Why Guys Pull Away When They Like You? Problems Solved IN 2022

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Why guys pull away when they like you? What should you do in this situation? You can find simple and direct explanations by reading this post. 

Have you ever started very well with a guy, and he slowly pulls away from you after a few days of texting? It may be surprising, but this situation is not uncommon, especially when you know each other via texting. 

So, why do guys pull away when they like you? Is that he no longer loves you or has any attraction? Is your relationship going to an end? 

If you are in this pickle, read this post to discover his true intention and learn how to deal with it!

Why Guys Pull Away When They Like You?

Makes Him Want You

It is important to figure out the true reason why he decides to pull away. Then you can know how to deal with the situation properly and avoid embarrassing yourself.

However, the reasons behind his actions are very subtle and hard to know. Maybe he really doesn’t like you anymore, or he doesn’t want to commit to a long-term relationship. He may still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend. 

You have to review your texts and understand more about his personality, background, or dating history to figure out. Depending on the guy’s feelings, you can decide to end the relationship or help him resolve the problem and get your relationship back on track.

So, here are the seven possible reasons why the feelings between you two are evaporating. Maybe the true reason is deeper than these explanations, but you will want to consider them. 

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He Is Afraid Or Not Ready Yet

The most feasible reason why he steps back from your relationship is fear. But what is he afraid of when your conversations went on really well, and you two have many things in common? 

Guys often overthink about the future and how they can cope with a committed relationship. Maybe he has things unresolved in his life, such as study, work, or family, that are preventing him from committing with you. 

His Unpleasant Past

His Unpleasant Past

Another reason is that the relationship is similar to his past, and he is afraid that everything will be doomed once again. His past breakups hurt him so deeply that he is scared of things falling over. 

It may surprise you, but the guys who just want to flirt and have a short time with girls are the ones who have suffered so much from past relationships. It is a way they use to protect themselves, to become cold and distant or sometimes, bad. 

Apart from the breakups, maybe your guys didn’t have pleasant experiences with girls or dating in the past. When a guy is turned down or humiliated by the girls they like, they will become shy and think negatively of themselves. 

These negative thoughts will steer them away from commitment. Imagine that you once went on an airplane, and there was a serious accident on the flight that carved a scar in your heart. Then would you want to get on an airplane again?

The same thing is true for dating. In their mind, guys will naturally neglect the things that hurt them in the past to protect their feelings. It is a natural defensive mechanism. Your man may love you, but his insecurity and shame are preventing him from a long-lasting love. 

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He Doesn’t Want A Committed Relationship.

He Doesn’t Want A Committed Relationship

Think about it, the guys who enjoy being single are hesitant to step into a long-term relationship. Once he decides to commit to you, he has to give up his old living style, which he enjoys so much. He has to spend time with you and do the things that he may not like.

Just like how dating is different from marriage, the idea of commitment will freak him out. Sometimes he will feel like his freedom is being deprived. But why does he feel that way?

Maybe you are the problem. Review your text and conversations to see whether you are talking about future stuff or pushing him too hard. Do you often talk about marriage, kids, and living together? The guys who are not ready for this chapter will sneak out of such a nightmare.

If you have just known each other for a short time, it is still too early to talk about the future things. Maybe you have not understood each other so much, and things could go wrong. Guys will have these thoughts, and they are simply not ready for a deep and committed love. 

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He Still Has Feelings For His Ex

Does he regularly talk about his old flame in your conversation? What is his attitude towards her? Some guys just mentioned their ex; they want to tell you that you are better than her. But is it always true? 

One or two times is acceptable, but if he name-drops his ex a lot, then he may still have feelings for her. Maybe the ex-girlfriend left him because he has done terrible things, and he now regrets it. 

Spending time with you may remind the guy of his good old time with the ex. Then he suddenly realizes that he still loves his old girl and decides to pull away from you. 

He gets confused with these unresolved feelings and “beautiful memories” in the past, which certainly will affect the current relationship. 

You Are Needy

Do you text him more than he texts you? Does it take him a long time to reply to your messages? Who usually starts the conversation first? You should ask these questions and go over the texts to see whether you are needy in this relationship. 

If you are attached or have too strong feelings for the guy, you will appear clingy and scare him away. It is understandable that you love him and want to spend time with him as much as possible. However, dependent people are psychologically unattractive, especially in dating.

