How To Seduce A Man With Words – 14 Far-Out Tips And Tricks

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Want to know how you can make the man of your dream fall for you without laying one finger on him? Use these powerful tips on how to seduce a man with words!


How To Seduce A Man With Words

“Actions speak louder than words.” But is it really true? Can words have the power to make a man go wild with desire?

How to seduce a man with words is the question on every woman’s mind. And when it comes to the art of seduction, words appear to play a very important role. The tone of your voice and your word choice can make him melt like butter in front of an open fire.

So if you want that special man to fall for you, head over heels – without laying one single finger on him, here’s how you make him obsessed with you. 

Here Are 14 Tips On How To Seduce A Man With Words!

1. Make Him Feel Wanted And Appreciated

Make Him Feel Wanted And Appreciated

This is easily one of the best ways to seduce him because what man doesn’t want to feel like the most important person in the world? When you say something to make him feel special, he’ll appreciate it and be more likely to do the same for you.

So instead of focusing on what’s wrong with him, emphasize all his best traits. Say something nice about his personality or appearance each time you see him. He will soon begin to associate only positive feelings when he spends time with you.

2. Talk To Him With A Sweet Tone Of Voice

Talk To Him With A Sweet Tone Of Voice

When you talk to him, make sure that your voice is soft and gentle. This will make him feel special and loved. It will also make him feel like you are someone he can trust. 

When a man trusts you, he’s on the way to getting closer to you.

What you say is less important than the way you say it. The tone of your voice can make him feel like you’re interested and trying to flirt with him. Even if your words aren’t particularly flattering, this will show your man how much you like him.

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3. Use Flirtatious Language

Flirtatious Language

You can use your body language, word choice, and tone of your voice to confess your interest in him.

If you want to make a man charmed by you, be sure to use flirtatious language when talking to him. This is a great way to seduce a man without putting too much pressure on him or yourself. If he doesn’t return your feelings, you can back down and continue to have fun while no one has to feel uncomfortable and awkward.

4. Take An Interest In His Job, Hobbies, And Ambitions

Take An Interest In His Job

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. It makes them feel appreciated and important. When you show any interest in what a man does, it will make him happy because he’ll feel like you actually care about his life.

Talking about his career or ambitions can open up the door for future conversations, giving you more opportunities to flirt with him and make him smile. 

This way, he’ll feel compelled to be more open about himself and show you the real him. With all that vulnerability he shows you, he’ll likely want to be with you for a very long time.

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5. Don’t Interrupt, And Pay Attention When He Talks

Don’t be a woman who talks over a man. It will make him feel emasculated and that you don’t care about what he has to say.

Try your best to pay attention when he talks. Look him in the eye and show interest. This will make him feel like you want to know him better. Give him a sign that you two are having a deep and personal conversation since most people tend to talk about frivolous things when they first meet.

6. Make Him Feel Like He’s The Only Man In The World For You

Make Him Feel Like He's The Only Man

Believe it or not, guys want to be the number one in a woman’s life. If you show him that you’re not interested in other men, he’ll be thrilled and immediately begin to look at you as his girl.

When you flirt with him and show interest, let him know that he’s the only person who matters to you right now. You can do this by talking softly or giggling while he’s looking at you. My ladies, men are simple creatures. Sometimes, saying “you are my only one” is enough to give him butterflies!

7. Give Him A Chance To Make The First Move

Don’t immediately approach a man and start a conversation. This will deprive him of the chance to take the initiative and confidently show himself off as a gentleman. But don’t wait for him to come up to you, either. 

Instead, use something I call “The Handkerchief.” This technique dates back a hundred years ago and was used by ladies to draw a man’s attention.

A woman would walk past a guy she liked and drop a handkerchief by “accident” in front of him. He would then see it, pick it up, walk over to her and start talking. This way, you don’t have to make the first move while making sure he feels like a gentleman, thinking this encounter was his idea.

8. Just Be Yourself – Always!

The worst possible thing you could do is to act like someone else. 

Being yourself is the only way to feel confident and natural when flirting with a man you like. This makes it less likely for him to be surprised at who you really are and then lose interest as he gets to know you. 

Besides, no one could love you if you don’t learn to embrace yourself. When you act like the real you, he’ll appreciate your honesty and feel more comfortable around you. 

