Handy Tips: How To Act When He Pulls Away And Comes Back?

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How to act when he pulls away and comes back? Does this question drive you crazy? If yes, do not hesitate to follow our useful tips below to handle it smoothly.

This feeling is the weirdest thing in the world, as there are no specific rules about it.

No one can be confident enough to say that they can control all their emotions.

Who knows that your relationship might come to an end and the man will disappear one day when everything seems to be still fine beforehand?

Most women suffer from being left behind and feeling like the men are playing their hearts.

Why does he do that? Did I do something wrong leading to their leave?

Thousands of questions appear in your head, and you are unaware of how to deal with them.

When you have not solved these chaotic problems yet, your boyfriend suddenly comes back.

Then the question “How to act when he pulls away and comes back?” might come across your mind. 

Do not worry, my ladies, we get your problems! There are so many potential possibilities for this situation.

Just relax and find out the optimal solutions. We will list out a series of helpful tips so that you can act as naturally as possible.

Check it out without any hesitation!

How To Act When He Pulls Away And Comes Back –  Do’s And Don’ts

Normally, we often give the priority for women to show what they need in a relationship.

Not only women but also men do have deep yearnings inside. 

However, they may not share with you because they are unsure if you can fulfill, or sometimes they get overlooked.

Of course, these little-known cravings are the key for a man to open his heart, his mind, his devotion. 

When a man is playing the pulling game with you, he has some opposite thoughts that need time to make clear.

His act might make you nervous and feel like you are losing him to someone else. 

Hang on, here are some do’s and don’ts you should take note of to save your relationship, including:  

1. DON’T Get Upset By The Situation

You should not take the situation personally, as both of you do not want this to happen.

Your relationship must have been positive, happy, and healthy before, but it is understandable to be in trouble now. 

That is the normal emotion of your partner to show off.

It means that sometimes your boyfriend can experience fear, worries, or hesitation; that’s why he chooses to create a distance from you.


If you personalize issues and get upset by his drawing away, he will be under much pressure, and your relationship will come to a halt.

Just understand and give him time to make things better. Meanwhile, you can find something new to explore, experience. 

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2. DO Be Supportive

When your partner has signs of pulling away and acting weird, just compromise. 

Be supportive if you find out that he is pulling away because of work commitment or other legitimate issues.

A positive attitude towards his self-created distance will make him rest assured to deal with his problems better. 

On the other hand, you have to express that you will not live in expectation forever.

It will be best if you make clear your perspective, expectation, and boundary.

To be more specific, let him be aware that you always care about him, support his side, and respect his own needs.

For example, if he wants space, give it to him as long as you are still informative about his act. 

Moreover, giving him his own space does not mean you have given up this relationship or cut him loose.

Show him that you can only wait for him for a while, maybe two weeks, two months, or more.

At the same time, please do not allow him to come back unless he feels comfortable enough.      

The outcome of this situation might have two sides, and you cannot control it by yourself.

However, rest assured that your cool, supportive, and decisive response will help you get what you desire.

He might realize that you are the perfect lover and come back, or else he does not deserve your waiting.   

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3. DO Maximize Your Time

How long haven’t you focused on yourself since you are in a relationship? If this is so far away, let’s take advantage of having managed the situation, maximizing your time, and caring about yourself.

Cut off the time you check your phone and spend time in real life.  

We all know that some of you can experience loneliness, sadness, doubts, and even anger meanwhile, but this will be a precious opportunity.

It is beneficial that you can find out what you want. And no doubt, you are getting better and better every day, every second.  

4. DON’T Make Him Suffocating Due To Your Waiting

No one wants you to isolate yourself by sitting around and waiting for him every single day.

If you become dependent on your boyfriend, he will suffocate, which is why he starts pulling away. 

Let’s give your boyfriend enough time and space for himself so that he will not feel like you are such a burden to him.

In this case, you had better spend your free time with other relationships, such as your family, friends, or habits. 

How about calling your best friend up and setting a date?

What if trying a new cooking recipe to serve your parents or going shopping? 

There are lots of valuable things you have missed out on for a long time.

Try it out and realize that you become better and more appealing in your lover’s eyes.

No doubt, you can also manage your emotions in a relationship wisely.

woman face

5. DON’T Suppress Your Emotions

DON’T Suppress Your Emotions

Let your emotions be natural instead of suppressing them too much.

