How To Make Him Chase You After He Pulls Away? 8 Secrets

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How to make him chase you after he pulls away? You should live for yourself and remember that you are the prize. You deserve the good thing.


8 Secrets

You are diving into a romantic relationship with your crush; you thought that this relationship would be officially launched. However, one day your man suddenly disconnects from you, making you feel confused and worried. In such situations, you will likely wonder: “How to make him chase you after he pulls away?”

In this topic, we will provide you with useful advice on how to conquer your man even when he doesn’t care about you.

How To Make Him Chase You After He Pulls Away?

You Make The Choice

You Make The Choice

On this occasion, you must ensure that you are the decision maker in this relationship. You should give your man some hints to disclose your feelings; this practice is indirect monitoring. 

Sending him a few messages or a glance, and your crush will try to get back to you. In this case, don’t reveal your full emotions; just let him be confused.

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Make Him Feel That Your Attention Is A Favor

Treating yourself like a prize when stepping into a serious relationship will catch the man’s attention. You don’t have to chase after him, wondering whether you are appropriate for him. Instead, prizing yourself will make him feel that you are worthy, and your crush will have to conquer you. 

This concept is not high and mighty performance. This is just an orientation that helps the girl sense her value and understand that she is worth an authentic love. 

If you keep undervaluing yourself and trying to meet his expectations, the man will lose his interest and take your kindness for granted.

Please bear in your mind that man loves conquering, especially the thing that is precious to him. Therefore, embracing a relationship with a high self-value awareness will pull the man back to you.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Many girls are trying to make up for themselves as accomplished people because they assume that a perfect figure will fascinate their crush. Improving your ability is fine, but you should give credence to the fact that no one is perfect.

Pretending to be flawless will make your guy feel inferior to you, and you two mistakenly drift apart from each other. Remember that the most attractive thing is your authentication. Don’t be afraid of being genuine, as people only gain mutual affection when they show off their defects.

Therefore, you should be open about yourself so that your crush can feel your honesty. There is no need to hesitate to express your feelings and opinions on something. Once the man catches up with your flow of thought, he will understand you more and know what to do to connect with you.

Upgrade Your Value

If you are eager to pull him back to you, upgrading your value is the most effective method. As I had mentioned before, men love conquering; they love pursuing the things that are meaningful to them, especially the things they have lost.

Firstly, you should bear in mind that he is just an extra part; without him, you can still live a joyful life. You could learn something new like practicing doing makeup or cooking a new recipe. 

When you have brought out a better you, he will regret leaving you, and maybe, he will beg you to come back to him.

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Live An Independent Life

There is a saying that “Don’t pull all your eggs in one basket”. You should not pay full attention to your boyfriend or feel miserable when he leaves you behind. Being independent should be your strategy to attract someone.

If you spend all of the time with your crush, when he turns away, you will feel disappointed and tedious. At that time, you will realize that you are too needy and dependent on him. 

Consequently, distributing time among many activities is the optimal choice for you. There is no need to skip all your friends’ invitations to hang out with your boyfriend because friends will give you useful advice. 

Moreover, it would help if you practiced doing everything yourself so that you won’t have to bother your boyfriend when he is busy.

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Restrict On Texting

If he doesn’t talk to you outside, you could stop connecting with him online. However long he texts, no messages should be responded to, or you could let him wait long before you reply.

While utilizing this method, your posting on the internet should be maintained. This will signal that you don’t care about him; his absence doesn’t matter to you.

Make Silent Treatment

The silent treatment is called payback revenge. If your boyfriend ignores and stays away from you, you will also keep silent. This treatment should extend for a few weeks so that he can feel it. Although you stop connecting to him, you must ensure that he is informed of this silence. There is no better announcement than regularly posting pictures on social media and letting him see them.

During this quiet period, he will have time to reflect and consider this relationship. Over time, he will realize that his life is missing something important without you. Once curiosity comes to a peak, he will start to look for you.

Be Sympathized 

Regardless of these above factors, there is also one possible reason why he restricts talking with you. Maybe he is having a busy time working on the business or struggling with his family problems. In such an exceptional situation, a sympathized attitude will be a healing treatment for him.

Trying to ignore him can negatively affect his emotions on account of the likelihood that he will think you are pulling him away. Therefore, you should approach him and give him some advice to ease his sorrow. The boy has a high appreciation for the girl who sympathized with his pain instead of nagging him for no reason.

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Why Does That Guy Pull You Away?

