What To Text Back When A Guy Calls You Cute? – Useful Notes IN 2022

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Everyone loves compliments, but sometimes they make you feel awkward. What to text back when a guy calls you cute? Click on our post to find the answer.

What would you do if you were texting a guy and receiving compliments from him? Do you like to accept it or refuse it outright? 

Many girls get quite confused in this situation because they don’t know how to properly accept compliments without making it awkward for both of them.

So what to text back when a guy calls you cute? Don’t worry; the following article will help you handle it without losing points in front of him. Let’s check it out.

Is It Bad If A Guy Calls You Cute? 

Is It Bad If A Guy Calls You Cute 

First of all, everyone likes a compliment, especially women. However, it may not be a word that all women expect from others, as some people think it means that you have a rather childish personality and appearance. They prefer someone calling them pretty, sexy, attractive, or anything more mature.

That’s one person’s opinion, but is that girl being too sensitive? Most men often don’t know this when complimenting the person they’re texting with. Even for some shy people, it is a sign of a special kind of emotion.

It’s a way for him to try knocking on your heart and testing your feelings. More than childish, that statement is an affirmation of you in many ways. He thinks about you like that, maybe because he likes you sweet, cheerful, bubbly, or because you resemble his ideal type.

Also, he thinks that not because he thinks you’re not attractive or pretty. You can have all of that; it’s just a bit too much to give good words to others constantly.

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What To Text Back When A Guy Calls You Cute 

Thanks For His Compliments

His Compliments

Expressing gratitude when you receive a compliment is basic history, and it’s also what you should do in this situation.

The simplest and most direct way to do this is to thank the person.

This shows that you take his compliments and appreciate him as well. This is sure to make a great gift, especially for the shy boy who had to muster up the courage to send a text to the table.

A sweet thank you also implicitly shows that you like it and look forward to it on other days. If you also have special feelings for him, don’t hesitate to add a little something to the text to express your joy. It can be an emoji or a funny sign because the two words “Thank you” can be boring and cold.

Suggested answer:

  • Oh, thank you~ You’re so sweet ^^
  • Really? Thank you so much <3

However, a polite thank you will suffice if you don’t like him. Please do not say anything more because it may mislead him about your feelings.

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Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met – Tried-And-True Tricks IN 2022

Respond With Another Compliment

When he’s texting each other, he compliments you and also means that you two have more topics to talk about. Here, you can cycle by giving another compliment to the person. If you also like him, this will be a good opportunity to express your feelings implicitly.

He says it for you because everything about you excites him, so you can talk about the things about him that you like too. Surely the opponent will be impressed with this. 

Since the man is the first to initiate, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re being too fake or ungainly about it.

Suggested answer:

  • Ah! You too =)))
  • Thanks, I think you’re handsome too

Express Your Feelings

Express Your Feelings

Showing emotion is the fastest way for the man to know if his compliment is effective or not. If the feedback is good, he will understand that you liked it. He will see the green light from you and will bravely move forward.

In return, if you are not moved by that message, do not be too polite to cause people to misunderstand. But show it subtly because too blunt a refusal will make him lose face. It’s best to give feedback the first time he compliments to know if he should continue or not.

Suggested answer:

  • Oh, my face is red~
  • Thank you, but I’m not sure about that!

Ignore It

Ignore It

We’ve listed this method at the end because we don’t recommend it. It would help if you only did this to guys who constantly annoy you even though you’ve made your attitude clear.

For such people, you can do it in 2 ways:

Do not reply to messages: It’s a pretty tough approach, but it’s necessary when you’re tired. Hope the other side will understand that you are bothered by him.

Continue the conversation but change the subject. This helps save face for him to continue the conversation.

What you text back depends on how close you are and whether you want to go far with that person. Either way, you must act delicately so as not to offend anyone.

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What Not To Do When A Guy Calls You Cute  

Feeling Self-Deprecating And Rejecting It

Accepting criticism or disparagement is sometimes easier than accepting a compliment for some people. Some people often respond with, “Oh, it’s nothing” or “No, no, I’m not” because they feel they don’t deserve the compliment or try to be modest.

However, this is how they are lowering themselves. The fact that you give some reason to reconcile compliments or say something negative about yourself is also a manifestation of forgetting your worth.

These are completely unnecessary. When someone compliments you, don’t be so quick to deny it and avoid it as if you’re allergic to it. Sometimes your act of modesty inadvertently sends the wrong signal to those who acknowledge your talent and ability.

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The opposite of being too modest is complacency. Some people quickly answer “I know” as if it were obvious. They feel uncomfortable when they do not hear words with wings. This is very easy to make you lose your dictionary in the eyes of others.

Too Serious For It 

When you get compliments from someone you like, some people tend to put down what they have instead of feeling happy. Don’t make compliments weird; enjoy the feeling when someone admires you.

Tried-And-True Texting Strategies

Those notes we’ve shared are too complicated to remember? Well then, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to rack your brain thinking of what to avoid or how to say. 

Besides the three ways of texting above, you only need a few things to keep in mind when texting with the man you like to avoid boredom. 

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Above are some tips for you about the question: What To Text Back When A Guy Calls You Cute? Each relationship between you will go a step further or become strained because of how you handle it. Always pay attention to choosing the right answer for each situation.

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