Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met – Tried-And-True Tricks IN 2022

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Examples of what to text a guy you just met are what we will talk about today. 

Are there any magic words that can get a guy addicted to you from the very first moment you come to texting? Yes, they exist. 

In the article, we also provide you with a strategy helping you to unleash your inner sexy soul that even you will be surprised.  

Always have a secret, method, and rule to break the ice and attract people you desire! Wait no more! Let’s discover it now!

Texting A Guy Rules

Texting A Guy Rules

Rules here are the things you should do and should not do! Just follow some principles below to guarantee your future when you haven’t understood him yet!

Be A Pioneer

Men like challenges, hands down! However, do you know what is better than this? A bigger challenge.

Men can feel arousing curiosity when being proactive in a relationship. He can feel accomplished when he can “knock out” an opponent he knows nothing about. 

However, what makes him more enthusiastic and exciting is that the obvious things in front of him become unpredictable. Being a pioneer is one of the ways!  Show up, but do show your cards.

So, take the initiative to text him first. Give him the status of a star. Surprise him. Leave the impression of your boldness! Self-confidence has always been a woman’s ultimate weapon. That halo of light makes men unforgettable! And bang, your message stands out from the crowd!

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One-Word Text?

One-Word Text

One-word text can be pretty easily misinterpreted. It’s hard to understand the true meaning behind the word without a facial expression! That’s the drawback of texting!

So, remember to add emojis to your text to express your emotion explicitly! Don’t deliver a cold one-word text. 

That’s the man you like to dig into his soul. Stop creating regretful situations. Being cool even with the short words, but a big no for one-word text. Putting the one-word text in a locker and never letting it out.

If you are unsure how to respond, you should move his attention to other subjects. You can not answer. You ask! Tell him you sleep on it, and your reply is temporary “go on foot”, so it may take time!

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Ask The Open Questions

Limit the Yes/No question! Focus on open questions.

With the right hint, we all love to share our thoughts! Let’s take a moment to think about your memorable conversation. Is it non-stop sharing between two parties? One thread follows the other and dozens of other topics! It all comes down to one question.

Still, don’t ask continuously. Listen carefully to what the man shares. Ask yourself if any of these are relevant to you. If yes, share it! Otherwise, simply google it and tell him what you think! The key here is to connect more. Adore his answer and show your appreciation!

Instant Reply?

Instant Reply

Well, the rule of thumb: Except in emergencies, never mess texting time with your schedule even if he is your most-wanted man!

Firstly, if you answer every message immediately, it just means you have nothing to do. 

Even though you have nothing to do is the truth, you don’t need to put someone too high. Let’s be calm! Spend your fixing time responding to messages. 

People will be more appreciated it more, and your message will be more valuable if they have more time to wait! Remember all the limited versions? We are thirsty because it does not happen easily.

That is the storyline you should consider! 

Jazz up Your Style Texting

Personalized style is crucial, especially when you expect to draw attention from a hot man.

You only shine when you have your distinguished taste. It can be your tone, humorous, or your favorite emoji. Research the guy you feel intrigued by. Seduce him in the first place.

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Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met

Attractive Beginning

There is a formula for you. Keep it simple but prominent! You want to keep it medium tone, not too flirty, but not too normal.

If you can read about him on the internet, try to get his favorite things, start playing with words and get his attention. However, if he is a blank page, don’t complicate it. Begin simply by where you meet each other and start your courteous salutation:

Hello/Hi + Your name + The place you guys meet + Words that blow his mind!


  • Hi Benedict, it’s Georgia from Bake-Street! God tells me to ask you if you have a good day!
  • Hi Sherlock, it’s Rachel from the Coffee Perk. How’s your day?

Add Spice To Your Introduction

If you are accidentally attracted to a hot man, a simple introduction can not work. So, you may consider adding in a bit of creativity, a spice to make your text eye-catching and make him burst out laughing! 

It’s a bit flirty, but it will show him clearly about your purpose, and if there is a reply back, you guys are on the same radar.


  • “Examples of what to text a guy you just met,” tells me that I must be brave to say hello to you. So, hi you. The brave girl is… typing!
  • Every cell in my body is going crazy because they want me to talk to you. So, tell me, how should I answer them? What should I do?
  • Hello there. Sorry if I’m bothering a man who already has a girlfriend. But, if you haven’t, can I say hello?

Act Like A Cool Cop, But No Gun

Now, it’s time for the Q & A’s part. To let you guys know about each other, it is always best to ask and share. 

But don’t be a scary police officer with a gun, be a cool cop. Ask naturally. You can start by playing a game like Q&A. Each person has the right to ask the other once, and you guys take turns.

We know you are dying to know more. What’s his job? What’s his passion? Does he love kids? Don’t be shy. Imagine the person you’d love to date with and jump on!


  • Which job is so lucky to have you?
  • Describe the girl you like?
  • What’s upset you right now?
  • What kind of movie do you like?

Amuse Him By A Compliment

Everyone loves to be complimented, especially compliments at the right time and place! Well, now, close your eyes and ask yourself, what leaves the best impression of him?

Is that his fashion taste? Or an intelligent comment? Or the gorgeous face?


  • Do you feel guilty? You have a killing smile!
  • I’d love how you mix and match. I can’t take my eyes off you.
  • Oh, you have a Husky too. Even when it is angry, it is still so cute, huh!

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Ask For A Hang-Out

If the conversation goes well, you can think of a date. It’s better to see someone in person. Interacting shows us more.

Don’t take it too seriously by booking a restaurant on your first hang-out. A music ticket is fine. You should choose some public place for safety, like coffee, a pub/bar, or a music festival if you guys have the same music taste.


  • Coincidentally, there is a live music show on the street at the weekend. May I have the pleasure of going with you?
  • Google Calendar keeps reminding me to go out with the person I’m chatting with. I don’t know what he thinks.
  • I am filling in next week’s schedule and wonder where I should put your name?

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Approach Him With Some Recommendation/Advice Question

People feel good if other people have a high opinion of them. Ask him to share something about his expertise, an opinion, or a recommendation.


  • Which movie series do you recommend?
  • Can I have the honor to listen to some of your saved music genres?
  • What’s the title of the book you are reading? 

Attach A Joke/Meme

A positive person makes life easier. We all love to be around funny and witty people. They feel, see and behave attractively. Life seems to be sweeter if having them by our side. Therefore, add a little humor to your conversation to make you guys have a relaxing time together.

On texting, attaching a joke or appropriate meme will be a treat!


  • Send a meme of a “confidence symbol” in conjunction with the text “trust you” when he needs someone to talk to.
  • Reveal the punchline when it’s time.

Be His Marijuana

When you are at the point of fixing time talking to each other, keep the pace. 

Being there for him, caring about him even the tiniest little thing. He gets used to it, and you will be the source of happiness for him.

Gradually, your relationship will bloom because no one will forget the best time of the day when we get the treat. That’s the time you are sure that you are sending him over the roof!!

The Strategy 

If you want to have more counseling, you can also switch to additional options. We completely suggest the Feminine Enchantment program, which is written by a specialist in the field of texting rules to show the most romance for couples. 

Let’s take a look at some enticing resorts you can commence applying to your texts from now on. 


Twenty examples of what to text a guy you just met are our sincere sharing. We hope it will support your love story. It’s precious to meet the guy that you are about to enjoy further talking to. 

Therefore, when you have your chance, don’t let it slip off your palm. Let the examples be your choreography. Happiness is just around the corner!

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