His Secret Obsession Review (2022): A Delusive Hype Or An Elixir For Love?

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You urge for a solution to help your love find the way out, but wonder which are the best fitting shoes? This His Secret Obsession Review is what you’re looking for!

If you’re one of those who are struggling in a romantic relationship, you must at least once hear this book’s title as a highly recommended suggestion. 

You don’t get me wrong: His Secret Obsession, or so-called what I’m going to walk you through, is surprisingly well-known!

Yet, is “well-known” always tantamount to being qualified, especially under such a circumstance? My His Secret Obsession review is on the spot to help you answer all of those bothersome queries. Read on for more!

What Is His Secret Obsession?


Written by James Bauer, the author with a tremendous amount of best-selling work, His Secret Obsession is a book for women who yearn to win over a brilliant triumph in their love track.

How can this happen by merely a few lines of text? You may ask.

The key is lying in the hero instinct, a man’s hidden side that only when women get the hang of it can we indeed earn a heartfelt deep-rooted commitment.

It features men’s eagerness to make their lives be worthwhile and gain respect for not just what they deserve but their attempts also. Sounds irrelevant, but that matters a lot when it comes to prolonging and keeping a fire burning in a relationship: Men’s desire to become a hero for the women they fall into.

It’s all about men, so what is your mission? Here goes the answer: They want to be a hero, then you have to make them feel like one.

Perhaps the exact way to get it done right won’t be anything tricky, but of course, neither easy. There you know the theory, how to conduct is still a clamorous problem. 

That’s the reason why His Secret Obsession makes a scene and guides you thoroughly through every little love-winning detail (phrases, words, and text messages). Have a go at it, and you’ll see no longer troublesome is how to elicit your man’s hero instinct as I used to.

Why You Can Trust This Review

Just like you, I’ve been miserable seeking the culprit that causes my love life a failure for years.

There is the man whom I think the world of – James. The story between him and I went endlessly in pain with tons of breakups and make-ups. It’s not like we didn’t care for each other. It’s purely that we didn’t do it right.

Both James and I tried so hard, but nothing worked out until I hit upon His Secret Obsession.

It depends on you to buy my words or not. The point I want to get in is that I’m familiar with that feeling where you’re incapable and desperate, craving for help.

His Secret Obsession fixed things in my bond, so all I wish is it does the same to you.

Who Is His Secret Obsession For?

Long story short: It is for any woman who wants to capture the heart of her man. To be more specific, let’s have a look at the list below:

  • Women who wish to pique their crush’s interest in them.
  • Women whose partners appear emotionally indifferent or aloof.
  • Women who do not want to settle for a substandard relationship and demand the best instead.
  • Women who wish to transition from dating to being in a long-term relationship.
  • Women who desire to get out of the friendzone.
  • Women want their spouses to pay more attention to them, love them more, and treasure them.
  • Last but not least, it’s especially for women who are ready to step into the extended battle of regaining love.

That says if you are tracking down an instant approach to win back your man’s affection in just a night, this book might not be a good fit for you (and apparently, neither is anything else).

Falling in love needs time, and so does mending it. If you want this sentiment to come to your side, then you have to be patient and give it your best shot. Do remember that it took me 2 months (52 days to be exact, I was so down that I counted the day) just to make James reach out first in a conversation. It’d been so long that I didn’t remember when was the last time he texted me first back then.


What’s Inside The Book?


There are three chief parts His Secret Obsession pieces up:

  • 1st part: Explaining the operating principle of the hero instinct. 
  • 2nd part: Tips on how to trigger your man’s hero instinct practically.
  • A bonus: Introduce useful text message formulas to employ immediately on your man.

The book also includes 17 modules, clarifying the hero instinct’s psychology. 

Once walking over them, you’ll reap clean-cut hints, strategies, phrases, words, and even requests to arouse your man’s intrinsic masculine desire remarkably in just 217 pages.


The Signals And Their Uses

Here comes the spoiler! To show you examples of how exactly His Secret Obsession serves your needs, there’s a short rundown of a few key signals in the book:

“I owe you”

The purpose of this indicator is to make your man sense that he is wanted and of note to you. That way, a straightforward motion such as requesting help can also be a great move to reinforce your relationship!

