Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It – 9 Common Behaviors

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You got your eyes on someone and wondered if he also had feelings for you? Check out our article! We will show you signs he likes you but is hiding it!

Love comes easily to some people. For others, however, it is not that simple to find the right ones. One of the reasons for this is that people can’t bring themselves to express feelings to their crushes. 

Are you also struggling to complete your love life? Find out the solutions through our “ signs he likes you but is hiding it” article!

This article will show you some typical behaviors of someone who silently has affection for you. Through this, you’ll also know where he is coming from, making breaking the barrier between you two easier. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in to get the answer you want!

9 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

Subtle Glances

Subtle Glances

Love does things to you, such as constantly having “that person” in your mind, wanting to know what she’s doing. Therefore, if he often glances your way, it means that he is paying more attention to you. However, if once you look back, there are no longer eyes on you, then he is not ready to tell you that.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t divert his glance when you notice it, he’s trying to say something to you through the eyes. Maybe the next time, he’ll muster enough courage to confess his feelings in words. Keep waiting a little more, and you’ll see.

He Tries To Spend More Time With You

He Tries To Spend More Time With You

The second sign is the time he’s with you longer. Who doesn’t want to spend time with the people they like? Sticking around you makes him happy with the love hormone released – oxytocin. That is his way of telling you he cares about you and wants to know you better.

How does he find time to spend with you? Believe it or not, the opportunity lies in every moment of your life. He can “accidentally” take a seat beside you when you two are in a group. Or he can be present at your favorite places to have a higher chance of seeing you.

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He Remembers Things About You

He Remembers Things About You

A girl is often touched by small but delicate gestures. Remembering her every detail is a prime example of that. He must be into her and observative enough to take notes of little things about her. 

Now, come to think about it, does this sign apply to your case? 

Have you ever mentioned something in passing, then get surprised because he still remembers it after weeks? Is he somewhat forgetful in daily life, but when it comes to your interests, hobbies, or weakness, he knows them like the back of his hand? If the answer is yes, he surely has a crush on you!

He Tries To Impress You

When a guy has feelings for you, he couldn’t help making efforts to impress you. Those efforts can come in different forms.

It could be paying more attention to his appearance. Instead of the usual unkempt hair, he might start to comb his hair before going out. He will also change the way he dresses to something smarter and easy on the eyes to appear more good-looking in front of you.

If you’re more on the intellectual side, he’ll find ways to connect with you. No matter how difficult the topic you’re interested in is, he still tries to do research on it. All of that just to have something in common with you, showing you that he is suitable for you.


Jealousy is one of the most common signs he likes you but is hiding it. It appears when he sees you with other guys. Because he likes you, he wants all of your attention on him. Therefore, when you spend time with another man, it’s understandable that he’ll get upset. 

How do you know if a guy is jealous? There are some signs to figure out. Some in this situation might feign indifference and walk away, although you can detect his sulky mood from his facial expressions. Other bolder guys will straight up come to you, trying to get involved in the conversation and stay beside you throughout your chat.

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He Helps You A Lot

Helping is a good way to score points with you and become a potential candidate for a boyfriend. 

Seeing their loved ones in trouble also wakes up the hero instinct inside every man. That instinct drives them to take action on your problem and bring you comfort. Thus, if there is always a certain person standing by your side every time you struggle with something, he is surely falling for you.

More Texts And Fast Replies

In our modern world, where smartphones are the main tools to communicate among people, texting is also a factor to know if he’s having feelings for you. 

How many times a day does he text you? If texts from him come every so often, mentioning only work-related information, you and he are just casual friends. 

On the other hand, if hardly a day goes by without his texts, that’s one of the signs he likes you but is hiding it. He will find excuses to talk to you; even some random “today the weather’s good” can also be used to initiate a conversation with you.

You can see whether he likes you or not through how fast he replies to you. He can reply so fast as if he’s been expecting you to message him all day long. Sometimes he takes a while just to send a short text because he doesn’t want to come off too clingy. 

He’s Happy When He’s With You

He has feelings for you because he’s comfortable when you’re around in the first place. Maybe you two’s personalities are compatible, or there is something about you that makes him relaxed and happy.

Besides, when he gets to be in your company, it means one of his goals is achieved. That also brings him a sense of satisfaction.

He’s Often Hot And Cold Around You

Since there is no commitment between you two, it’s normal that he gets uncertain about how to act around you. 

On days the affection he feels for you gets strong; he may become all heart eyes and soft around you. But there are also days when he wants to give you space or tries not to be clingy; that’s when he is not so affectionate as usual. 

Don’t be discouraged just because of those moments. Wait for him to figure out his emotions, and things will start to look up!

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Why Doesn’t He Tell You His Feelings?


The most popular reason is that he is shy. Admitting that you like someone is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re shy. In this case, you should wait until he’s willing to step out of his shell and confront you. 

He’s Scared Of Rejection

Revealing his love to you always comes with the possibility of rejection. Obviously, no one wants to get emotionally hurt and embarrassed in front of their crush. 

Therefore, hiding his feelings seems to be a better choice in this case. If you’re reading our article, which means that you like him back, this issue will be solved before long.

He’s Not Ready To Date

Dating is a form of commitment that not everybody is familiar with. If he’s more of an adventurous person or new to relationships, he might not be ready to go out with you.

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How To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level?

Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

Now that we’ve revealed those signs, it’s no longer difficult to know whether he likes you or not. If the feeling is mutual, then congratulations, your love life is getting near to the “completed” finish line. There is just one problem left: he’s still hiding his feelings. 

What are you going to do with it? Well, there are two main solutions.

The first one, as we’ve mentioned, is letting him take the matter at his own pace. You just have to wait for him to overcome his obstacles and open up to you. 

However, in reality, things don’t always go as planned. Some guys are not good with their feelings at all. What if he constantly gets cold feet and the day where he confesses to you never comes? In that case, let’s move on to the second solution.

Instead of waiting for him for days on end, you can take the matter into your own hands. There is a good way when it comes to taking your relationship to the next level by yourself: trigger his hero instinct. 

Hero instinct is a deep-rooted desire that exists in almost every man. Apply this trick, and he’ll ask you out in a minute!

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After going through this article with us, have you found the answer to “Does he likes me or not”? We hope that it can be of help to you. 

After all, building a relationship requires the effort of both you and him, so you should stimulate him a bit when necessary. 

Thank you for reading this article! Have a good day!

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