Date Coaching

Dating after a divorce is not the same experience as it is for those who have never married; it comes with its own unique set of challenges. That’s why I separate it into its own niche;  I know, first-hand, that your concerns, fears and needs require specialized knowledge, care and attention.

Some of the areas in which I can teach, guide and support you include:

  • how to decide if you’re ‘ready’ to date
  • moving past your excuses – I’m too fat, too ugly, too busy, too old, I have kids (I’ve heard them all)
  • overcoming social stigmas or judgement from friends (married or unmarried) and family
  • how to create and adopt a mindset that serves you so you don’t fling yourself into infatuation after one kiss
  • understanding and moving beyond old dating/relationship patterns
  • how and where to meet, and successfully flirt with, the opposite sex (online dating is but ONE venue)
  • first impressions, dating rules, expectations and etiquette
  • how men/women think and what turns them off and on
  • SEX – worries, first times, desires, hormones, privacy, boundaries, and ‘what comes after’
  • online dating: site selection, acclimatizing, safety, etiquette, profile writing and critiues 
  • …and much, much more

I offer a wide of variety of single sessions and packages to cater to your budget and needs. The first step is to take advantage of my free, no-obligation 30-minute phone consulation – please contact me directly at Delaine (at) I Am Divorced Not Dead (dot) com.