“Private island”

The trick of this signal is going to change the way your man catches sight of you. The thing is: The more he’s comfortable with you in his zone, the more commitment he inclines your connection to go for.

I have to say that not until I read this part did I give my James space. Little did I realize that I was suffocating my relationship and turned it into a cage. If I can, I really want to meet Mr. James Bauer and say a sincere thank you for saving my life.

“X-ray question”

Do you wish your man to open up to you more? No wonder the X-ray question will be the opener to unlock his heart!


We all know how hard it is to get over a deep-seated sentiment. This is indeed what you’re looking for when you want to regain love from your ex.


The Hero Instinct: What Do I Think About It?

love couple

To be honest, it’s unbelievable for me to think that merely a book can be of use to my happiness in the first place. What happens is: The more I grasp the ideas of James Bauer, the more effective they improve our endearment.

He brings out the primal nature of men – their childish side, which always wants to devote themselves to the women they dote on.

The gist might amaze you at certain levels: Men actually do not care about our look, personality, or our sexual ability as much as we may think. What they genuinely ride herd on is how we make them look like and feel like in that relationship.

Well, mind-blowing yet understandable, isn’t it?

Is His Secret Obsession Worth It?

You’ve heard halfway through my bumpy love path. Then you may guess part of what I experienced: I struggled a lot to find out what was going wrong. 

Reading, listening, researching, asking for advice, etc. There’s nothing I have not yet done to rescue my on-the-verge-of-breakdown relationship.

At the most hopeless time of my life, His Secret Obsession has come and broadened my whole sight. As the one who used to and stayed being persuaded by this book, all I could say is that it is indeed worthy of money and my time also.

There’s a chance you may have a different viewpoint, but I don’t think of this as a high possibility. The only way you could figure out is to make a bid and see where it leads you to!

If my confirmation isn’t adequate to you, then there’s a likelihood you will get more reliable wind of other’s true-hearted testimonials as follow:

From Olivia

Though it was only about men’s perspective, this book works amazingly on even my egotism!

Well, the problem of mine is whenever I delight in someone,  I numb these irritating feelings no matter how they annoy me and keep them to myself.

Things stayed the same day by day until I read James’ messages and applied them to the situation immediately. The result has moved me from one surprise to another!

The first came from a text from a guy who had ditched me on a date once time and never called me back on the phone. At that moment, I knew the time for me to put those textbook theories into action had arrived. 

Not some intense bitter words, but the expression of an extreme calm sensation was what I had done in return for his past-day ill-mannered behavior. His response after that was pretty interesting, but I paid no more attention and set my mind in peace where it was far from him.

The second is derived from my latest date pal, who has now stepped into a serious commitment with me. Like every man out there, he seemed to be so over-casual at first that I didn’t even think of things going anywhere else further.

Nevertheless, a magic trick had hit the town after I learned my lesson from His Secret Obsession and decided to do something mind-blowing: I let him know how this attitude disturbed and confused me. And voila, guess who just got a ring in hand!”


From Anna

“When I heard of the hearsay stated by James that men turn out to value another upright bearing rather than sex, or external worth of women, I did actually draw nothing to those words but a smirk. 

There was a rational reason for me to act like that. In the middle of the marriage crisis where my husband paid all of the engrossment in his little alluring twinkie, which groundwork for me to lean on such a statement?

Then, a lesson has reached my world and taught me that no love can stand firm onward apathy: The affair between my husband and the twinkie came to a halt. That’s when I realized I have to seize my chance and take back what belongs to me. 

Thanks to James’ work, I learned to comfort and listen to his soul whenever my spouse needed me the most. Stopping being a glue stick and letting him have more room to breathe on his own is also what I had achieved.

Just like so, not only do I earn more space to improve and concentrate on myself, but I also gain a huge fondness from my hubby. Even I had to wonder when he has become clingy and needy to me that much!

Here goes the most stimulating part that all of you must look forward to – the happy ending of my life: I dumped that horrible betrayer, have lived merrily ever after with my beloved sweetheart, and applied those approaches successfully to a new joyful life of mine!”


How Much Does His Secret Obsession Cost?

Arriving at the cost of 47 dollars, His Secret Obsession goes with over 200 pages of workbook, main eBook, and extra materials.

Surefire, such a price tag may appear to be a big-ticket for a completed romantic affair. Nevertheless, considering all the efforts and resources accompanying the book, I would say it deserves pretty much of the value.


