How To Text A Guy First Without Sounding Desperate?

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Meeting the guy you falling into but still hesitate to make a move? No longer with our ultimate tips on how to text a guy first without sounding desperate

When meeting your perfect type, of course, you want to keep getting to know him more. Texting is undoubtedly a perfect way to learn about someone and to foster a relationship.

Yet, be cautious! Males will flee at the least sign of despair or neediness. Even though you’d never do such a thing, there will be some unintentional acts that make him misunderstand anyway. 

That’s why you should understand thoroughly how to text a guy first without sounding desperate!

How To Text A Guy First Without Sounding Desperate

What Makes You Look Desperate?

Texting Him Far Too Frequently

The first step in avoiding anything is identifying what you’re avoiding. Let’s look at some of the most typical mistakes women make that lead to their appearance of desperation!

Texting Him Far Too Frequently

When you are into something, you naturally want as much of it as possible. It’s simply human nature, which we can no way dispute. However, too much of it may rapidly become unappealing.

Remember when you were a kid, and crazy addicted to candy? Although their taste at that time was like delicious fairy food, no one wanted to eat the same thing over and over again every day. There will come a moment when you must mature and abandon your terrible habit of consuming sweets.

Or when you were finally large enough, you drank too much. Even though it was enjoyable, the aftermath was not. You end up giving it up because it’s too much to handle anyway.

Is it clear when seeing how those things were ruined later on for you?

If you are continually messaging your guy at all hours of the day and night, things will go the same way as before. Of course, it’s engaging at first, but he’ll soon realize that it’s taking up too much of his time and will want to put off responding to your texts.

Slowing down is the solution. Save some conversation ideas to prepare for the chat, and they will come in handy when he and you both miss each other and want to talk. That way, you’ll ensure that he simply gets a feel for you while without tiring you or him out.

Responding To Him As Soon As He Texts You

Responding To Him As Soon As He Texts You

Receiving a text from someone you like will obviously make you thrilled and want to grab your phone to respond to him right away. Still, lady, keep it cool and resist your desire!

Because the desire to conquer is the nature of men, if you’ve always shown that you’re there for him no matter what, what’s the attraction and challenge in you to awaken his feelings deep inside?

Seeing that, he will not only make you constantly wait for his text but also think that you will run behind him no matter how he treats you. Let’s ask yourself, do you want to appear worthless in his eyes like that?

If not, here are the things you should pay attention to. Take your time and pause for a bit before responding to him. The length of these moments could range from a few minutes to several hours, depending on you.

Note that this is not trying to play hard to get. Rather, you’re behaving smarter in order to acquire both love and respect.

Getting Overly Emotional Or Romantic

There is nothing wrong when flirting with someone, especially the person you are getting to know. By reaching him like that, you are able to demonstrate your affection for him without being overly romantic straight away. Of course, we strongly advise you to do so.

However, expressing your feelings or sending him lengthy emotional texts is not really what we recommend.

We have all been there, the urge to tell someone your deepest sentiments and wonder if he feels the same way. Yet, admitting to him appears to imply that you are attempting to force him into a relationship immediately, which might give him a fright and reason to skip out on you.

At the very first step of your approaching progress, keep your initial communications with him as mild as possible. Show off your playful side by flirting and joking. After establishing a solid relationship with him, you will be able to begin engaging in more serious topics.

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Tips On How To Text A Guy First Without Sounding Desperate

The truth is that men will prefer it when a woman texts first. However, there’s a wrong and right way to do it. Check out the most useful tips on how to text a guy first without sounding desperate!

Never Send More Than One Unanswered Text

Aside from falling in love with a man, don’t forget you have your own life as well. Texting him through days or nights just creates the appearance of a person who has too much free time.  

Also, you never know whether he may text first or not. Give him a chance to do so. If he hasn’t texted you by the end of the day, send him a funny photo, a flirty text message that would make him grin, or simply tell him you had a good time the last time you saw him.

What if you’re in an even worse scenario since he hasn’t replied? Take it easy and go about your business. Perhaps he’s having too much on his plate to deal with.

After all, if he’s fond of you, he’ll contact you. If not, a string of messages has nothing to do about it anyway.

Don’t Overreact If He Doesn’t Text Back

When you send a message to your crush, and he doesn’t answer, the greatest thing you can do is to let it go and stop obsessing about why he hasn’t texted you back.

Overthinking only makes you paranoid, causing you to overreact and do something silly that couldn’t even save anything in this certain curriculum.

So, the most clever behavior is to patiently wait for his message. Although there’s a chance he will not reply, there’s nothing to worry about at all. Just assuming that he isn’t ready to interact with you for whatever reason and move on your own pave.

