Texts to Make Him Feel Jealous: Spice Up Your Romance IN 2022

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Fed up with your stagnant relationship? Texts to make him feel jealous are an excellent way to pique his desires for you. Keep reading to learn how!

Jealousy, for many people, fosters distrust and drifts. But think again. If your mate has never shown an ounce of possessiveness, is he even really interested in you? When used properly, texts to make him feel jealous could significantly spice up things.

Our article will provide you with some pointers for this. Do not pass up this opportunity! 


Why Jealousy Could Work Wonders for Your Romance?

First of all, envy is a perfectly normal human emotion! Do not chastise anyone for that. An occasional pang of jealousy is not the end of the world. 

Second, and most importantly, there might be some long-term benefits to it. Jealousy, unfortunately, has always been misunderstood as the worst enemy. However, incendiary works published by prominent psychologists suggest otherwise. 

Their common consensus is that jealousy is vital to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. A challenge every now and then will snap your man out of his comfort zone. He would strive his best to get you back, and this new resolve may take your relationship to incredible heights.

Still, toying with love is like toying with fire. Take a deep breath before carrying out your grandiose ambitions. 

You can string him along for a while. But later on, remember to encourage your boyfriend to open up about his feelings. This tactic would help avoid unhealthy jealousy. As reasoned by Dr. Magavi, secrets are a poison that hampers human connections.

For those whose spouses express jealousy a tad too much, consider taming your plans a little bit. He is likely to be struggling with self-esteem and confidence issues. Be forthright about it and help him overcome these vulnerabilities.

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How to Send Texts to Make Him Feel Jealous

How to Send Texts to Make Him Feel Jealous

Let’s get down to business now that we have agreed on the positive aspects of jealousy. Is it possible to provoke your man with just a few lines of text? Here are some tips to obtain this in a matter of seconds: 

Be Mysterious

Imagination is one of the most potent tools at our disposal. Once left to tell its tales, its possibilities are limitless. 

The best way to stir up your man is to withhold information about your pursuits. That would leave vast blank areas for your man to speculate, ponder about, or fill in on his own.

This task requires a delicate balance. If overdone, your man will not be jealous; instead, it is sheer boredom. Hence, your rationality is important here. Rely on your instinct to determine to what extent this mystery should persist. 

Something like, “It was so much pleasure last night, but now I’m paying the price.” might suffice. “I’m on my way back after a wonderful lunch date.” is quite nice as well. 

These texts work wonders because, at first glance, they seem quite harmless. Yet thousands of possibilities invade his mind. He would go crazy about who you were with and what must have happened between you two. 

If things go as planned, he will seek more information from you. Let him have what he wants, but keep your reaction vague and neutral. That way, you will be the only thing on his mind for days.

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Mention Other Men

“Today, Chris drove me home from work,” or “I’m heading to the new bar with Ryan.” These casual name drops will wake up the monster inside your man out of its slumber. 

Confused as to why this would provoke your boyfriend? Let’s reverse our cases. Imagine you are talking to him. While engaged in the conversation, he mentions other ladies at work. 

As soon as your brain processes this tidbit, it runs wild with questions. Who is this woman? What is their relationship?

Guess what? This type of jealousy goes both ways. Likewise, once your guy hears that you have spent time with a man, he will wonder the same things. 

Smoothness and subtlety are critical in this situation, though. Avoid giving the impression that you are trying too hard to name-drop other guys.

It is also important to keep things in perspective here. Sure, you might irritate your boyfriend – which is your original plan. But if you seem too preoccupied with other men, this might undo your relationship rather than foster it. Be cautious and rational.

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Send Him a Beautiful Photo

Send Him a Beautiful Photo

The heading is quite self-explanatory: send your boyfriend a gorgeous selfie. 

However, tread with caution. Suggestive photos scream a big no, and nude pictures are simply out of the question. No, what we are talking about here is snapshots of you decked up for a night party. 

Put on your makeup, choose a new hairstyle, and dress nicely. A bright and lovely smile would be a huge bonus. The poor man will rage with jealousy thinking about who got to see you like this. 

Still, try to keep your photos disciplined. You do not want your man to think you are fishing for male gazes on purpose. Some might wonder, “But how do I know that?”. Girls, you do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. 

You can inform him that you are having fun with your girlfriends. But it is another story to send him a picture in provocative tops and miniskirts. That will not arouse him; instead, it is a huge turn-off.

Always Be Happy

Always Be Happy

Make him envious by enjoying your life to the fullest. Inform your man through texts about your upcoming plans and projects. Be a girl that knows her worth. This confidence would strike a chord of jealousy in your partner but in a good way.

Why is this tactic so practical? First, men are always drawn to women who exude positive energy. Also, he cannot help but envy the fascinating life you have. 

A typical man assumes his girlfriend always needs him around. By showing the exact opposite, the guy would realize he is not the center of your universe.

Let him have a taste of you while still focusing on your personal goals. Once again, remember to balance these two tasks delicately. 

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Embrace the power of jealousy. Make the man of your dream swoon over your every move! Texts to make him feel jealous would add tons of new flavors to your relationship. 

Hopefully, our helpful tips and popular texting apps like Text Chemistry will propel your romance to its happy ending. 

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