He Can’t Balance Between The Time For Himself And You – His Partner

It is a matter of the fact that freedom is the biggest concern for man. They are not really in favor of choosing things that restrict their freedom. In terms of the dating process, it is very difficult for them to balance between friends and partners. 

Your crush will have a perception that once he steps into a serious relationship, he can not make decisions on what things he will do in his free time. Let’s take as an example that your crush wants to play football with his friends, but you want him to watch movies with you. As a result, the match is canceled, and he has to stay with you.

In the long term, if his freedom is constrained, he will give up on you and go away. There is no denial of the assumption that commitment in love is crucial, but they don’t need to spend the whole time with each other.

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He Feels Like You Are Controlling Him

This is the most popular reason among couples. As mentioned above, men don’t like restrictions; when you try to take control of your man, he will put off your trial and go away. On the condition that he doesn’t treat you as well as in previous times, you will convince him to make changes and spend more time with you. 

If the result is not received, you will start to feel unsatisfied and demand more. After being overcontrolled, the man will give up on trying and make up reasons to stay away from you.  

Love is a natural process; we should not put too much force on it. Instead, you’d better find out the root issues and solve them.

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He Feels Like You Are Making A Fuss

Another culprit that puts your crush down is the mismatch between the two people. This happens if you have high expectations, but he can not satisfy that demand, and you give him a dressing-down. Such rambles will bring him the feeling of guilt and powerlessness.

Man has a psychological inclination called hero instinct. He wants to be superior to his girlfriend by protecting her and satisfying her needs. Nagging indicates that he can not do anything for his beloved partner.

Once his effort is criticized, he will pull out of this relationship. No matter how much you chase him, he will not return to you.

What Should You Respond When He Pulls Away?

Stop Nagging Him

I know many girls think: “He is a nice man, and I want to do something to make him show off his kindness”. Although you help him change his personality by trial and error, it doesn’t work.

It is impossible to change a man’s characteristics, and you should accept that. Stop nagging him is an optimal way to untighten the stifling relationship because you can not make a man become your ideal figure. The alteration only initiates from the man’s heart, and it can be affected by external factors.

Don’t Chase Him

Right after he goes away, many girls have an inclination to chase after him. This action is counterproductive as your man will get further away. It is highly recommended that you keep patient and don’t do anything.

While your crush is hiding from you, he will look forward to your pursuit. In a mutual association, the boy always wants to be in a higher position. Thus, in case you run after him, he will become arrogant about himself, and your love will be taken for granted.

Unless you follow him, he will wonder: “Why didn’t she chase after me?” or “Did she love me anymore?”. Those doubtful questions can inspire him to come back to you, and it is time you utilize one of those above tricks to attract him.

Be Patient!

A rule of thumb says that: “Silence is golden”. Whenever your crush leaves you behind, the first thing you should do is to keep patient. Shouting or nagging is really worthless in this situation because no one likes to get scolded. 

Moreover, it would help not to put negative comments on his social media because he will delete them right away. Once he determines to go away, there is nothing that can stop him. 

All you have to do is sit down and think. You should understand that you are the prize, and you deserve true love. If he betrays you, that man doesn’t deserve you as a reward. It is okay to be single; losing a man doesn’t make sense to you.


Why Don’t These Tips Work On Your Crush?

Provided that all of these methods don’t work on your crush, there are two potential circumstances. Firstly, he may pretend as if he doesn’t bother you; he wants to try on your patience. In this case, you should break the iceberg after a long time of ignoring him, and he will come back to you. 

In the second possibility, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore, and he is trying to get out of your sight. It is a norm that the man will never say “Let’s break up” directly to you; he will keep silent until you give up on him. Once being turned down, you should not be upset and think that he is just a mismatch.

What Should You Do If He Doesn’t Miss You?

When he doesn’t miss you, your relationship may come to an end. At that time, you have made up your mind that you are an independent girl, so this event is not a big deal to you. Leaving you is just a sign that he is not a perfect puzzle for you. Just keep calm, and you will be fine.

How To Know Whether He Is Honest Or Not?

There are several signals indicating that he truly loves you:

  • He looks straightly at your eyes when communicating
  • He public you on social media
  • His friends talk nicely about him
  • He informs you with his friends and family
  • He doesn’t hide the phone
  • He always protects you in any circumstances
  • He keeps his distance from other girls

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the question: “How to make him chase you after he pulls away?” can be answered in various ways. Every girl should assume that you are the prize and you deserve a good man. Moreover, practicing living independently is crucial for you so that in case the man leaves you, you won’t find it difficult to live alone. If he doesn’t text you after a long time, you had better let him go.

Should you find these methods useful, please let us know in the comment section!

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