Rachel And The 12-Word Text

rachel couple

There’s one character introduced at the opening of the book that can trigger your concern – the girl with the name Rachel.

So who is Rachel? As one of his cherished clients, Rachel can be seen as the mainspring that sows the seeds of writing a romantic program in James Baurer’s head. 

What occurred to her is just the same as what women usually undergo in a relationship – the silent battle which leaves us nothing but pains and traumas. That also became the reason why Rachel sought James’ help.

The story of the 12-word text, too, begins at that point: He advised her to employ such a message to text her boyfriend. Needless to say, the result turned out so well that her boyfriend getting back to her was just a matter of time.

However, this success had made James think: He wanted more than gaining accomplishment for merely a couple. He wants a big hit that can help any woman to deal with her broken love life. 


About James Bauer

The best-selling writer and a prevailing relationship coach are what people frequently go for when mentioning James Bauer.

There’s a chance you’ll find more rest assured to know more about James’ initial career as a trained psychologist. 

You don’t hear me wrong. Not just someone who writes their books with ideas only, James Bauer has a solid professional foundation with the experiment of working with thousands of men and women to rejuvenate their love for each other.

Through these cases he carried on, James also came up with the belief of a beneath sense inside men: the hero instinct. And that’s how we reach the birth of His Secret Obsession.

The Pros Of His Secret Obsession

Any book has its upsides and downsides. His Secret Obsession is not an exception. Let me take you through the advantageous value that Jame Baurer brings to us first:

  • It can be your potential one and only dating book.
  • Include no other meaningless but just practical things.
  • Well-founded arguments and methods are formed by thorough research conducting.
  • The eBook is simple to download.
  • Guarantee policy for you to get your money back whenever you want within 60 days of buying.


The Cons Of His Secret Obsession

While I appreciate the worth of the book, it is not to imply that this work of Jame Bauer is completely flawless. Below are some of its drawbacks that could make you think twice:

  • The book’s layout is not very user-friendly. The arrangement of some parts can possibly confuse you.
  • There’s no room for skipping or skimming if you want to grasp the entire content of the book.
  • Some theories might lack a bit of detail for readers to get the picture more downright.
  • It’s only available in eBook or audio.
  • The cost maybe a little overpriced for many.

Are There Any Alternatives You Should Consider?

It’s surely yes. If His Secret Obsession does not interest you that much, here go backup candidates that you may sense more on the case.

Text Chemistry Vs. His Secret Obsession

Developed by Amy North, a relationship coach, Text Chemistry is a romance program that assists in attracting a man’s interest and generating chemistry through texts.

The book is at the price of 49.95 dollars, consisting of 4 eBooks and a video series going with 13 parts.

You can read my full review of Text Chemistry here.

While His Secret Obsession digs into men’s nature and provides approaches on how to trigger your partner’s consciousness so they can be more open and inclined to a commitment with you, Text Chemistry refers more to provoking attention from men when keeping in touch through mobile phones.

To be fair, James Baurer’s work will be more overall than Amy’s. Anyway, if you are in search of more specific tips for a distance relationship, Amy’s turns out to be a better choice to go for. 


The Devotion System Vs. His Secret Obsession

Coming to another alternative, there we have The Devotion System, also from Amy North.

The book arrived at the price of 48.25 dollars. At such a cost, what tags along that you will receive are four eBooks, a 3-part quiz system, and a 13-part training video series.

The content of this program emphasizes analyzing your insecurities and helping you reflect on yourself once before getting more concentrated on your man and relationship.

You can read my full review of The Devotion System here.

So unless you are in need of identifying your profound longing, we recommend you to reach out on His Secret Obsession is the headmost call-for.

My Verdict: Should You Read It?

First thing first, there are two key factors I often expect in a new book. Whether or not it offers knowledge and stimulates brainstorming? Or is its content practical enough to bring merit to my daily life?

As you forecast things that are going to arise: I behold at James Bauer’s program both of these.

The horse sense in such a book is not at all extravagant. Once you get the most out of its wisdom, you’ll see the cost of 47 dollars is actually pretty easy on the pocketbook.

That must be bellyful for my His Secret Obsession review by then. Hopefully, this article will be of great use for you to go down the line and make up your mind. See you then!


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