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                                                                      book to movie, Calgary's Delaine Moore, author

“A single mom with a hot sex life. 

That’s right, it’s not an oxymoron -

 and Delaine Moore joyfully proves it!”

–Josey Vogels, sex columnist & author

For seven years, Delaine Moore devoted herself to being the perfect wife and stay-at-home mom to her three kids. But when infidelities and betrayal plow her life, she suddenly finds herself in a new role: 37 years old, going through a divorce, and thrown into a singlehood she has no idea how to navigate. Surprise of all surprises, her long-dormant libido rouses to show her the way.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is the raw, funny and empowering story of the physical and spiritual self-discovery that results from Moore’s sexual awakening. Connecting with a fiery, daring side of her personality that has been subsumed by motherhood and marriage, Moore gradually steps further and further outside of her confined identity and sexual boundaries. From online dating and attending a sex club to traveling out of country to explore BDSM with a Dominant, Moore tests her limits, regains ownership of her body, and takes full control of her life. More than the story of a woman’s breaking and remaking after divorce, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a humorous, thoughtful exploration of what it means to be a woman and a sexual being, be she a mom, wife, girlfriend, or divorcee. It also serves as a reminder that when life slams you down, a little fire won’t burn you — it will awaken you.

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“If Fifty Shades of Grey is your first bit of kinky lit, you might want to cozy up with these sexy classics, hot new e-books and erotic anthologies… (read more) ” (The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom ranked #1 out of ten)

–Babble.com, Strollerderby

“Moore’s heart-wrenching journey of a woman who jostles her libido out of slumber and discovers her inner Wild Woman is relatable, raw, and racy. Her story reveals what your body can teach you about your own spirit, the power of your sexuality and the peace in finally feeling good in your own skin.”

—Josey Vogels, sex columnist, author, and blogger

“It’s Moore’s craving for sex that first pulls you deep into this memoir. Yet, as you read on, there’s so much more to this story about a woman who comes to terms with the end of her marriage and learns how to assert herself for the first time in her life.Emotionally charged, hot, and stimulating!”

—Rachel Sarah, author of Single Mom Seeking

“Moore finds both her g-spot and herself in this sexy, insightful, hard-to-put down book. So many women go through sexual experimentation after divorce, but for Moore it becomes a journey to find her power as a woman, to find out who she really is under the self-effacing wife and mother persona. Ironically, being the submissive in a D/S sexual relationship frees her to assert herself in other relationships. Last but not least, this book is HOT!”

—Erica Manfred, author of He’s History,You’re Not: Surviving Divorce After Forty

“Delaine’s divorce has become our treasure, thanks to her raw, candid, and hugely engrossing memoir.  She has the guts to say what other women won’t, providing us with an unparalleled glimpse into sex, single motherhood, and the complexities of modern romance.  If Sex & The City was the definitive fairy tale for the single and fabulous, Delaine’s book will surely become the Bible for the every-woman who has loved and lost, but refuses to give up hope.”

–Justin Marshall, Editor, First Wives World

“Delaine has written the next blockbuster…I imagine that she will be writing a movie script very soon! If you want to be amazed, entertained, and either live vicariously or get the courage to take a lesson or two on breaking out of a constrained life, then this is the book for you!”

–Alice Wheaton, Top Line Turnaround Expert

“As Ms. Moore contemplates the “loss of my own true colors” and the sublimation of her own individuality to become mother and wife she reaches out to every woman, married, divorced or longing for that one true love. This is not a memoir about discovering one’s sexuality. Quite the contrary, this is a memoir about rewriting the self-imposed rules that women define themselves by once they marry and become mothers. Ms. Moore gives women permission to rewrite those rules. Through her journey we learn that we can dutifully, competently mother our children and, at the same time love ourselves; mind, body and soul abundantly and passionately.Gone are the days of women journaling about their deepest desires.  The Secret Sex Life of A Single Mom is about living your deepest desires. It is a call to action that every woman should heed.”

–Cathy Walker Meyer, Divorce Support Expert for The New York Times’ About.com

“Delaine’s voice is wonderfully unique, deeply insightful, and emotionally honest — and she doesn’t hold back. Her revelations about rediscovering her inner womanhood are raw without bring indulgent, meaningful without being trite. This “femoir” is not just a must-read, but also a can’t-put-down.”

