Discover Things To Text A Guy After Hooking Up – A Brief Guide Must Read IN 2022

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Is this the morning after hooking up? Are you not only nervous but also excited about that? Do you want to reach out to him, but it seems too difficult? If yes, don’t worry! It is okay not to know what to text and how to get the words outright. You may feel a little shy or panic. 

This article about things to text a guy after hooking up will help this situation. Read until the end to find out the most suitable suggestion.

Determine Your Purposes

Before deciding on the content of the message, you should think about what the purpose of this reaching out is. We should determine our desires to know what we need, what we should do, and how to do it.

For example, if you want a long-term relationship, the approach will definitely be different from the approach with the aim of getting more casual hookups.

In addition, determining what you want will help you have appropriate actions and reactions to messages from that guy.

Some outcomes you can think of include:

  • A serious relationship
  • Some other hookup funs
  • A friendship

What To Text A Guy After Hooking Up

What To Text A Guy After Hooking Up

There’s no reason to be concerned. You can read a thorough guide on how to text a guy to help you develop a potential messaging conversation! We’re sure it will rock the man of your dreams.

Here are suggestions to text a guy after hooking up. Let’s pay close attention to them. Then, pick the suitable and approachable ones for your situation.

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Send Something Light And Flirty

Send Something Light And Flirty

This is most likely one of the smart choices which you look for if you like to start a relationship after the hookup but don’t want it to appear desperate.

Send him a lighthearted text with a hint of flirtatiousness. Nevertheless, remember not to make it too sexual, as this will show a guy that you are also interested in other aspects, such as his personality, points of view, etc.

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It can be a simple but caring tone, which illustrates the willingness for further steps in the future.

Actually, this kind of message can lead to some other hookup funs, as well. It’s totally normal and reasonable to keep in touch with the one you are really interested in, both physical or emotional feelings.


“Sounds silly, but it’s so hard for me to get your handsome face out of my mind.”

Give Compliments

Give Compliments

When it comes to the psychological aspect, everyone would like to be praised somehow. Therefore, let that guy’s ego stroke a little bit. Generally, compliments on his last night’s techniques, appearance, manner, or personality are all good and acceptable.

Based on your intention, you can decide on what to compliment him. For example, if you are looking for another hookup night, give some compliments related to sexuality, such as his techniques, movements, etc.

Remember to give compliments politely and not be so exaggerated.


“You looked so sexy and gorgeous last night.”

“I can’t stop thinking about when you [description]. That’s amazing.”

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Send A Selfie

Give Send A Selfie

You can choose a selfie of yourself to send to that guy. For example, if you want him to remember you, send him a picture of your face or something that shows your personality. If you want to have some fun tonight, send in a little sexy photo. 

However, please be aware of privacy and security. Moreover, you need to have warning signs if you send too many sexual pictures while he is working.


  • A selfie of you with your pet
  • A selfie of your smiling face

Regularly Check On Him

This is the best step if you are unsure which approach to take after hooking up but can’t wait for him to text first.

Let’s send that guy a quick message to see how he’s doing or what’s he thinking of. This strategy can help you understand more about the circumstance while also preventing you from appearing needy. 

Subsequently, his reactions and messages will contribute to pointing out the suitable texts for the situation.


“Hey, how’s it going today?”

“Can you tell me what you’re up to?”

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Send Something Funny

Normally, the idea is that, in both casual flings or long-term relationships, humor is a desirable and charming partners’ characteristic. After hookups, you may want to be that kind of funny partner to share, talk to, or love.

Making a guy laugh is not a bad idea. Send him a hilarious meme, gif, or joke when you think of him. This action would show your sense of humor. This helps keep the ambiance light, refreshing, and engaging for the parties involved.


  • Funny memes that you feel relevant to both
  • Gifs or videos that remind you of him

Share Your Feeling And Connection

There’s nothing shy about honestly sharing the feelings or connections you’ve experienced after hooking up. Communication is essential thing when you want to build a relationship.

So, if you really have feelings for him, just tell him. It’s also okay if he doesn’t get it or acts a bit confusing. Don’t need to worry or panic because both still respectfully maintain the current relationship.


“You have been in my mind for the entire day.”

“I can’t believe how much I’ve missed you!”


Make Plans For A Date

What if he’s made it plain that he likes you? And in the case of you have the same feeling for him. Now, go for it! Don’t mind whether you should wait for him to talk first. This time, scheduling a plan for a date is appropriate.

You can take the initiative to ask him out on a date. This way, you can make a deep impression on him of a dynamic and energetic girl.


“I’ve been waiting to try this place. Would you like to go with me?”

“Would you want to join the concert of [Name] with me this weekend?”

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Finally, no way is better than the other. You just need to determine your own desires and wisely assess the situation. 

From there, it is feasible to choose the appropriate texting strategies above to know precisely things to text a guy after hooking up. Wish you luck in having more hooking up funs or desired relationships!

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