The Devotion System Review – Is It A Good Investment?

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The Devotion System Review is considered the god of advice regardless of where you are in your relationship. 

Many people find it useful to solve any obstacle in their love life! Some people even send feedback that it is a game-changer in understanding men’s philosophy. Approaching, making a man fall head over heels to you, and keeping the man has never been easier thanks to this program. 

Besides the overwhelmingly positive reviews, there are still doubts about whether this program is worth it? In this article, we will concisely share our views to help you decide whether to put down your money or not! Let’s get started!

The System Synopsis 

Short Introduction


So, The Devotion System, what is it?

It is a most-wanted dating book that enables a lady to discover love and make a guy become infatuated with her. 

It is the birth book of Ms. Amy North, a relationship counselor by profession. It becomes a chart-topping relationship handbook by the unmeasurable attraction. 

Ms. North shares a distinctive perspective about discovering and maintaining a love relationship! It details the first message women can send to the man she likes, to the way of preserving the spark and affection throughout time. The program also features advice for ladies at each phase of the relationship.

While every woman might profit from following and practicing the guidance in the book, there will be three types of women who stand to gain the most. They are:

– Not with anyone at present and wish to date more confidently.

– Having had previous relationship problems.

– In an unpleasant relationship and wish to improve it!

What Readers Get

The readers can gain access to both 13 parts instructional videos sequence and the three parts interactive test system in addition to the primary eBook.

Besides, you also can receive three additional eBooks that cover topics such as how to develop chemistry through messaging (Textual Chemistry), finding a partner online (Finding Love Online), and how to detect a cheat confirmation sign in your relationship (Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship). Because the program is quite complete, you may utilize it during all periods of your normal life and love relationship.

However, Amy North’s recommendation is not about playing games with your head. You don’t have to play games with your man. You don’t have to pretend or transform yourself into someone you don’t even realize!

Ms. North condenses the program from the reality of men’s psychology and real experiences from her career as a relationship coach.

The book is based on Amy North’s real-world experience as a successful relationship coach.

Who Is Amy North?

Amy North is a coach for dating and relationships. 


Ms. North is from Canada. She is the famous author of several best-selling dating books. She excels in assisting ladies from all over the world in finding and keeping their ideal partners. 

She owns the two most well-known and popular online programs: Text Chemistry and the book we are talking about here, The Devotion System. Approximately 100,000 book copies are sold! Besides, the two programs she owns are considered the most thorough women’s dating manuals globally.

Unlike other works, through Ms. North’s books, you can feel the intelligence in every piece of words she shares. The advice is given concisely and reasonably. No clichés or turning you into someone you’re not!

The Devotion System Review – Is It A Good Investment?

We will go over what you will get with the whole package from the program, which includes its price, benefits, and even drawbacks, later in the next part of this review.

But for the time being, you’re probably looking for a reply to the following question:

Is it worthwhile for you to invest in the program?

It is, without a doubt.


Content Review

Let’s take a look at the details.

The program contains 240 pages and is divided into three sections. Each of which is subdivided into small parts/heading supporting you got the idea! 

Moving On + Letting Go

The first part is all about yourself. In detail, it is how to repair the person whose prior unsuccessful relationships have shattered. It emphasizes knowing how to love yourself and eliminates destructive behaviors.

It guides you to clean the past and seal it with a “closure”. Then you can continue with your life by focusing on yourself, honing your skills, prodding the self-improvement, ruthlessly refining, and becoming more confident when you once again stand on your feet! Still, it does not imply that a woman should be subservient. 

Understanding the content of the chapter is super important. If you are timid, afraid, or negative, the chance to approach the person you admire to hold him tight is not big. Therefore, the book is your inspiration for starting over. You’ll be better able to take full advantage of the next two chapters and, for once, have a terrific relationship.

Men’s Psychology

Men's Psychology

This section concentrates mostly on males, how men think, and how men act. 

It also examines some common misunderstandings about males that harm love relationships. Besides, the section presents male personality types, what drives men up and down. Moreover, it also presents how unconsciously women act if they like males.

Comprehending a partner better is a key to any love relationship. Men’s brains and women’s brains are not the same. When something comes up, ladies, you can be very confusing. You will immediately reflect on yourself. You think and examine everything you feel is connected from yesterday, today, or even tomorrow! 

But men, they do not do that! So, how can you understand men if their thinking logic is not the same as women’s? That’s the secret that the book reveals for you! It is super interesting!


Love’s Stages

Love's Stages

The book’s last section aims to bring what you’ve gained in the first two sections together and apply it to find the guy of your dreams.

It includes a wealth of relationship advice and addresses some of women’s most often asked concerns. For example, what are the things you should do and the act that puts a red flag in your relationship? 

Besides, some warning signals of a not durable relationship that you can soon recognize or some clues that you guys do not match are also included.

Besides, you will gain immediate access to the 13 parts of the training video course that will help you bolster all the knowledge you just experienced from the book. A three-part adaptive exam will assess your understanding of all ideas in every chapter.

How Much The System Set You Back?