–Joel Schwartzberg, author of “The 40-Year-Old Version”

I love this book – funny, sexy and inspirational. Except for also having 3 young kids, my life couldn’t be compared to Delaine’s, however, I’m still inspired by her story. She so candidly shares her marital challenges, motherly guilt, sexual conquests and her sexual awakening. Despite challenges, she perseveres and the result is a positive transformation. I’m reminded that energy, effort, determination and risk taking are required for any personal growth. Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a quick, enjoyable read which had me laughing out loud. It felt like I spent 5 days catching up with an old friend who was opening her heart and life, by sharing her stories and self-discovery. I’m recommending this book to all women in my life. I’ll probably have my husband read it too!”

–Miriam K, married mother of three

“I loved this book. I read it on the plane home from a business trip. The passenger next to me leaned over and read it over my shoulder the whole time! Delaine’s writing is quick and so engaging. Terrific humor. I could relate with so many aspects of the book. This is a must read for every woman who has ever been in love, been hurt and learned from it.”

–Trish Lalonde, 41 and divorcing

“This book is an inspiration for any mom who’s going through a separation and/or divorce, and wondering “what happens to my love life now?!” or “Will I ever have a love life again?” Delaine Moore chronicles her adventures in dating (post-divorce) with extreme candor and humor, and gives the reader real hope that anything is possible if you let yourself experience a sex life without regard to other people’s opinions or attitudes. It’s about you and making yourself happy — no strings attached. It will make you laugh and cry. It will make you think about your marriage and why it didn’t work, and maybe give you some “a-ha” moments.

This book will give you courage to start dating again, if that’s what you need (she discusses lots of online escapades, too). And, it will be hard to put it down once you start reading it. It’s that good–thoroughly enjoyable and a great escape!”

–Mom In Transition

“Delaine Moore is THE voice for women who have hit rock bottom after divorce and are recreating their rock star status on their own terms, no apologies. A must read for any woman whose happily ever after is smoldering in the ashes and she’s facing reinvention!”

–Lisa Steadman, Bestselling author of It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown

“Delaine lets you in on what it’s like to step WAY outside your comfort zone in this funny, so-true-you-almost-cringe, and naked (often literally!) recounting of her post-divorce sexual /spiritual reawakening. You often hear the latest memoir of the moment described as “brutally honest” or “unflinching” and all those other stock phrases. And then you read Delaine Moore’s work and you think, “So that’s what those words REALLY mean.”

–Jeff Mac, Author of Manslations: Decoding The Secret Language Of Men

“I’m torn: I’m dying to tell my wife to read Delaine’s work because it’s so refreshingly candid. However, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for anyone to point their wife towards a book or website that shows just how much fun and liberating it can be for a divorced woman in her late 30′s or early 40′s. I couldn’t stop turning the pages of her book to learn more about the adventures and mindset of the opposite sex in a way I’ve never read before.”

–Eric Francis, Calgary Sun

“If you have to go through something as horrific as divorce, being able to find the humor in the daily minutia of putting your life back together is probably some of the best medicine available without a prescription. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Delaine’s manuscript. It’s funny but poignant, outrageous yet down to earth and captures in narrative and dialog the Ying and Yang of her pain and personal awakenings. But you don’t have to have weathered a divorce to understand her message. Delaine definitely has something to say to women. It’s Little Annie Fannie meets Alice in Wonderland all rolled up in morality play. We all go a little crazy when life hits us squarely between the eyes; I hope we can learn from Delaine’s experience…maybe be a little easier on ourselves when we find the fortitude to step back up to the plate and definitely laugh a lot more. This book starts with a bang! Literally.”
–Kendra Bonnett, Author/editor/publisher, Co-author of Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story

“Love, love, love it! Separated three months ago and I think my story probably has many similarities to yours. I’m 39, have three children and felt like I was drowning after deceit, infidelity, and the end of my marriage. Thankfully, I already realize I want to move on and LIVE my life! Thank you for your blogs and memoir!”

–Carina, United States

“I’ve got to admit I was so enthralled by the first few words I just couldn’t stop reading it!!! Delaine, you had my heart pounding in my chest in the first three lines…Please, please do not under any circumstances ever stop what you are doing or how you write about it. Yeah its wrong, but OMG you make it sound so breathtakingly right!

– Alan, US