Texts To Make Him Feel Bad: Find Out The Secret IN 2022

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When a man upsets you, some ignore him, but others ask for payback. If you are on the second boat, here are some texts to make him feel bad and regret it


Sometimes, guys make you feel blue. They mess up certain affairs foolishly. Those things might be long-distance relationships, their wandering eyes, their laziness, or they could not appreciate something you attempted for them. 

All such things might leave you concerned to make him clear his mistake. Suppose you are wondering which “texts to make him feel bad”, our blog today will address your curiosity. Dive in with us now.

Think About The Approach Thoughtfully

Texts To Make Him Feel Bad

Before you practice this strategy, it is key to look through the roots you intend to make him feel guilty. You need to catch the main motivation to ensure everything is on the right track.

Are you looking for an approach to make him unpleasant because he has been indifferent to you? 

The possibility of busy business or family or relative issues should be considered. Perhaps trying to let him feel at fault might push your guy away. In another scenario, you all had a big fight recently, or it sounded like he was ignoring you.  

In such cases, a bit of sin could be a wise way to guide him on the ball. Yet, you should not be involved in manipulative, harmful, and abusive measures to reach there. If you deliberately set up this relationship on a toxic base, you carelessly leave much space for the entire relationship to come to an end.

Be honest and open with your guy about your emotions. If you suppose that your feelings still don’t allow you to do that, ask for distance and time. 

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Texts To Make Him Feel Bad

I hope for this distance between the two of us

“I hope for this distance between the two of us.” 

This line is a pretty serious thing to text him. Just let your man know that you really need some room and don’t want to have a conversation right now since you fear you can come on strong. You are afraid that you will slip your tongue when you feel upset, which might hurt your relationship and make everything worse. 

You show the guy that you’re still okay without him and hope to have some distance and time between you all. This might make him reconsider whether he made some big mistake in the last couple of days.

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“I want some time to reconsider. Talk to you later.” 

This powerful message can give him some worries and concerns about your attitude towards him. He might ask himself why your reaction is like that, why you need to have some breathing space, if something is wrong here, or if he did something incorrectly. 

Many restless questions come to his mind, making him think again about what happened and try to find out where he went wrong.

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“Can’t talk right now. Busy now.”

These short hurting words are another option for you to show him the necessity of thinking about what he did over. It is neutral, cold, and not an over-reaction. From that, he might wonder what he’d done wrong and make him anxious. 

“I’m content now that we aren’t together!”

This is a powerful text to make him feel guilty. It seems spiteful to leave the message to him, yet hey, your feelings got hurt. So don’t be confused a lot because you can show your emotions and spell out your feelings. 

If your anger is on its right course, this step will add more power for you. Just leave him some signals that your life goes on without him, even better. 

This shows that without him, you still manage all things very well. He will feel that his position in your thoughts is shaking. He might worry that someone is willing to help you or approach you while he is losing you, which makes him feel nervous and wants to meet you to find out the truth. 

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“I think I am done with you” 

Use this text only when you’re getting a sorry message from him; otherwise, it would be of no effect. 

The text is so strong and clear that it expresses pretty powerfully that you decided what to do with the relationship regardless of his reaction. 

This message also indicates how independent and wise you are. You are an iron-willed woman, which might let him know he loses you gradually. Sending him this text, you throw him deep down into a sea of sorrows and worries.

“I got hurt a lot for you” 

You should be honest in love. According to the key rule, you just have to be frank and let your guy know how painful you are for what he had said, and he did. As a girl, you understand the limitations of your emotions and feelings. 

His actions or his words are almost crossing the line. In case you are wondering what you should say, just share something from your heart. If he’s truly in love with you, he will feel horrible for hurting his girl!

“I am doing much better without you around.” 

If you use this text, you might have moved on and left behind an unhappy page of your life. Just let him know how well you are even without him. The resort might make him feel down because your ex hopes you will miss him and so empty when lacking his company. 

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“I cried a lot, yet now, I could not be happier!”

This is another wise strategy for you to cope with your ex. There is nothing to be ashamed of admitting your heart experienced pain because of him. You can share with him about this fact frankly, yet you’re doing wonderful now in accepting what is and forgetting what was. 

Your optimism and firmness brought him to regret when he lost you. This makes him feel bad when he knows he will not be a part of your life anymore.

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“I think we’re better at being friends!”

This is a proper idea to show your attitude towards him, which has already changed. He certainly will ask himself why you’re being cool about the entire thing. 

If he thinks you are over-dependent on him, he might change his mind about you thanks to this text. Also, he realizes he made some mistakes and regrets that. 

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Bottom Lines

Conveying your negative attitude on the right track is the wise resort to let him find out his fault on his own. Based on that rule, you will know which texts to make him feel bad properly. 

We hope that the above hints have helped you in some way in addressing your curiosity earlier. Also, don’t focus too much on him, and don’t bring any toxic content into your message. Or else, you’ll ruin your relationship quickly. 

Hope you guys will build and keep a healthier and more romantic relationship from now on. Thank you for your company, and see you in the coming helpful posts later.  

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