How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On – A Deep Insight IN 2022

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How to get your ex back when he has moved on might be the most concerning question you are shy to ask! If so, let us accompany you on this journey.

Love can be the most wonderful thing on this earth but at the same time can turn into a nightmare when it comes to an end. This nightmare can get even worse when your ex-boyfriend has moved on with another girl while you are still in love with him. 

But is it the end? Is it true that you guys can’t ever be together again? Is there no other way to get your love back? The answer is “NO.”

If you are searching for a way to get your love back, don’t worry. Please read this article right away to know how to get your ex back when he has moved on.

This article includes five basic steps to earn your ex-boyfriend back from his new girlfriend. 

5 Steps How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On.

Step 1: Stop Following Your Instincts And Change Your Mindset

Stop Following Your Instincts And Change Your Mindset

It can be so desperate and heartbroken that you want to see him again and rush to make everything back to normal. However, anything you do could be a serious mistake during this period that drives your man far away from you. 

You have to understand the situation, and accept it. Stay as calm as you can so you can figure out how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

This step will also highlight some common mistakes that people usually make and follow the right directions.

Mistake 1: Try different ways to get in touch with him again.

Afraid of losing him, you start to call and put pressure on his phone all the time, hoping that he will realize how much you love him and give it another go. But things don’t work like that. It’s a huge mistake trying to connect to your ex-boyfriend right after you guys break up.

If your man comes back to you, it will mostly be a pity relationship. That’s the last thing you want!

Continuously calling and texting will only make you look like a needy and miserable person, which will push your man away from you. He will see you as a child, fragile and dependent. Yet, remember, every man seeks a woman, not a vulnerable young girl.

So what to do? 

If you can’t handle all of this mess, find a friend (or some friends but not mutual) who can help you with this. Share your stories, your emotions, whatever you need to make you feel better. Besides, do not go out and drink alone because you might end up calling your ex, begging him to stay. Friends will be the ones who stop you from such scenarios.

Mistake 2: Do whatever he wants.

Do whatever he wants

Another common mistake is to follow all of his requirements, no matter how unreasonable they are. During this period, you will instinctively believe that doing everything he wants will help the man realize how wonderful you are and boost his desire to come back to you. However, this is not true. 

Don’t you feel like a toy being used?

Every healthy relationship has its boundaries, and if your relationship doesn’t, then it’s a toxic one, after all. Show that man the limits! Prove that you are independent and strong!

Because if you don’t respect yourself, he doesn’t either.

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Mistake 3: Jealous and try to separate him and his new girlfriend.

It is hard to see the love of your life be with another girl. 

You would be filled with jealousy and begin to freak out, making all the worst mistakes and losing him forever. 

If he dates someone right away, that relationship can be a rebound one most of the time. It shows that he is seeing some random girl forget everything about you. Anyway, this kind of relationship is unhealthy, and it won’t last long since it is not built on love. He will soon realize that no one can replace you and how important you are to him. Hence, the advice is to remain calm because acting jealous is unnecessary.

In addition, you should not ask anything about his life with his new girlfriend and force your ex-boyfriend to answer your questions. Don’t even stalk them and try to speak ill of his new girlfriend. Maybe that relationship is not true love, but doing this will only prove the opposite.

Above are the three main mistakes that women generally make after breaking up with their boyfriends. There are still other mistakes, but those are the most common. 

Now pull yourself together, find your confidence and let’s move on to step 2.

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Step 2: Sever All Contact With Your Ex Boyfriend

Think about it. When do you start to miss someone? Is it when they disappear from your life, and you realize you can’t have any chance to see them ever again? It is just the same for him. If you want the other to miss you, you must temporarily “disappear” from his life. The ideal duration is four weeks.

This means: you are not allowed to contact him within these four weeks. No texting or calling, no online interaction, the most important is don’t “accidentally” run into him. 

How do follow this step properly? 

Imagine this step is a period when you allow yourself to relax, to release yourself from all the problems you had to deal with. It is like a “detoxing process”, healing you from the inside. You will reset back to your normal state, happy and confident, which is extremely attractive.

It might be hard because you would feel like giving up on this relationship. But don’t let your instincts get in your way. Whatever your instincts tell you to do, do not listen to it!

Fill your life with different things and focus on your work instead of thinking about the love of your life. You can hang out with your friends, try all the things you have always wanted to do. Everything that makes you happy can contribute to the effectiveness of this healing process. You will get stronger while your ex-boyfriend starts missing you, afraid of losing you forever.

