to sense that he earns your attention, credit, awareness, appreciation, and recognition – a basic human need. The more he puts effort into caring, the sweeten amazing fruit he gets in picking.

They do not expect to be a supernatural person; they just expect to be your hero only. And you just need to open that treasure inside them by some few phrases from His Secret Obsession.

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Why Is Hero Instinct Crucial? 

The inborn behavior pattern is a decisive factor in every relationship. 

Men express their love like a spring via hero instinct. The sooner you unleash it on a man, the earlier you can feel his protection, loveliness. 

In the meantime, when his inherent character shines on the sun, you will see his openness and readiness. You can catch the sight of more than a normal side you regularly see. His feelings and emotions are even clearer than ever. You can ask and share more, and problems can be solved spontaneously. 

The instinctive behavior also has affection to you, and yours accompany life. After unlocking, he is even nicer to your friends, family, and everyone around you. He is ready to say yes to you and ready to say no to people who can harm the person he loves and wants to protect; it’s you. 

Benefits Of Hero Instinct For You

Benefits Of Hero Instinct For You

A woman’s natural ability is caring, loving, and even scarifying and still selfless.

Not to mention, women are natural caregivers. They always want to help, give ideas, fix things, and make men feel needed.

Because of intuitive ability or sixth sense, ladies can feel the things around them. They seem to walk in a man’s mind, or at least know what’s a thorny problem. 

However, sometimes, women are so generous and give their love and effort too easily. So they unconsciously neglect men’s primal yearning and their innate requisite: heroic instinct.

You see, even when you are in difficulty, small things like washing dishes or big things like fixing a squeaky door, you never let your man prove his worth and ability to you. It means you are depriving your man of his property.

Throughout history, from childhood to adulthood, we have been taught to worship heroes. See the success of the Marvel series? How many of the men around us do not love superheroes? Inside them always exists the hero innate – this is his secret obsession

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They can not wear capes and fly; however, they want to be yours. Therefore, they feel meaningless and unnecessary when you do nothing to help them, and they can’t even help you. All men want to be useful. 

The outside world is chaotic; men can do nothing to change. But they can be a little hero to their lovers. However, to the girl that they love, what if they still cannot be the one?

You need to activate their innate skills and let them accomplish their responsibility.

Of course, you can handle everything by yourself. But your partner also needs to have purpose and motivation in life too. Hence, the benefit of understanding how to trigger innateness is it helps you master balancing your relationship. 

You give your man what he wants, and you receive what you desire. He’s happy; he stays. He stays, he loves. He loves, he commits. 

The Best Ways Of How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man 

The Best Ways Of How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man

Now, how to do it? 

In His Secret Obsession, James Bauer gives out detailed solutions to all women’s problems that they can meet in their relationships. From how to respond to the silent atmosphere, how to let him talk, to how to make him crawl over your house with just some magic text words. 


We sum up a few selling points below that we already knew you’d love to devour right away.

Asking Art 

It is not a huge requirement. Just a simple change from your lifestyle. You need to learn how to ask for assistance. Don’t be shy if it is just some errands, for example: helping you carry your bags. 

The thing is, you need to let your man know, it is a precious gesture of him to be around you and help you with, even if they are small and simple tasks. Your asking turns his hero instinct on. 

However, it is recommended that you ask him for some manly work, like carrying big and heavy bags, fixing leaking faucets, etc. You should not ask him to try on your clothes or other not manly things.

The point is you learn how to balance your relationship. You do not have to do everything on your own. Let your man be a part of your life, do the man’s work. 

Respect On Point 

Everyone loves to be recognized and respected, including heroes after helping or doing their work. You must say or express the exact hero instincts words/sentences to let him know you appreciate his support. You value everything he does for you, even some little things. 

Men love to be admitted by you. You show your esteem and high opinion to his work; he will feel the meaning of getting credit and continue his hero’s mission.

Down To Earth

Make it right. Please don’t make him think twice. 

Appreciation, respect, and even recognition need to be on point. If you cross the border, he will surely recognize the odds. 

You don’t need to create a situation for that; just let it come naturally but consciously. It is not necessary right when he completes his helping; it can come after with the right situation. The clever genuine honesty impresses him in the long term and makes him feel fulfilled. Therefore, his innate hero is triggered.

Caring Art

Your caring does not mean you must complete all your chores, cook some appetizing meals, and wait for him to return after a long day. You just need to show he is on your caring radar. 

Some pure caring questions or actions are enough. You show that you know what your man needs, and you are there.  


Show Off Art

When heroes accomplish their roles, they would love to get public recognition. It is not just you; it is all people’s acknowledgment. So, when you guys are around people, for example, friends, close relatives, coworkers, praise him a bit to let him sense your support and appreciate him.

Supporting Art

Express that you support him in everything he does. From his hobby to his work, let’s be sure you are there for him. You give him a private space to follow his passion and strength to continue his mission in life. 

You are there at his need, and he will surely show his face when you call for.

Let Him Be A King

The finest method to unlock a man’s hero instinct is to let him know he is a king for you. He is the only and the one. 

It is not mandatory to say, just some gestures, body language, or even a glimpse unequivocally is efficient. Or like Rachel from His Secret Obsession, only 12 words in a short text is enough to let a silent and ambiguous man become a hero at once. 

You need to strengthen his position in your heart and soul; he is the special and the only one.

Challenging Art

Giving him a stimulating situation is the same as putting him into the most powerful gear to unleash his superman innate. Men need challenges and opportunities to prove themselves. 

Whenever he receives a difficult task from the person he loves, the power of the inborn feeling will magnify many times. The challenge encourages him to complete the work and simultaneously reinforces the relationship. 

So, indulge him and let him earn your respect and make him your hero.



Women who understand how to trigger the hero instinct in your man – the innate ability that all men have are likely to continue loving, long-term, and committed relationships. Besides, they are also ready to deal with every obstacle in life. 

There isn’t much more to ask for when a woman absorbs how to meet a man’s emotional needs without any Q&A. This is the ultimate commitment level. You get the principle; you are in the perfect position to grab a man’s heart and give him what he needs without him telling you.

Reading the last words, we know that you are all set in understanding how hero instinct features a huge impact on relationships. If you still wonder which words you should choose to apply accurately in each scenario, don’t hesitate to check James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession program. They are instant but efficient solutions to any headache that you have. 

You can read His Secret Obsession program review here!

Actuate your man; he can be your fan forever!  

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