Sexy Text Messages To Turn Him On That You Can Use IN 2022

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Do you want to express your charm and attractiveness to your boyfriend through messages? Click on this post to get sexy text messages to turn him on!

Sexy Text Messages To Turn Him On

Sending sexy text messages to turn him on is ideal for making the relationship more interesting and special. It can help you learn more about your partner and create an intimate conversation.

In addition, if you know how to use words appropriately, you will increase your attractiveness. You also need to carefully consider his personality and how close the two of you are before sending such messages, not negatively affecting the relationship. 

So, how to send sexy text messages to make your crush crazy with you. Scroll down this blog to find out more information!

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How Can You Send Sexy Text Messages To Turn Him On?

Of course, you also need to avoid many things when chatting with boys. However, not all pitfalls you need to avoid. Sometimes, boyfriends often set up sweet ones. 

At these times, you should also respond to that romance to not upset the other person’s interest. Apart from that, this is also a good way for your relationship to go further.

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Let’s have a closer look at some appealing strategies that you can apply in your text with a boyfriend. 

Send Him An Erotic Picture

Send Him An Erotic Picture

Couples usually send sexy pictures to each other, especially long-distance couples. They think this is a way to show love and make the other person crave more even if they are not in the same room.

A sexy photo doesn’t have to be a nude photo. You just need to send a picture of yourself in a sexy suit or lace lingerie. These things can completely make him excited. As you know, people often say that boys fall in love with their eyes and this may be true in this case.

Sexy photos can pique his curiosity, and he will find a way to get to you as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, you should consider carefully before sharing sexy images of yourself and not sending nude photos of you to anyone. 

You can not anticipate the risks if others spread them online. Moreover, be vigilant to consider the relationship of the two of you and the other person’s personality before sending him any pictures of you.

Tell Him How Craved You Are 

Tell Him How Craved You Are 

Any man wants to become a great person in the eyes of women. If a girl boldly admits that she is very passionate about her boyfriend, he will feel excited. 

In addition, a girlfriend can also make a good impression in her boyfriend’s eyes by taking the initiative of a girl because not all girls are proactive. Furthermore, being frank like this helps your boyfriend understand your feelings. 

Sometimes, guessing the other’s feelings is difficult. It is very easy for a boy to have misunderstandings and not know whether or not you love him or how much you love him. So, you do not need to be shy to show him how turned on you are. 

The following sentences may be wonderful suggestions for you:

  • It’s too hot today, and I’m not wearing anything. If only you could come here right now.
  • I’m wearing that sexy outfit and just thinking about you.
  • Tonight, I lie in bed and think about you. I want you right now.

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Give Him An Innocent Question 

Asking innocent questions often makes a conversation a lot more interesting. First, you won’t embarrass yourself as a naive question usually has many meanings. Second, boys love to conquer. Innocent questions will stimulate a boy’s imagination. 

Normally, your boyfriend will find ways to embarrass you with such questions. In other words, boyfriends often want to break your innocence. It will make you both feel excited. 

Additionally, asking naive questions is also useful to question the sexual aspect. There are some texts which are suitable for you if you don’t feel comfortable but still want to express your ideas about the sexual aspect: 

  • Wait, are you lonely tonight?
  • Hey, boy! I just finished taking a shower and felt very restless. It is so strange. Are you ok?
  • Do you like a girl with a natural face or a makeup face? Done up or natural? I am very curious. 

Tell Him That He Is Very Attractive 

Certainly, everyone always wants to receive lots of compliments. And your boyfriend, too. That’s why you should frankly express his charm through the text. Not only will this make him feel more confident, but you’ll make him crave you. 

This way, you can show the initiative in love that is both frank and lovely. It makes you more special in your crush’s eyes.

Moreover, a reasonable compliment will help him develop his inherent strengths. Thus, you should not hesitate to compliment your boyfriend, but feel free to express your good feelings about the other person.

The following examples can make your boyfriends constantly think about you: 

  • You look so good in that shirt. It helps you show off all the best points in your body.
  • I can’t stop thinking about you in that suit. Your sensuality makes me jitter.
  • Last night, I always thought about how you would look in that sexy outfit.
  • It would be best never to do such actions because I can not resist your attraction.
  • Good morning sexy boy. I lost sleep last night because of your charm. 

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Tell Him What You Want To Do To Him 

It would be boring if couples fell in love without mentioning sex. However, many girls are shy when it comes to this topic. I think this is not advisable. Because when you want to go further in a romantic relationship, sex is very necessary. 

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It is also a way to understand your partner’s feelings and thoughts and a way of proving love to the other person. That is why sexual texts expressing what you want to do with him will make your relationship more intimate and enjoyable.

Sexy texts can get him excited and constantly thinking about you. The following statements are helpful examples for you.

  • I can’t wait to see you tonight, wearing your favorite underwear. And you know, what to do next!
  • I miss you. If you were here right now, I could let you do whatever you want with me.
  • I just got out of the bathroom. Why don’t you come and help me get in there again?
  • I am at work but have thoughts that are not related to work. I wish you were on my desk right now. 
  • Hope you slept well last night. I want to kiss you again.

Tell Him What You Want Him To Do To You

Besides saying the things you want to do to him, you should also say what you want him to do to you. However, some girls get difficulties when expressing this bold idea. 

In particular, they will blush when asked what they want him to do in bed. And of course, if the girls do not say it frankly, their boyfriends will not be able to understand what girlfriends’ wishes are. You know, girls are the most confusing creatures. So, be more proactive and cooperate with your boyfriends. 

You can text him bold things you want him to do to you. He will get excited and go crazy for you. So, how to say those things. You might want to refer to the examples below:

  • It would be great if you could help me undress.
  • I go crazy thinking about what you did to me last night.
  • I just have bought a nice lingerie set. See me tonight.
  • I wish I could kiss your sexy lips one more time.

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Should You Talk Dirt For The First Time?

Should you talk dirt for the first time? It depends on who your listener is and the country’s culture where the listener lives in.

Many people think that talking dirt for the first time will not cause sympathy for listeners, especially those influenced by oriental culture.  

Thus, you may feel worried that you will cause discomfort to your listeners and fear that they will think you are an impure person if you use sexy language in your communication.

Nonetheless, there are also lots of people who think that talking dirt can make a good impression on the listener. It helps make the conversation more intimate and breaks down barriers at the beginning. 


Sometimes you feel embarrassed and awkward when your boyfriend uses erotic language. You find what he says interesting but feel shy about engaging in such conversations. 

It is entirely possible to involve in such conversations by sending obscene texts to your boyfriend. This is because the information you convey is in writing to feel less shy.

A little bit of daring and imagination will add a great charm to the conversation. At the same time, your boyfriend probably won’t be able to resist your charms.

Either way, first impressions are always significant. So you need to think carefully before deciding whether to say dirt in the first meeting or not and learn about the culture where the listener lives.

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All in all, this article has shown you some information relating to sexy text messages to turn him on and answer the question should you talk dirt for the first time. Hope that through this post, you can be bolder when sharing your views to flirt with your boyfriend. 

Especially, keep in mind that you need to respect your feelings, frankly express what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you. You don’t have to be shy or try to do things you don’t like. Only then will you feel truly happy in a relationship.

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