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delaine moore, single mom, divorced with kids, dating sex, like Fifty Shades of Grey, photo, image, Calgary author, Lifetime Movie,Delaine Moore is a former stay-at-home mom and wife turned author, journalist, Mars Venus Divorce & Therapist.  Her memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (Seal Press, 2012), is premiering as a Lifetime Movie on May 31, 2014. She’ll also appear as a featured guest in the upcoming CBC documentary (Jan. 2015), “Women Unleashed”, which smashes centuries-old constructs around female sexual desire to reveal a generation of women who expect power in both the boardroom and the bedroom.

Having survived and championed her own painful divorce – which included overcoming infidelity and single parenting three young children – Delaine went on to write her memoir, co-found a magazine for divorced women, and partner with relationship expert Dr. John Gray of Mars Venus Coaching.  Delaine is a masterful mentor when it comes to blasting through your self-told lies and excuses, understanding the opposite sex, and excavating your dormant passions.


The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is Delaine’s first book and has often been compared to “Fifty Shades of Grey”.   It not only casts a revealing new light on the struggles of divorcing moms, it breaks new ground in challenging society’s Rule book for Women.  It is the hard-earned story of how her body roused to thrust her life forward during the first year of her divorce, blasting through all her ‘coulds’ and ‘shoulds’ and demanding she recognize how much of her Self and passion she’d sublimated to be the perfect mom and wife.

Delaine has been published in a wide variety of prestigious publications, such as Aol.ca, Bell Media’s The Loop, The Huffington Post, YourTango and First Wives World.  She has appeared on radio and TV shows across North America including CTV’s The Social , Huffington Post Live, Calgary’s Breakfast Show and Cosmo Radio. Her essay, “Less Than a Bump and a Grind,” won the Readers’ Choice Award in Novelette.com’s essay competition on the topic of ‘men.’

An Honours graduate in Journalism from Carleton University, today, Delaine is also pursuing her Masters degree in Psychology Counselling part-time.  She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her three kids.

For more information on Delaine’s coaching services and workshops, please visit Delaine Moore.com.

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