Discover What To Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Mad At You IN 2022

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Love relationships face many complicated problems, especially when there are conflicts. So, what to text your boyfriend when he’s mad at you?

It’s likely that at a certain stage in your love life, you will encounter some bad signs. There’s something that might go wrong and create boundaries between you and your partner. Anything can make you two fight against each other and push you far away.

It drives you nuts when you can’t see things clearly. Sometimes you know that it’s your fault, and you owe him an apology. But your boyfriend keeps his mouth shut. You don’t know how to start the conversation and what to text your boyfriend when he’s mad at you. Read on these tips to cool things off with your livid partner!

what to text your boyfriend when he's mad at you

What to Do Before You Text Your Man When He Goes Nuts?

Need Some Space to Think Things Through

Need Some Space to Think Things Through

First, you need some time to be alone and clear things out. You will be calm and ready to open up with him. I assure you that you will not want yourself to be angry and make some stupid call. Or maybe you will lash out at him.

When you are also as furious as your boyfriend, you two will start arguing over and over again. And the situation will be much more serious than it is, so it’s way harder to work things out. 

That’s why you have to be calmer and more sympathetic before starting to text your boyfriends. It’s time to text when you are ready to talk and be leniently open!

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Think About What Went Wrong

Think About What Went Wrong

There’s definitely something happening that makes your partner upset, and he starts to get mad. Think about it and understand why. For example, you don’t have time enough for each other, and you keep a big secret that he may discover, or it’s the way you communicate with his friends or relatives. 

Then, you will put yourself in his position and consider how your action will make him feel and if it will trigger him. Let’s be more empathic with his feelings, and in return, what will you do to make your loved one feel better?

Be Clear On What You Want to Say

You will plan on what you really want to tell your boyfriend. Make things clear, precise, and ultimate. That’s why you need time to think, put aside your angry state, and be calmer.  

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What To Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Mad At You?

If you want to make your partner feel happy again or even obsessed with you through texts for long, you will need an extreme texting strategy. This will help build a strong love background and maintain your interest.

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It’s packed with tried-and-true tips and tricks that can push your texting technique to a whole different level and spice up your love life relationship. Now, let’s try out some advice to text your angry, loving one!


Apologize  Him

Sometimes, you hurt someone that you don’t even notice. And, of course, you totally don’t mean to do that. But then, you realize that it really hurts them, and you are too unconscious about what you did, then you need to apologize sincerely.

Apologizing will show how mature and understanding you are. But how to make it the most genuine and sincere that you truly feel sorry and mean it. It’s when you say it from the bottom of your heart and say sorry straight for the things you did wrong.

For example: “I just want to let you know that I was so wrong before. I shouldn’t have teased you about your bad habits in front of your friends. I will never do it again, and I know how irritated you were. I am truly sorry.”

Make It Up to Your Beloved One

You have to be proactive in asking your boyfriend what you can do to repair the damage. That’s when you are at fault here, and it will help heal the pain and show your sincerity.

For instance, if you forget to buy him his socks, you can say sorry and offer to buy an extra one or gloves to show your apology. Or the best way to make your lover feel better is to fill up his stomach, asking out for dinner night!

Encourage Your Boyfriend to Open

It sometimes happens that it’s complicated to you, and you can’t think of any reason why he is being stone to you. The only thing you can do is invite your partner to have an open dialogue with you.

To help it work out, you shouldn’t rush things out or expect a reply immediately. Give your boyfriend some time. So, you have to let him know that you are always willing to hear him out and solve the problems together. He can come to you and talk at any time.

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This is an example text: “If you are not comfortable with anything, or if I did something wrong, just let me know. I will listen to you until you are ready and open.” 

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Make Him Smile or Laugh

Humor is key for all kinds of successful conversations.

If you can crack him up or just smile a bit, you can loosen him up and get closer. The chat will be smoother, and he’ll be comfortable sharing his feelings.

But your text has to be funny and also honest so that you don’t mean you joke around his feelings, like: “You know how I look at the time on the clock as a challenge instead of a warning? Well…the clock won.” 

How should you trigger this instinct in him? And give him the sense of meaning and purpose he craves?

Authentically, you can show your man what you need and allow him to step up to fulfill it.

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Bottom Lines

Arguments are inevitable in a relationship. It needs time to heal, and the lover has to speak out and deal with it. An easy and comfortable way to do it is through text. It’s more patient and creates time in between to reply carefully. 

Sometimes, it can be misunderstood yet, with our tips on what to text your boyfriend when he’s mad at you, you can cool things off with your upset boyfriend and break the gap between you two. Eventually, what you are trying to do is worth it.

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