Practical Tips IN 2022: How To Stay High Value When A Man Pulls Away?

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Are you too fed up to deal with your man being hot and cold? Once you find out how to stay high value when a man pulls away, that is no longer the case! 

Every woman is sure to share the same fear of her man withdrawing from the relationship. 

By the moment he backs off, there can be a dozen disturbing questions popping up in your head that cause you to stress out and even wake up your insecurity. But darling, it’s not the time to sink into depression. 

What if the problem is not you but him? There’s no need to overthink and blame yourself when you’re the one who gets hurt.  

The only right thing you should do now is to learn how to stay high value when a man pulls away. Jump right in, and let us show you the most useful tips ever!

how to stay high value when a man pulls away

Is He Pulling Away Or Not?

It might be tricky to tell if your man is pulling away or if it’s all in your imagination. But something had to be there; his unusual behavior is evident!

Several theories can happen. Perhaps you’re caring too much, and he just stays at the same place. Let’s take a deeper look to figure it out!

If this is a new relationship, and you guys are still in the first stage, then he might not be backing off. But instead, he regards you as dating rather than boyfriend and girlfriend.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, the quiz even turns to be harder: Is he losing his interest?  

One of the most common reasons for him pulling away often comes from unintentional offending that many women might commit but didn’t know about it.

Luckily, things can always change in a good way.

By making a simple mindset adjustment, you can elevate your relationship to a whole new level of attraction, love, and security that you’ve never thought of before.

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5 Signs Your Man Is Pulling Away 

If you’re still not sure whether he is pulling away or not, here we have a few signs for you to keep an eye on!

  1. He Does Not Respond To Your Text Or Call 

He cut your chance to communicate with him! Although it used to be tough to stop talking to each other even for a second, now a text from him is like digging sand for gold.

This is one of the earliest warning indications. When they can’t be bothered to tell you about their lives and listen to yours, it’s usually a sign that they’re pulling away.

  1. He’s Been Canceling On You Over And Over Again 

Suddenly, all you get now is continuing excuses. He always has more important things to do and no longer keeps up with your appointments.

The only reason that makes sense for this action is you’re indeed out of his interest.

Bear in mind that a person who loves you will try to prioritize you at any time!

3. He Doesn’t Say Much 

Since when did you not hear news from him? Sharing is a vital key to a healthy relationship. It might be a sign if you haven’t seen each other in a while, and when you do, he doesn’t say much.

But don’t rush to accuse him of losing his interest. It’s also possible that he’s just struggling with some personal issues that have nothing to do with you.

4. He Seems To Neglect Your Feelings. 

What you care about and how you react don’t matter to him anymore. He now feels free to act whatever he wants, even if it hurts you.

You can see this sign clearly through how he offers a quick response when you tell him something that worries or bothers you.

5. Things Aren’t Moving Forward. 

It’s normal that he simply prefers to take things gently. Yet, if you’ve never heard him talking about the future with you, it somehow turns into a terrible indication.

Ways To Stay A High-Value Woman

Regardless of how heartbroken you are when realizing he is indeed pulling away, the priority now is to get your spirit back and become a lady of value!

  1. Know Your Worth

The first crucial lesson to acquire to be high-value is that no one can take your worth away from you.

We’ve all been there, the feeling of being abandoned and self-insecure after a man is pulling away.

But trust us when we say it’s not your fault at all. People come and go.

One day you will get someone that can see how worthy and amazing you are. Even if not, you can see it yourself.

Once you learn how to treasure your self-value, you’re sure to have no person on Earth that can leave any impact on the happiness of your life.  

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  1. Love And Respect Yourself 

As we can see, when a man is pulling away, most girls tend to wonder whether she is or is not worthy of love.

Lady, listen up! His love is not meant to be an assessment tool used to test your value.

Let me tell you what a high-value woman may need to know her dignity. The answer is anything but an affirmation of a man.  

She has too much self-esteem to be proud that she deserves love and respect more than anyone else. So if a man is withdrawing, it’s not her responsibility to cope with it.

For girls as high-value women, keep loving and treating yourself the best; good things will come to you no matter how heartful it takes previously!

  1. Stay Classy

Following the depression, anger may invade your mind when you think of how ruthless he was with you. Just don’t let it happen.

You’re a well-behaved person, and you should be aware of that. Talking down to someone or neglecting your life in this circumstance doesn’t help you win him back.

Instead, by doing such meaningless things, you’re merely lowering your self-standard.

Keep your chin up high, and don’t ever leave any traces that show your pain on the inside. You’ll be all fine as time passes away!

  1. Be Kind And Warm

You don’t need us to say that your characteristics are priceless; you can tell it yourself. You’re kind, warm, and know how to treat people. It’s a fact.

We understand if your trust issue turns into a problem after something bad occurs. Yet, don’t let them affect who you are.

Maintaining your nice manner is a major point to becoming a high-value woman you’ve already had for yourself.

  1. Take The Higher Ground 

With a little elevation in mind, you’ll be there!

Getting hurt after hurt may make you believe that all guys are scumbags.

However, a high-value lady will recognize the truth that each person is separate so she can behave with them appropriately.

In that way, taking the higher ground benefits your romantic relationship and your connection with people around you. Men will find you appealing, and your friends will aspire to be like you.

6. Remind Yourself That You Are A High-Value Woman 

Keep Up With Your Own Life

The only thing you have to do to become a high-value woman is constantly reminding yourself the truth is that you’re here.

All women have their precious value, and you’re not the exception. 

We believe you will recognize it as soon as you learn not to let your joyfulness depend on a man.

