Discover 15 Tips On How To Make A Guy Miss You Like Crazy: A Helpful Antidote For Love

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Love is not anymore a long-shot game if you know secrets to handle things right. Click here to learn more valued tips on how to make a guy miss you like crazy!


Tips On How To Make A Guy Miss You Like Crazy

You’ve just got a soft spot for someone, and we all know how hard it is to curb your sentiments. 

Well, here goes the harsh truth that could possibly make you rethink the ways to treat him: Too much fondness spent on a guy may somehow become a threat scaring that man away.

Then what should you do to keep the fire of his love burning still? Jump right in our article on how to make a guy miss you like crazy for further worthy tip-offs!

15 Tips On How To Make A Guy Miss You Like Crazy

1. Don’t Be Available All The Time

Don't Be Available All The Time

Let’s hold a thought on this: How can you give someone a chance to miss you if you are always there whenever they call for you?

All the excuses like “I can’t help it since it’s my crush who’s texting me” will go against you sooner or later. 

So stop doing such a silly move no matter what. It may sound like a big deal to wind up successfully, but with constant practice, you will be used to this eventually.

First thing first, the earliest idea when you see his message from now on should be no longer responding straight away. 

Instead, what you would rather do is take a deep breath, place your phone somewhere else to avoid looking forward to him, and focus on your uncompleted tasks of the day.

“Out of sight, out of mind” – That’s the thing people often keep saying. 

By acting so, not only will you trigger him to wonder what you are doing and why you leave him unread, but also let your conversation dig into a deeper extent about each other’s daily life later.

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2. Always Be The One To Hang Up First

It is indeed an irresistible bewitchery to chat up with your loved one through days and nights. Little did you realize: The more you let that situation happen, the less he thinks of the person who you are.

Neglecting your feelings which yearn for intimacy with him, in this case, is not quite unhealthy as it appears. Sure, you may now be trying to play hard to get, but does it work? Absolutely yes.

That way, actively hanging up first on him will cause him to sense that you have your own life, and talking to him is not a whole but merely a part of it.

3. Show Kindness But Don’t Be A Doormat

Show Kindness But Don't Be A Doormat

Kindness is the key to making yourself look good in others’ eyes.

You can start by helping him with some sweet little favors like packing him sandwiches for breakfast if that’s his favorite. 

Let’s say he is a movie geek, then listening to him sharing about that hobby for hours even though you’re not at all interested in it will stir his heart for sure.

Nevertheless, be aware of the boundary. Bear in mind that you’re only his date, not his mother. That’s why becoming overcommitted, for example, taking all the responsibility of his house chores, sticking to whatever he asks for, etc., will not make you any hotter to him.

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4. Don’t Drop Other Things For Him

You’re in a committed relationship with this man, and he’ll undoubtedly be the top priority in your life. However, if you want to urge the longing about you on him, he can’t always come first like that.

Don’t take me wrong. I didn’t say that you should not respect him or create dating plans with him. Keep doing so, but just don’t hesitate to make your own plans either.

Abandoning your set schedules simply because it doesn’t match his one will carry out nothing other than lowering your value. Remember that your friends, family, your work, and your overall well-being should also be primary considerations of yours.

5. Use Mystery And Surprises

Conquering is man’s instinct. Why would you think he reached out to you in the first place? It is because there was something on you that triggered him to learn more!

As a matter of fact, if you have already revealed all of your cards too soon, there will be nothing left to motivate him to find you attractive and appealing.

That is then the time for the work of surprises. When things are gradually getting boring, a little astonishment on the side sometimes will change the way he thinks of your image and draw his attention to you more.

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6. Leave Something In His Place

Leave Something In His Place

There is a reason for people to stock their loved one’s keepsakes.

When you are not around, a scrunchie, a hairbrush, a sweater, or whatever thing you drop at his corner can all become a memory tool to recall him about you.

Plus, pay a bit cautious and try your best to make the “crime scene” look as accidental and natural as possible. Quit overdoing it like leaving too many of your possessions or else. Believe me when I say you don’t want him to get the feeling that his personal space is under threat.

7. Look Your Best When You See Him

You must have heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is pretty valid since no matter how gorgeous a woman is, she is properly still at the risk of getting dumped.

