If you’re looking for an energetic and interactive speaker who will really get your audience talking, thinking, and laughing - I am also available for public speaking events.

Who is your audience and what topics are of greatest interest to them?  Dating, divorce, gender intelligence, or relationships?  I’ll give you my own work blended with the Mars Venus principles that you can’t get anywhere else in Calgary.  It’s based on real life experience AND scientific research.

I also specialize in speaking on topics of great interest to women’s groups.  Not just Mars/Venus material but empowering and more ‘taboo’ topics that stem from my memoir,  The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (Seal Press, US, Spring 2012).  These include society’s RuleBook for Divorcing Women (MOMS especially), the relationships women have with their bodies, the well-made excuses they wear on their backs, and the passions they deny themselves to be wives and mothers. There’re good reasons why this memoir was picked up by a feminist press (and not the conservative Canadian one) – but truthfully, what woman DOESN’T go through a period of insanity at some point in her life?

So drop me an email by clicking on the Contact tab.  We can discuss your audience, their needs and give them a speech/seminar they’ll never forget.