7 Subtle Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You 

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Your dot-on guy has appeared, but you guys seem to be miles apart?. This article provides 7 signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you to know your crush better. 


Have you ever known someone who always wants to be with you but doesn’t commit to a serious relationship? It is frustrating that you keep chasing, but he leaves the answer vague. You may need to clarify these situations and avoid wasting time and effort. 

There are some ways that can help you understand your partner if you don’t want to ask him face to face. These 7 signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you will bring a closer look into your crush’s psychology. 

When you have figured out your man’s true intention and desires, it is easier to have a direct conversation with him.

7 Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

He Doesn’t Care About Your Thoughts And Personal Plans

Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Does he often ask about your personal life in your texting and conversation? If he has a deep feelings for you, he will want to know more about your personality, hobbies, and desires. A loving man will ask you about minor things like your daily plans and schedules.

Connection and understanding between two people are the recipes for a committed bond. If your partner always changes the topic or avoids deep conversation, he may not care about you at all. 

He Prioritizes Work And Other Things Over You

He Prioritizes Work

Have you ever asked him out and got rejected because he was busy at work? One or two times are fine, but this is a serious problem in the long run. If your partner always finds excuses for not being with you, he doesn’t want to commit to you long-term.

He may or may not be busy; there are still many things in his life that are more important than you. Yet, a man who loves you will make sacrifices and cancel his schedule to spend time with his significant other. You can rely on him in hard times, which is vital for a long-term relationship.

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He Often Talks About His Ex Or Someone Else

Does he often tell you about his feelings for another person or his old girlfriend? Does it involve his old memories with her and how he sometimes feels about her? If this happens daily, he may not appreciate your relationship at all.

In this case, you may be a stop-gap to tackle his trauma and sorrow from his break-ups in the past. Maybe he cannot forget his Ex and want someone to fulfill his emptiness?

You should pay attention to his feelings and emotions when he talks about his old flame. It is important to know if he still gets obsessed with her or wants to share with you about his past. If he still cannot get over his old girlfriend, you are not in a healthy relationship.

He Doesn’t Want You To Share Much About Him

Besides getting to know you, a loving man will want to tell you everything about his life. Have you ever asked about his day at work and gotten a shallow reply? Does he often talk about his dreams, or hobbies, or tell you the minor things like his daily schedule?

If he doesn’t show his cards, it means that he’s putting you somewhere out of the love zone. In the future, when you get into tough times or need someone to cheer you up, he won’t be there. You will not feel comfortable staying with him because he doesn’t understand you. 

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He Doesn’t Want His Friends And Other People To Know About You

Does he publish his relationship with you on social media? Do his family and friends know about you? If he truly values your relationship, he will tell everybody about it. A man who adores you will want to tell the whole world that he is hanging out with you.

Telling friends and family about someone means that you want to stick to that person. If he keeps you a secret from his acquaintances, he may just want a fling or something worse (where has no room for love). 

One more reason for this is that he may be dating many people at the same time and doesn’t want them to find out. Be careful if he is too out-going and often chats with other people while keeping his relationships vague. 

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He Avoids Talking About Any Future Plans With You

Future Plans

Has he ever mentioned his plans with you or where your relationship is going? A guy who wants to commit to you will want to develop plans for the future. He will find ways to deepen your relationship and push it to move forward. 

He will give you presents or invite you to hang out regularly along with other romantic gestures to build a relationship with you. If he doesn’t do any of these things and just wants to enjoy the present, he may not be seeking anything serious with you. 

When you value someone, you will want to stay with them for as long as you can. In this case, if your guy regularly talks about future schedules, it shows that he appreciates and wants to prolong your relationship.

He Tells You Directly About It 

Words from one’s mouth are the greatest testimony to his intention.

You should be ready to hear the dirty truth if a man doesn’t want a relationship with you. Your partner may care about you sometimes, but not always.

If you are too confused with this situation, go straight to the point and ask him what he really wants in this relationship. If he tells you that he is not seeking anything special, move on and stop wasting your time. 

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People have different intentions when dating someone. It is normal to get into relationships that are going nowhere. A one-sided relationship promises nothing but toxicity, worries, and disappointments. If this is the case, the 7 signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you will help you know your man better and make wiser decisions.

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