How To Reply To One Word Texts From Guys: Five Effective Ways IN 2022

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It is frustrating to get short replies from the man you like. These methods on how to reply to one word texts from guys can help you deal with this situation. 


What if the man you are texting with turns cold and gives you one-word replies? You don’t know what is happening and wonder if you have done something wrong. It is an uncomfortable experience if you are into that guy and want to know more about him.

This article will instruct you on how to reply to one word texts from guys to help you avoid getting into stuck conversations. With the methods we offer, you can better understand the current situation and decide what to do next.

Why Is He Giving You One-Word Texts? 

There are many reasons behind the one-word texts from guys. To figure out the right moves, you first have to know why he is texting you that way. 


He Just Doesn’t Like You

Unfortunately, this is the most common reason he sends you one-word replies. He is not into you and doesn’t want to have a conversation. In this case, he is trying to let you know that he is not interested in texting with you without saying it directly. 

If a guy likes you in the first place, he will try to make the text flow and be more outgoing. 

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He Isn’t In The Mood For Texting

He Isn’t In The Mood For Texting

If your conversation is flowing and he suddenly sends you cold replies, he is likely having a hard time. Maybe the guy is upset about something in his life, and he wants to be alone. He doesn’t want to be rude and ignore your message, so he sends you one-word texts. 

He Is Busy At The Moment

There are many situations when a guy has a sudden schedule or an appointment. He may be hurried for an urgent task and not have time to answer your texts. 

Or maybe he is occupied with work and doesn’t have the time to text you. The guy is trying to be polite and doesn’t want you to wait for long. Thereby he sends you short replies when working on his schedule. 

He Is Pretending To Be Cold 

It may sound weird, but some guys pretend to be cold to draw your interest. Women tend to be more attracted to guys who are not needy. He is playing hard to get and test your reaction by sending you one-word replies. 

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How To Reply To One-Word Texts From Guys?

Ask Him What Is Going On

Asking a direct question is the most effective method to get him out of his shell. You don’t know what the guy is thinking. The fastest way to find out is to ask him whether there is anything wrong. You should do this if sending one-word texts is not his usual texting style. 

Remember to ask in a clever way so that you won’t make the situation clingy. Don’t push him to talk if he doesn’t want to share with you. If he decides to tell you about the current situation, you can help cheer him up and get back to normal. 

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Stop Texting Him For A While

The guy may be occupied with work or feel bored texting with you. Whatever the reason, you will seem needy and desperate if you continue to text him. One way to deal with this situation is to take a break from the guy for a while.

By stopping texting him, you can give him time to be alone and rearrange his schedule. Now the thing you should do is to wait for his reaction. He will text back after arranging his work and having more time for you if he is busy. 

If the guy doesn’t like you, he will not show up. Now the only thing you could do is forget him and move on. Don’t waste time in relationships that are going nowhere. 

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Make Your Text More Interesting

There is a possibility that he is fed up with texting with you. You should review your messages to see whether you have made the conversation sound boring. You should do this if the guy texts you less over time and doesn’t seem interested in the conversation. 

You should avoid asking common questions like what he is doing or how his day was. Try to bring up more engaging topics like his hobbies and dreams. You can also try to tell him funny stories or the things that he likes. 

This method works if he gets more interested in the conversation after you have changed your way of texting. If he continues to send one-word messages, you have failed to draw his interest. Now it is obvious that he doesn’t want to text you, and you should give him time.


Call Or Make A Video Chat With Him

Call Or Make A Video Chat With Him

When texting, you cannot see the emotions on his face or hear his voice. For that reason, it is hard to know what he is thinking when sending you short messages. It would help to call him and hear his voice or video chat with him.

When you can see his face and emotions, it is easier to understand the situation. It will also make him more outgoing and willing to share with you his thoughts. Maybe he feels uncomfortable sharing with you what he thinks by texting. 

Ensure that you ask him before making the phone call. It is rude and annoying to call at an inappropriate time.

Reply To Him In The Same Way

You should only use this method when you are certain that he pretends to be cold. Sending him short messages will show that you are not needy and desperate for his attention. If he is into you, he will find ways to open up and get back to his normal texting style. 

Let’s take a look at some enticing resorts you can commence applying to your texts from now on. 


There are many reasons why you get short messages from the guys. We hope that this post about how to reply to one-word texts from guys can help you deal with this situation. Ensure that you understand his thoughts to make the wisest decision. 

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