And if he turns out to be the right man for you, your unique qualities will become even more attractive to him. A man who likes you will think that you are adorable because of your quirks, knowing that no one is as special as you. 

9. Have Fun And Enjoy The Moment!

What’s the point of flirting if there’s no fun in it? Girls, a good sense of humor will always be on the ideal woman checklist of a man. 

Even if you’re not humorous, at least learn how to let your hair down! You don’t have to worry about impressing him or what he thinks of you. Just be yourself and smile. If he is right for you, he will appreciate your genuine happiness just as much as your physical beauty.

10. Don’t Overshare Your Life Problems

Don’t talk about how many men have broken your heart or how lonely you are. Save it for your therapist or your diary. Just like you wouldn’t go up to a stranger you passed on the street and open up about your life. So don’t spill it all out to a guy you barely know.

Unless he shows interest in your personal problems and is willing to hear your life story, don’t go on and on about how bad things always happen to you or the lack of decent men out there in the world. Keep the conversation light and fun and more about his interests and strengths. If he opens up about his secrets and life story, that’s great; if not, you’re not obligated to give him a mini-life update.

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11. Be Direct About What You Want

Remaining a mystery can be fun and exciting (and I’d go as far as to say it is downright essential to create attraction). But you shouldn’t like this all the time. 

It’s sometimes best to be direct about your feelings and desires.

If you want him to do something for you, tell him. Don’t play hard to get, and don’t hint around what you want (unless, of course, it’s an innuendo). A man finds it very attractive when a woman can be honest about her wants and needs.

However, if you act too mysterious, it’s more likely that a man will feel pressured or intimidated. While he probably won’t ask for fear of upsetting you, he doesn’t feel the need to go the extra mile and try to make you happy.

12. Tell Him About Your Fantasies That Include Him

Sharing your fantasies is a great way to be flirtatious. Whether it be a naughty dream you had, a romantic date you imagined, or a sexual experience you want to share with him, this is a great way to build attraction.

However, you should hold off on telling him all about the weird things you like to do right away. Start slowly and allow that kinkiness to emerge little by little, altering his perception of you to be a little more naughty over time.

13. Seduce Him With Your Eyes

Seduce Him With Your Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. And they are also a gateway to seduction. 

Looking at a man in the eyes when speaking can be very alluring. It doesn’t matter what color your eyes are; a man will be enthralled by how lustfully you could be.

If you want to flirt with a man, look at him as if you are undressing him with your eyes. Look at his mouth and imagine what kissing him would feel like. 

Then let your words match your eyes. Speak to him in a low, sultry voice and bashfully break eye contact as if you’re shy about what you’re suggesting. Don’t try too hard to seduce him, though. Just act naturally, be yourself and let your emotions guide you.

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14. Tap Into His Hero Instinct

A man’s instinct is to protect and provide for a woman. He wants to be the hero who saves you from danger or makes you happy by doing something incredible. Even though he might not do it in a literal sense, every guy wants to feel important and valued by a woman.

Reveal your femininity by asking him for help, like moving something heavy in your house or fixing that lightbulb above your head. Just make sure he doesn’t see this as too much work; if he thinks you’re using him, he won’t be so willing to play along.

Instead of just asking for help, tell him how impressed you are by his strength and abilities. If he knows nothing about fixing things around the house, compliment his body instead! Mention how nice his arms look while they’re holding that tool and how attractive he is in general.

You’ll see effects almost instantly once you can correctly trigger his instinct.

As soon as a man feels like your hero, he’ll become more loving and interested in having a long-term relationship with you.

This instinct is a deep-seated desire that makes men want to be around those who make them feel heroic. And when a man is in a romantic relationship, this desire amplifies.

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How to seduce a man with words can be simplified into a single sentence: be yourself and be feminine. How you speak, the tone of your voice, how much eye contact you make with him, and the words you use are all tools that will help to seduce him.

If you want a man to fall in love with you, you must make him feel needed and valued. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or worry about what anyone else thinks; just enjoy yourself. 

And appeal to his sense of heroism by pleading for assistance or praising his accomplishments. Once you learn how to activate this instinct, you’ll notice the results come almost instantaneously. As soon as you make a man think he’s YOUR HERO, he’ll become more loving and want to be in a long-term relationship with you.

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