You have the right to feel and show any negative emotions. 

Of course, it is better when you are chasing positive things in life and enriching experiences.

However, there are various emotions that you cannot control to choose one and show off outside. 

Set your busy work aside and process your emotions for your boyfriend so that he can understand you more.

Yoga and meditation are those ideal ways of improving your well-being and mind state during these times.

6. DON’T Reach Out To Him Too Often

If you reach out to your boyfriend too often, like continuing calling, texting, and chasing him, he will take your feelings for granted and seemingly forget how valuable you are.

This happens when you have been together for too long, and the initial excitement has gone. 

As a result, you had better distance yourself and give him the chance to miss you. Never text him “I love you”,  “I miss you”, “Good night”  anymore. 

It is crucial to respond to him whenever he expresses his feelings and takes the initiative in your relationship after feeling your absence.

Some people are freaking out and overthinking; then they chase their partners in hope. Of course, it only leads to an unhealthy and scary relationship. 

Always remember that you have nothing to lose.

If a man realizes how much you mean in his life and does not want to lose you, he will try to pursue you and get your attention back.

On the contrary, let him go when you cannot handle the situation anymore.  

7. DO Know What and When To Text Him

Deciding what and when to text him is extremely important here. The best thing to do is to text some simple, short messages and indirectly mention that you are busy and have no time to talk with him. 

It means that you have to do your own business instead of only sitting around waiting for him. 

It is undoubtedly helpful to trigger his psychological response and motivate him to message you regularly. 

Besides, do not reply to his text message immediately as though you have cooled your heels for a whole day.   

8. Do Let Him Know You’re Reacting Positively

Lastly, letting him know that you are reacting positively with his decision is worth considering.

Some guys are too self-confident that you are sitting in the toilet and crying over him. That’s why they tend to be more neglectful. 

Do not let him think like that! Instead, show him that you can live your own fun life without his presence.

For example, updating some exciting moments of having fun with your best friends or doing your hobbies on social media, but not overdoing this.

It may drive him crazy and come in contact with you right away if he misses you and cares deeply about you.    

When He Comes Back

What if he comes back? First, make sure that this is what you and your boyfriend want without any force.

Specifically, both desire to resume this relationship because you or he is the perfect piece in the other’s life and can give you his love and happiness. 

Just move forward positively, embrace his turn-around openly, then communicate maturely so that all of you guys understand each other well.

As such, your relationship has a chance to be healed and establish the natural flow of feeling into a healthy one.   

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Final Thoughts

There are several things to take note of how to act when he pulls away and comes back.

Overall, you should give your partner his own time and space but not keep all his acts under control or pressure. 

How to act when he pulls away and comes back

Remember that the feelings should be as natural as possible.

Hence, you can let him go when he is not worth your love or open your heart with him again if he comes back quickly. 

With all that advice, we do hope that you can find the guy respecting you and your values. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Common Reasons Why Men Pull Away?

There are many reasons behind the decision to pull away from a guy. For example, he is under pressure from work or life that he might not handle both satisfactorily.

That is why he needs time and room to set up everything. Moreover, it happens similarly when he feels fizzled out, and his excitement seems to fade away.

This case is not weird at all, as most relationships suffer from dwindling mysterious joy. 

Plus, some longings have not been fulfilled after loads of expectations.

But when it comes to no hope, they will be disappointed and need time to rethink and sort their feelings out.   

However, in some cases, he will make up some reasonable things to cover up the real thing behind, including that your goals about a relationship are incompatible with him.

Specifically, you have dreamed about a settle-down life after all while your guy still aims at freedom. 

On the other hand, he is having an affair. There is no need to discuss this issue anymore.  

As such, you need to figure out why he is pulling away to see whether it is worth waiting for his return.

Be smart, even in a relationship, so you will not be put at the greatest disadvantage after all.

2. Will A Man Always Come Back After Pulling Away? 

Not always! 

It depends on his thoughts. He will come back to you only when he truly falls in love with you and starts to miss you after a specific period.

It also comes with the condition that you do not chase him like crazy as it makes him see you as a high-value, attractive, confident, independent woman.

Of course, it is understandable to move toward your partner since you crave his presence.

But it will be against your desire of getting his pursuit again.

As mentioned above, giving him room is the best bet to get your guy back on track. 

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