Guy Hot And Cold Texting (What It Means And How To Deal With) IN 2022

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Guy hot and cold texting (what it means) has always been a hot potato for couples. What does an expert say? How can you behave in such situations? Wait no more. Delve into it!


That women run hot and cold is inevitable in a relationship, but guy hot and cold texting (what it means) should also be a concern among couples. Girls do not seem to comprehend the changeable or variable here. So, what is the real meaning after the situation? What is the best method you can apply if you are in it? 

This article gives you the reasons behind the inconsistent texts from the guy you know. At the same time, corresponding solutions will also be given to help you understand and handle situations effectively. Let’s get started!

Guy Hot And Cold Texting (What It Means) –  The Reason Behind 

Guy Hot And Cold Texting (What It Means) -  The Reason Behind 

What does conflict texting style say?  Sometimes they are super enthusiastic, and then, they are very distant all of a sudden. They caress you with the fire but soon shower you with the ice. 

So, why is it that complicated? Well, men, hands down, are human. The inconsistency in behaviors happens to all of us. Still, there is a reason behind it that you can understand in most situations.

Busy As A Beaver

What does your guy have to do every day? If he has been snowed under with work, he can just transfer a little funny and warm text message when deadlines do not surround him. 

You can imagine if he has to answer 100 emails per day, it’s all sticking with emergency or urgent, and he has time to text you, which is awesome. Hence, a bit of up and downs in style means so little, right?

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he works

When he’s in meetings or focused on work, it’s hard for him to text much. So short text messages can make you feel cold. Thus, you will see inconsistencies when he has more time to respond to you with longer and more emotional writing.

Like women, men also follow the schedule. They are often more open when they have time, like in the evening.

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Ex After-Effect

Anyone can be emotionally hurt after a breakup, be it a man or woman. Therefore, the man you are dating may have also experienced emotional trauma, which is badly hurt, leading to fluctuations in expression through texting. 

He wants to move forward from his old flame, but sometimes the pain seems to remind him. He is not sure about a healthy relationship. Gradually, his becoming shy is just a natural reaction to protect himself.

Personal Issues

There is private stuff that your guy isn’t sure he should share with you. So, sometimes, he will shrink back and be less open. You can ask him if he wants to share with you in this situation. In case he hesitates and isn’t ready, you should respect him and give him some time.

Uncertain Desire

Liking someone is not necessarily loving someone. And love is not a surefire recipe for marriage. There are many factors that we need to consider in life and relationships. The guy may not even be sure about his feelings and desires. The uncertainty is also one of the reasons for his unusual texting style.

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Alcohol Effect

Alcohol is also a culprit to blame for. We can’t help but agree that stimulants can send us to the roof, literally and metaphorically. 

His abnormality may be due to the influence of alcohol. If he’s normally a serious and quiet guy, and suddenly you see him turn into a poet, the chances are that alcohol is fueling that uplift.

Other Girls

Other Girls

Is that your guy an eye candy? There is a good chance that girls surrounded him. And he is also interested in many girls and has not found his dot-on woman. So, he is not focused on one person, which explains him being hot and cold when texting.

Lose Interest

Initially, two people have common ground and have a connection, but then, different views and reactions lead to alienation and coldness. When it happens, he does not feel the loving vibe between you and him anymore. Therefore, his texting style changed!

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How You Can Deal With Changeable Guy 

To solve this problem, you need to clarify three things: the root cause of the problem, your desires, and the other person’s wishes.

Understanding You

What do you want? What kind of relationship would you like to have with this guy? How badly do you want it?

It all comes down to your expectation to solve the query!

Understanding Him

Understanding Him

Understanding a person is difficult, so you need to be more patient and observant. When you know a man for long enough, you will surely see everything, not all, but partly clearly. After that, you can check the reasons we have mentioned above and conclude.

Reason and Balance

In case you want this relationship, a committed one, then you should be calm. Digging in the roots of the problems will allow you to deal with the situation confidently.

For example, when he’s hurt by an ex-girlfriend, he also needs time to heal before he can step out of his comfort zone to start over again. 

So, in this scenario, if you are able to take each step slowly, the problem can be solved. You can spend more time chatting to him until he forgets all about the pain and sinks into your love!

You should find an even point in your relationship. When we like someone, we all find a way to balance it because it makes us happy. However, if you feel nothing but stress so much, it is not worth your time. 

As long as you identify exactly what you pursue and give the person a chance to share, God has a plan for you. Don’t blame yourself. You deserve the best!

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Above is our sharing about guy hot and cold texting (what it means). We hope that you figure out what to do now. Whatever the result turns out, we must say that, when you are reading the lines and researching all the information, you have become the best girl in the world that only a prince can deserve to be your company! 

Wish you all the best!

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