Being needy is an indicator of an unhealthy relationship. The guy fears that your strong love for him will drive you crazy or lead to overreaction or nonsense jealousy. He is afraid that you will take so much control over his life and that things are moving too fast. 

Maybe you are texting him too much, and the thing slowly gets boring. Do you prefer independent and confident guys when flirting? Guys also find confident girls who can live well on their own much more attractive. 

He Is Just A Bad Guy

Does he appear so nice and gentle when you first meet him, and when you start to fall for him, he suddenly pulls away? It is very likely that you have met a bad boy, the type of guy who just prioritizes getting into your pants over love. 

If he is handsome and has a lot of girls surrounding him, or he always tries to keep the affair with you in the dark, then he may be a bad guy. He considers flirting and sleeping with many women a pleasure or an accomplishment. 

Once you are into him, he is no longer interested in flirting with you and decides to end the whole thing. Bad boys don’t value the true meaning of love and morals. In fact, he doesn’t have any feelings for you at all. 

How to know if your guy is bad? The clearest sign is the way he texts you. Bad guys are very good at texting. Every message from him will draw your curiosity and interest in him. He brings you strange feelings that can not be felt when dating nice guys. 

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He Is Trying To Be Cool

As I have mentioned above, women are obsessed with bad guys. So what if the man you are dating is nice in nature, but he wants to appear cold or bad to draw your interest? 

When he replies to your messages longer at fewer frequencies but doesn’t want to put the relationship to an end, he is playing a mind game. Once you feel distant, you get curious and miss him more. 

How To Deal With This Situation?

I have covered the basic reasons why the guy pulls away from you. Based on your feelings and the true reason why he acts that way, you can decide to get your relationship back on track or get rid of toxic guys completely.

What To Do?

A key to healthy relationships is confidence and authenticity from both sides. It means that both you and the guy should be completely honest with each other and be clear about your intentions and feelings in life. 

Try to have a deep talk with him to understand what is wrong with him. If he is trying to entangle things, just ask him directly what he is looking for in this relationship. 

However, when you don’t want cringe conversations, just take a short break from him. Spend more time on work, study, and entertainment with your beloved friends and family. Do the things you love, such as going to the gyms, playing sports, or shopping to kill time. 

Living an authentic life will help you find a suitable partner. You will have the chance to know guys truly interested in your personality, which is the foundation of a long-lasting relationship. 

Don’t be the first one to start the conversation. Whenever the man sends you a message, just leave it for a while and reply. In this way, you will appear less needy and more confident. The nice guys trying to be cool will understand that this silly mind game is not working. 

If the guy is bad in nature, your affair will certainly end. Should he not text you back, just ignore him and forget about everything. It is actually a good thing because you have avoided a toxic relationship. 

The Book You Should Read


There are many reasons the guy pulled away, and there is still hope to spice things up and put your love on fire again. But don’t make this one big mistake because it will worsen your affair. 

To understand the guy’s psychology, you should do some research on this background via his social media pages or by asking some friends. The goal is to get inside his head to understand what he wants. 

If you were him, what would you think of the other one? How do you feel about this relationship? Do you want to take it one step further? 

Guys are simple; just cleverly encourage him to talk and open up. I have recently come across a great method to help you understand his psychology and where your affair is going. 

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Less than 0.1 % of women in the world know about this powerful secret. I think it is the key factor you need to get rid of bad guys and find your true love in life. 

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What Are Signs He Is Pulling Away From You?

Your man is trying to withdraw from the relationship if:

  • He texts you less and less
  • He has no plan with you
  • He is hot and cold every now and then
  • He spends less time with you
  • He has new friends
  • There is less intimacy between you two

You name it!

Is Getting A Relationship Coach  Helpful?

If the situation is too complicated, it is best to seek help from a professional relationship coach who understands more about human psychology in dating. He will help you sort things out and give useful advice on your next move. 

Provided that you don’t want to tell your story, go for an online coach or helpful videos.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you are satisfied with the information provided in this post and know why guys pull away when they like you. Finding a guy who loves you with his heart is perhaps the most important task in life. 

If you want to make your love affairs more meaningful, don’t hesitate to discover the fascinating James Bauer’s work. 

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