Nonetheless, it is not an excuse for you to show up looking sloppy and have the faith that he is still going to fall for you anyhow.

Let us tell you something: Getting dressed now is no longer all about him. It is about you loving yourself. By making heads turn around chasing your walk, not only can you gain more confidence, but he will also beware of your worth and attempt harder to keep you aside.

8. Don’t Throw A Tantrum Over Trivial Happenings

Being annoying and unbearable all the time is definitely not a splendid approach to print your mark inside a man’s mind.

If all you could bring for him is nothing but redundant demands and negative energy, what is the point of him accompanying you?

Of course, this doesn’t imply that you have to put up with his bad behaviors or so just to ease your relationship. The solution is to communicate calmly, and you will find the way out for both parties eventually.

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9. Make Him Feel Like A Hero

There is a likelihood that the term “hero” may confuse you one way or another. In a figurative sense, this involves your actions that give him a perception of being treasured and appreciated.

You may not yet see it, but it is lying right here in a man’s instinct – the eagerness to become your hero. The stronger you make that urge grow, the fiercer his affection for you is.

Smells like an easy piece of cake to take a bite of. Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t say anything for sure until genuinely digging into that hole. 

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10. Get Together As A Group

Another trick, yet not quite a trick, is to fit yourself in you two’s mutual group of friends.

The first step is asking them to hang out, and of course, with the presence of your dear one. Then all that is left behind is to let things go with the flow.

Enjoy your moments at the party, having fun, laughing hard, and especially, moving your attention to other subjects, which can be everything but him.

Just like that, you’ve generated some sort of juncture to shine on your own. Once he beholds such a brightening scene of yours, beyond the shadow of a doubt, his head will be all about you and only you.

11. Take Things Slowly

A healthy relationship can not come from merely one side of the string. Neither pushing nor pulling will not pay off your endeavor and even cause him to stay away from you.

Instead, let the connection between you and him go at its own pace. 

Whether the destination is a commitment or not, you won’t end up having any regret due to the bountiful time you two spend getting to know each other.

12. Use Your Body Language

Body language is an integral part of flirting strategies. It can be way more sophisticated than you might have ever thought of. Below are some recommendations you may find useful:

  • Laugh out loud and put your hand on him as he is telling a joke.
  • Flushing slightly when in a conversation with him.
  • Mimic his gestures to convey the impression that you’re on the same page.
  • More or less, change your attitude when switching from talking to others to him (in an optimistic way).

13. Be Happy On Your Own

Neediness and over-control are two words absent in man’s missing dictionary. 

Then how to get rid of being the one like that? The ultrasimple answer is just laying your eyes somewhere else other than him.

That way, not only can you depend on him no more to have a blast, but you will also know how to cherish yourself on a unique path that can attract overplus.

14. Don’t Always Say Yes

As I mentioned before, it is in men’s blood that explains why they enjoy conquering their love lives and careers.

By saying yes, as always, you’ve taken away their joys in the relationship.

The love game, since so, becomes meaningless and tasteless for them to keep things going, not even to say if there is a chance they’re missing you or not.

15. Leave Him Space On His Own

Nothing is more irritating than a clinger who won’t let you spend time alone or with other people. A relationship with no time invested in self means nothing different than walking on eggshells.

Remember that only a lady who is confident enough has the courage to advise a man ravishing a guy’s night. 

Showing this reckless side of yours to him, and believe us when we say the upshot will amaze you wonder!

He Misses You. Now What?

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It is surely tough to get your partner to open up and tell you what he’s actually feeling. Or say it is nearly implausible. Then what should we do to overcome that aggravating obstacle?

You must first understand that men don’t view the world the way you do. This might lead to a strong, emotional, romantic connection becoming harder to achieve for both of you: You never anticipate what the other half wants from deep down their heart!

Many may reach out to sex as their all-rounded solution for any issues not getting well-handled. Let me tell you something: it doesn’t, won’t, and never works the way you wish it to.

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In A Nutshell

No matter how much fondness you spend on your guy, love has its boundary. Once you cross the line, instead of a lovely, charming girlfriend, you will somehow turn into the escort he desires to steer clear of. 

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