65+ Texts That Will Make Him Want You – Successful Texting Strategy

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You need to attract him through messages. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it! Relax, girls. Here is where you can find texts that will make him want you.


Texts That Will Make Him Want You

Nowadays, most people use social networks to connect, flirt, and fall in love online. So texting with the man you love is the best opportunity to reach him, make him miss you, and keep you in his mind. 

You are shy and don’t know texts that will make him want you. Here are three types of messages: sweet, sexy, and flirty. All you need is to get to know him well and then choose the right flirting quotes for your relationship.

65+ Texts That Will Make Him Want You

Sweet Text Messages That Make Him Laugh

Sweet Text Messages That Make Him Laugh

You want him to smile, melt, fall in love with you, feel like you’re a sweet and cute person. The following messages should help you.

1. My heart beats fast when thinking of your smile.

2. I’m really happy whenever I think about you.

3. I always think about you after the first time we’ve met.

4. I look forward every day until I can meet you again.

5. I feel so wonderful to have you in my world.

6. Still feel like there’s not enough time even if I have to stay by your side forever.

7. I want to say I love you forever.

8. I love the feeling when you and I spend time together.

9. You make me feel like I’m awesome.

10. You are all I love.

11. I want to tell you that I always think and miss.

12. You are absolutely perfect people with me.

13. I think I can’t find anyone better and more wonderful than you.

14. Meeting you is great.

15. Thinking about you gets me all love and warmth.

16. I’m always amazed by how kind you are.

17. The Earth revolves around the Sun. And you’re forever in my mind

18. Instead of giving you a rose that won’t wither. Or let me send you a love that will never fade!

19. When you come, you teach me how to fully love a person. The day you left, you haven’t taught me how to forget a person I once loved completely.

20. Do you want to know what I dreamed about you and me last night?

21. Guess what I was talking about last night with my friend? It was your happy face.

22. All my secrets, I tell only you.

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Texting In A Sexy Way Makes Him Amused.

Texting In A Sexy Way Makes Him Amused

Want to bring the conversation to a hot climax? The following sexy messages will make him want to be with you. This is how to push his love hormone – oxytocin, to the next level.

23. I want you to stay in bed with me right now.

24. I don’t know what I will do when I’m with you when I’m drunk.

25. When will I get a passionate kiss from you?

26. I have a rule for you if you come later: Clothes are not allowed.

27. A little wine and maybe a long bath together. It’ll make us have an unforgettable night.

28. I can not stop thinking about you. Do you want to know why? Because you are really hot.

29. Do you want to know what I imagine when I think of you?

30. I’ll probably tell you about the unforgettable dream I had about you last night if you call me later.

31. I’m looking for a new sexy dress. What color do you like? Because I want it to be something you’ll love to look at.

32. What kind of wine do you like? I need to know to have wine ready for you next time you spend the night with me.

33. If you were lying next to me right now, I guarantee we won’t be able to sleep but will do many things.

34. Where did you learn how to cuddle like that? I still can’t stop thinking about that wonderful moment!

35. I did some clothes shopping today. Do you mind if I send you pictures and get your advice?

36. What are you wearing right now?  

37. Put me on your “wishlist”. 

38. I just got out of the shower and want you to know that you are in my head.

39. I will love you and hold you tight.

40. Texting with you is better than sleeping!

41. I miss you so much, night or day. You are always in my mind.

42. Would it be possible for you to give me a hand with something?

43. Let’s blow off some steam.

44. Real life is so much better than dreaming about you.

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Flirting With Him With Sexually Suggestive Messages

Flirting With Him With Sexually Suggestive Messages

After experiencing sweet and sexy feelings, now is the time to flirt with creating a fresh atmosphere. If you are confused about this, here are a few suggestions for you.

45. Would you like to know the first thing I do when I see you? I will kiss and hold you tight.

46. Do you miss me as I miss you?

47. You have the most beautiful smile in the world.

48. Flirting with you is one of the things I enjoy doing most.

49. I really wish that I were in your arms right now.

50. I wanted to text you just to ask if you had a great day.

51. Would you like to know a secret? My friends are jealous that you love me!

52. Stay here tonight. I think you, me, and fried chicken sounded like a great evening.

53. Every disease has a cure, but there is only one. And there will never be a cure for I stop loving you.

54. If there is a sentence for me for loving you, I would like to stand in court and receive a life sentence to be with you for life.

55. You’re perfect like that, but you have one flaw.” “What?” “Without me.”

56. Hey, sexy …

57. Do you have a box of matches? Why is my heart suddenly so hot?

58. It makes me feel better just knowing you are there.

59. I have a cold wine …

60. Let’s be cozy and warm to each other.

61. I’m really happy when I’m with you.

62. Do you know what the most expensive thing on your body is? The eyes, because your eyes have me in them.

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63. Can you care and take care of me for the rest of my life?

64. Can you swim? Please teach me how to swim. I’m about to drown in your eyes!

65. If I tell you I want something cute for my birthday/Christmas, will you put a bow on your head and give yourself to me?”

66. I’m really in the mood to snuggle. Know anyone who might be up to the challenge?

67. You’re the Superman to my Lois Lane.

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Some Small Notes

love in text

You should learn more about his personality and interests to be able to create many interesting conversations. You can boost your guy’s confidence by taking advantage of things he’s an expert in. Once you’ve learned his hobbies and interests, ask him about them!

Sometimes when it feels dry during a conversation, you can plan to go out and do things he enjoys. Don’t fall into a rut. If you always make the first move, step back and let him give it a shot periodically. 

Don’t always be the one to text him first, and don’t always be the one making plans. You should not reply to him immediately after that or text him too much, or he’ll feel suffocated. He will cherish every second with you.

Normally, men will be the first to take the initiative, but there will be some shy guys. So sometimes we should act first, but sometimes let him be in the driving seat. 

Through that, we can know if he has feelings for you, and cares about you or not. It will all show through the way he acts and words. So when you intend to spice up or break out of the routine, be a little bit flirty! 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just known each other or been in love for a long time. Sometimes we still need flirty words to make the conversation more colorful.

Not only is sending text messages enough, but we also need to have more strategies to be more successful in winning his heart, so you know what to do both before and after sending him your texts.

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Tried-And-True Texting Strategies

Those notes we’ve shared are too complicated to remember? Well then, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to rack your brain thinking of what to avoid or how to say. 

Besides the three ways of texting above, you only need a few things to keep in mind when texting with the man you like to avoid boredom. 

A real professional who understands how the romance of texting works has created a program that we would recommend to you, Text Chemistry Program. You can click here to learn more about the program. Let’s refer to some good ways and apply them to your messages from today.



How to seduce him through texting? Reading these lines, we bet that you’ve already known the tricks!

Through the above messages, we can expand the texting style to have the lines of texts that will make him want you. It’s really helpful for girls who are trying to flirt with someone. 

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