FROM THE ARCHIVES: Does Penis Size Matter?

Posted by ekzact_team - February 13, 2014 - Dating & Sex, Sex - 8 Comments

(From July, 2010.  Year Two post-divorce)

penis size, does it matter, sex after divorce, men's equipment, large small penis compareThe topic of men’s penis size was brought to my attention YET AGAIN this morning in an article on A new study revealed that French men need the largest condoms in Europe while Greeks get by on the small ones. This study by a German consultancy asked 10,500 men in 25 countries to measure and report their penis.

Hmmmm. I don’t think I’ll look at Frenchmen the same again. *grin.

After being married to the same man for so many years, I was surprised when I started dating/having sex after divorce as to the size difference in men. Particularly when my first lover, who looked like he could be WWF wrestler, had a penis the length of my thumb (oh okay, maybe a couple of baby carrots!)

Since then, I’ve had a few other lovers. And what did they have in common? Why almost all of them had very small penises! My girlfriends found it hilarious, and, amidst giggles, told me I needed to cut out a picture of a big penis and put it on my Vision Board.

Now I know a man can’t control his length or girth, just as women can’t decide their breast size. But for the first time in my life, I found myself examining and judging a man’s tackle; I hadn’t realized they varied  so much.  Prior to being married, I was so preoccupied with the emotional side of sex and making them like me, I never gave pause to second-guess or admire their equipment.  Nor had I ever entertained the idea of having a ‘preference.’

Oh women are such polite creatures – I know some of you are probably frowning, thinking how DARE I come out and state such things.  Especially since I’m a divorced mom.

But I honestly can’t say I’ve ever, while getting naked with a man for the first time, stood there hoping, “PLEASE have a small penis. Oh, PLEASE have a small penis.”

I used to say penis size didn’t matter.  But I also didn’t have a real basis for comparison  – my sexual experiences were too limited; my emotional entanglement and my own insecurities were too great.

But my sexuality is evolving – in part because I’ve given myself permission to explore my sexuality at this stage post-divorce and to learn about myself through each well-thought-out experience. And in my books, ANY kind of ‘evolution’ requires time AND experience.

And so, with my reputation at risk, but my Self intact, I climb to the top of the mountain and scream to World Wide Web: I LOVE AN AVERAGE TO LARGER, THICKER PENIS! And in case there are any French men having a read: J’aime un pénis plus grand, plus épais!