Of course, being upset and down-mood is unavoidable when your partner is creating distance. But the key is don’t let the situation last forever!

Once switching the status from who wants to be with you to who deserves to be with you, things’ll change.

As a result, you will automatically eliminate all the time wasters and ambiguous males who aren’t worth your value. 

In case you’re searching for any self-validation, here we have a daily reminder for you: “I am a high-value woman who deserves to be a man’s first choice!”

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7. Regain Your Feminine Allure 

Rebuilding your feminine allure is also an effective way to maintain your high value.

That’s right, pull yourself together, lady! It’s time to get rid of your messy hair and puffy eyes after night-long thinking of what went wrong with him.

Let’s begin with putting on some make-up, dressing up, or buying new hair, even if you’re just heading to the convenience store downstairs. We all know looking good never goes wrong when it comes to regaining confidence.

8. Go On Other Dates

Going on other dates in response to a guy withdrawing may seem counterproductive, but you’ll soon discover that it does help.

You have to let the other man outside tell you how much you’ve been welcome if you can not sense it yourself.

In that way, you will quickly find that you have tons of choices, and this man is only one of them.

9. Spice Up Your Daily Routine 

Stuck in your regular schedule will only make you miss him more. Instead, spicing up your daily routine by trying something new is not a bad idea!

You may wonder, “How could I do that when I need to go to work and school every day?” Don’t get us wrong!

Trying something new does not necessarily mean neglecting your usual life. Taking another way to work is an example.

Just like that, you can begin from picking a new restaurant for lunch or supper to making plans for the weeknight rather than spending meaningless time at home on the weekend.

By changing up your routine, you might help balance low-vibe feelings, boost your energy levels, and also, add a little extra excitement to your life.

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 10. Contact Him If You Really Wish To

Undoubtedly, the wisest course of action is to refrain from contacting him until he responds.

However, there are instances when you need to know what’s happening so that you can go on.

If you haven’t heard from him for about 4-5 days, you could send a single text message. His reaction to this message will reveal all you have to do then.

Here is a suggestion for you to deliver: “Hello, I was just wondering if you were okay because I haven’t heard from you in a few days. Hope you’re doing well.”

5 Things To Do When He Pulls Away

Your love for him can easily drive you crazy and lead to some inappropriate behaviors. Get these useful tips to stay as a high-value woman before it’s too late!

Don’t Try To Figure Out Why This Is Happening. 

The reason why he’s withdrawing doesn’t matter at all. So do not try to find him and figure out what happens.

You may think it makes no sense, but sadly, it does! If you come to him and keep wondering why he may just feel annoyed, you probably never get the answer.

Instead, let him deal with the problem himself. He’ll come back whenever he realizes how valuable you are to him.

Focus On Yourself

There are several women outside who consider their man as their whole world. It’s the biggest mistake people can commit.

Since when do you leave your hobbies and friends behind to focus on one man?

Darling, remember he is not the only one who needs “space” in the relationship. It’s now your turn to take time and spice up your life without him!

Get your girls together. Take a class that interests you. Doing some intriguing activities.

Anything that is meant to nourish and care for your life is all useful in this instance.

Keep Up With Your Own Life

There are much more important things outside in your life rather than a man neglecting your feelings.

How long have you not visited your family? How long have you not hung out with your bestie? Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll see what is missing right now.

Let’s shake your life up no matter how. You could even have a date with somebody else. As long as you feel better, there’s nothing to regret about.

Think About What Went Wrong 

Many relationships have ended because of preconceived notions about the person we were dating.

It’s not wrong to say you’re on the vulnerable side, but it also doesn’t mean his feelings are nonsense as well.

That’s why you must comprehend what he was attempting to convey to get a healthy relationship. To do that, you should take some time to think about your experiences.

Perhaps what you saw as him withdrawing is simply some time apart to accomplish critical tasks he has on his plate.

When you guys work through this phase, we are sure you will come back with each other even more initially.

In Time, See If He’s Ok 

The silence can not stay forever. When the right time has come, both you and he need to have a real conversation instead of running away from the problem like a child.

Thus, sending him a text after a few days to see how he’s doing sounds reasonable. He could be relieved to hear from you or continue shutting his mouth.

In any case, at least you end up getting yourself an answer.

What Should You Do If You Get Him Back?

Keep repeating his pulling away story to blame him is not a wise choice to pick from. Perhaps he has a valid reason hidden behind it.

Then what else can you do? Easy as pie! Your mission is to find out the reason to see whether the situation can happen again and what you can do to resolve it for him.

Also, you must ascertain his current emotion and the status of your connection. The tricky question here: Is it possible for things to return to normal?

We don’t suggest you make predictions too soon. But considering if he truly wants to be with you or he’s just trying to please you is necessary to ensure your relationship will work well.

What Should You Do If Men Always Seem To Pull Away?

If this situation occurs too frequently, we recommend you reconsider your relationship status.

Is it a serious commitment of both of you, or are things just coming from your side? What prompted him to do so, and are there any feasible solutions you can employ?

If it appears to happen after an altercation, double-check whether you have overreacted. You could have a short fuse, and they are simply afraid of it.

Otherwise, perhaps you’ve been drawn to the wrong man. Then there’s no point in having a further future with this kind of relationship. No need to worry, as you will get the better man somewhere out there anyway!


Above are our suggested tips on how to stay high value when a man pulls away. After all, we want to emphasize that it doesn’t matter whether he decides to stay by your side or not. 

Instead, what’s important is how to boost your thinking to a whole new level that can make you an incredible woman deserving of all the best things in life without any man needed.

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of the signals that a guy is withdrawing, as well as the ways to cope with it. See you then!

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