What are the benefits of this No contact period?

It gives him space and time.

After breaking up, everyone needs to be alone for a while. They need space and time to think about their decision and figure out whether they did the right thing or not. 

Especially if that is a rebound relationship, spending time with his new girlfriend will make the man realize that they are not a match. He will begin to miss you and appreciate all the memories with you. This is exactly what you need to succeed.

It helps you take control of yourself and have an objective view of your relationship.

Step 3: Love Yourself, Get Stronger

Women who love themselves are the most attractive. During the No contact period, you should pay attention to yourself, try new things, and become a person that you are proud of. 

If you can, think about all the problems you had with your ex-boyfriend and all the mistakes you made to see if you can fix them or not. It is always good to change those bad habits.

The point is that you need to become a better version of yourself to be confident and calm when you see him again. He needs to see how successful you are to regret all of his mistakes.

Remember that changes are both physical and mental. Some people tend to focus on changing their appearance and forget their mindset, which is not enough.

You can go to the gym or work out at home, take some yoga classes, and improve your appearance and attitude. At the same time, you should always remind yourself that all the things you do are because you love yourself. Those things are for you, not for him. Understanding this will give you a strong sense of personal fulfillment.

He will soon notice how wonderful you are compared to his new girlfriend. 

When you are stable enough and feel that the right time has come, this is when you will re-establish contact with your ex-boyfriend.

Step 4: Contact Him At The Right Time

Contact Him At The Right Time

When it comes to getting in touch with the man, things might get more complicated.

Since he is in a new relationship, you must be really careful with your choices. It would not be very good to ask directly, so you need to sound casual and calm. Make sure that all your conversations are normal and you don’t have any bad intentions. This will earn his trust, and he won’t feel guilty texting you.

So how do we start? 

Begin with small texts at first; maybe ask how life is. If this is too hard, you can react to his social posts or comment on his photos. You have to act naturally like everything is now in the past. The important thing is to be patient and remain calm. 

If there is no reply, don’t panic. Maybe he just needs some time to pull himself together and prepare for what’s coming next. All you have to do is wait for a reply. Don’t either spam or stalk the man.

What if his new girlfriend doesn’t allow him to talk to you?

If he agrees with her and stops talking to you, this means that this is a long-term relationship. None of us want to be controlled by our partners unless we are serious about the relationship. 

This is the worst-case scenario, and you will have to accept and move on. Don’t try to separate them. The more intense you are, the more your ex-boyfriend hates you. It will be unbearable and stressful, but it will get easier day by day. People who did great at step 2 may overcome this faster. 

Back to the process, when talking to him, don’t mention his new girlfriend. Just pretend like you don’t even care, and if his new girlfriend is mentioned in the conversation, be cool and switch to another topic. 

You should prove that you accepted the break-up, and you hope that he forgives all the inappropriate things you have done in the past. Show him how happy you are and talk about the new experience, but try not to brag. Another suggestion is to text and say that you just did something that reminds you of him.

The key for this step is to spend a fair enough amount of time. Let the man know that you still have other things to take care of, that he is not the top priority. 

After around two weeks of texting, this is the ideal time to ask about his new relationship. You can start by asking if his new relationship is serious. 

If it is, he may answer: “Yes, it is serious.”

If it isn’t, he may say something like: “Well, uh, I’m not sure.”

When you find out how serious he is, you can move to the next step.

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Step 5: Hang Out, Build Attractions And Connections

As long as you have fully prepared yourself, you will feel super confident when you see him.

Show him the new you- independent, strong, beautiful, and full of energy. Make sure you are in a good mood since you don’t want to leave a bad impression. If you feel unable to control your emotions over him, take a deep breath and think about all the efforts you have made. This will help you stay calm and make the right decisions.

Feel free to talk about your feelings when you’re ready, but don’t make it too dramatic. All you have to do is tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. He will need time to consider it, so don’t rush.

Now is the time for him to think about his current relationship. He will consider that even if it’s serious. You should take it slow and continue showing that you are the better choice this time.

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After reading this article, we believe you have figured out how to get your ex back when he has moved on.

No matter what the result is, it would be best if you still stayed positive. Love is complicated, and it is hard to predict what’s waiting for us ahead. If your relationship is serious and you want it so bad, you should have proper plans and trust the process

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