Normally you can get the program for $310 retail price. But now, with the big discount, it is available for $48.25, which is a significant saving for one ebook with a full program, videos, and three additional bonus best-selling eBooks.

$48.25 is much if it stands alone. However, it is considered an affordable amount compared to the love of life. Sometimes, a book can change someone’s life, and we believe the investment will give you a chance!

There are some counterfeits books on the black market that are widely circulated. 

Yet, we recommend buying from the official website to make sure you get the full content. Because you can benefit from a guarantee policy

There are always some interesting books that we all like, but we can not apply. The book, on the other hand, is different.

Perhaps it is because Amy North is a professional dating coach. She consults for many clients, supporting and giving advice on their love life. Hence, she can give all the practical examples and advice anyone can buy!

The book has logical thinking in every stage. Not only that, but it also applies men’s psychology to explain situations with easy-to-understand visual examples. From that, you can put her advice to use in your daily dating life.


More Than Just A Dating Guide

Several relationship advice books will tell you how you can do this to seduce or pin in a man’s head about you, but the book is different. It cares about you too. 

Regardless of your relationship goals, she uses all her knowledge to let you walk through the gate of loving yourself. Because only when you are the best version of yourself can you shine!

You may say that we all know that. Yes, but we don’t know-how. That is what the book will display for you!

We support this idea and concept because we understand that everyone reads the review about the book; you are close to the happy chapter!

This Information May Be Used At Any Point In A Relationship.

The third point is that the program does not limit its use in the dating stages. Wherever you are in your relationship, you can use it anytime. 

We recommend the book not only for single ladies but also for any women struggling in their relationship and looking for a way to get out, live balanced, and feel love again! 

Guaranteed Money-Back

Free sampling is always the best way to conquer any consumers. It is true for any business, and so is the book! 

You get the chance to practice the program for 60 days. You can get the return within the period without any additional fee or questions! Why shouldn’t you try the book that can bring your dating life up the ladder?


What Didn’t Appeal To Me About The Book

Besides the true and undeniable value, there are still some things that we feel are not perfect!

The Wording

Perhaps because it is a book for women, written by a woman, there are some moments you will feel the language is a bit patronizing towards guys. 

It’s Just An eBook, After All.

If you are a fan of physical books, you may feel insufficient sometimes because you can not touch or smell the book. After all, The Devotion System is an ebook.

However, you can share, quote, or copy. In addition, you do not have to wait for the book to arrive, you need the right to access it, and instantly you can have it. That will compensate somehow then!


What Other Options Do You Have Besides The Devotion System?

If you ask for other options, we recommend the three alternatives below. 

Text Chemistry And The Devotion System


Ms. North also writes Text Chemistry. It is a book that teaches women how to connect more effectively with their interested guys through text messaging.

It costs $49.95. But not only for ebooks, but it also has 13 parts video and three additional eBooks. It contains numerous text kinds you may use to attract a man’s interest.

This training may be a fantastic option if you are searching for a way to seduce men via texts. Otherwise, if you desire a book/program that focuses on self-reflection and how to deal with fears and insecurities before committing time and energy to comprehend men and relationships, look for today’s review book!

Read my complete review of the Text Chemistry Program here

The Devotion System And James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession


The second option is His Secret Obsession. James Bauer created it. 

The author is also a dating coach. He has a lot of successful relationship programs too.

The fee you must pay to have it is $47 for two parts of the program and 17 modules attached. 

The main content is how you can trigger the men’s hero instinct inside them, which makes them tight to you naturally! As long as you can activate the instinct, everything is solved. 

Read the program if you insist on grokking how man’s primordial urges affect his love relationships. If you can, we recommend you read both because there are two sides to the concept. 

You can get the His Secret Obsession first and then come to The Devotion System.

You can read my complete review of His Secret Obsession Program here

Make Him Worship You By Michael Fiore And The Devotion System

We want to bring out that the front option is Make Him Worship You

The program’s main idea is about the sad truth of men’s struggles with love and making love due to societal expectations. 

It will draw $37 from your pocket. Still, it is cheaper than the rest here! But well, you need to self-love before you love a man or go deeper into what guys seek and how men think. Therefore, be sure that you go for our Devotion book first.

Is There A Free Alternative For The Devotion System? 

In short, yes! 

Ms. North has a website that is a massive pond with relationship advice. You also can find a lot of useful information on her Youtube channel.


Is The Devotion System Effective?

Yes. It gets tons of good feedback from audiences. The search number on Google reaches 45,600,000 results proves its heat!

Male psychology? Why is it important for me to comprehend it?

Because when you catch the glimpse, you can balance your relationship and find out exactly the sweet spot to solve your dating problem.


Is This Book A Rip-Off?

Absolutely not! The author has many years of experience in coaching relationships. The practical knowledge in the book is accumulated after several years of studying and working with clients.

Is It Possible To Use A Mobile Device To Access It?

Yes, certainly. It has a mobile version. In fact, the book works well with any device.



The Devotion System Review may not be the book that has the power to bend the men’s will by batting the eyelash of the eyes. However, it is the program that assists women in turning into better versions of themselves in both their life and their interactions with men. Be better every day, and love will come the right way soon!

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