Share With Him The Common Interests Of Both Of You

Talking about common interests will be a wonderful strategy to keep him engaged in the conversation.

For example, if you both have similar musical tastes, you can start chatting about the new record you’ve been listening to nonstop. Discussing your favorite TV series or other similar topics is also a terrific way to connect.

Texting does not have to be about the relationship all the time. It’s sometimes nice to have fun and laugh at something that makes both of you cheerful.

To do so, you have to discover what he likes and what your common points are. A little bit of stalking on his social media will not be harmful to just get your needed information.

Pose An Open Or Provocative Question To Him

It may appear desperate if you text him to have a chat with him. In order to make things more natural, you will need the assistance of a question that is interesting enough to distract him from the fact that you’re the one who comes to him first.

Then, what kind of query is this? The ideal is the humorous ones that allow him to participate in a dialog or, even better, to invite you out for a date.

You can also seek his counsel on certain matters. Assume he is a computer guru and you are in need of a new laptop. In that case, inquire with him about the best laptop for your demands and budget.

Guys love to show off their talents. Let them do so, and you will get your chance without being so eager.

Don’t Be Shy To Flirt

Flirting is like an indispensable flavor to begin a relationship. You need to give him a sign showing that you’re currently interested in him, and flirting is that flawless doing.

The question here is how to do this? As a piece of cake! You can occasionally compliment his hair, his outfit, etc. Signifying something a little more risqué at times is also acceptable.

Take this message as an example: “I can’t stop thinking about your cute smile. Could you perhaps send me a photo of it so that I can refresh my memory? :)”

Once you text a man like this, we’re sure no one can get it out of mind and has been busy visualizing it all day instead. 

To further reinforce its authenticity, several Hollywood screenwriters have used this text in their films to captivate audiences due to its employment of such a sophisticated psychological strategy.

If you have any related concerns, this video may help you out: 

However, it’s essential to consider how far your relationship has progressed as well. If everything is still completely brand new, don’t rush to put too much on it. You could perhaps scare him by that.

If He’s Out With Friends, Don’t Text Him

Another tip to keep you from seeming eager is to avoid texting him when he’s with his pals.

Men always have a strange obsession with freedom. So he would run away immediately if he saw at least a sign of you interfering with his life too much.

That’s why by doing such a thing, you will let him know that you don’t want to assault his personal space. When he feels free to hang out with his boys, he might feel being with you is nothing annoying and clingy at all.

Avoid Sending Him Late-Night Texts.

Late-night texting is surely the easiest way to capture someone’s attention. But take our words when we say it’s not the kind of attention you want.

You know, darkness is always the place where something not very bright happens. Surely, you don’t have that intention, but are you fully certain about him?

That’s why when he sees your avatar pop up on his phone’s screen after midnight, he will instinctively think that you want him so badly that you can’t wait until tomorrow morning to talk to him.

Needless to say, it is indeed the smell of desperation and neediness that comes right from your eager behavior.

Keep The Conversation Stay Bright

In the first stage of setting up a foundation for a future relationship, it’s important not to bring up any important topics during your conversations,  especially those about the commitment.

Why? Because it will turn him away from building an affection with you right before you make any move.

He must sense something fun and mild enough about the chemistry with you to have the nuts to hit the road rather than seeing the ability to handle too much pressure about something serious.

In that way, maintaining a casual chat while also dredging up topics that will help him get to know you is the best to employ. Also, let him lead the discussion- he won’t assume you’re desperate to chat with anymore.

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Don’t Be Overly Sexual

Sexualizing your text to satisfy some guy before you really know him sounds like a terrible idea, regardless of what context it is.

Well, of course, you want his heart. In such a case, nudes or erotic messages will help nothing but make him think of you like a girl with no shame. The key is to show you’re not that easy-going who would do anything because of a man’s favor or attention.

Otherwise, there are only two endings you are going to receive. The first one, he doesn’t see your worth and only takes advantage of you due to your body. When a thing loses its freshness, it will dumb you no matter what.

The second one still doesn’t see your worth and becomes uninterested in keeping things going with you.

Don’t Reply Immediately

Boys always tend to be over-sensitive when it comes to clingy girls. If you want to take affection from a guy, you must stop responding straight away. As we said above, that action will merely demonstrate to him that you’re sitting around waiting for his text all day.

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Learning how to text a guy first without sounding desperate is essential if you want to win someone’s heart. Even if you’re not that type of girl, there are a chance men may misinterpret your passionate behavior, which won’t be good for you to keep making your move.

Hopefully, you’ve got your hands on these tips by now. Let’s hit the road and get everything fixed before it’s too late!

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