Obvious and Not-so-obvious Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Posted by Delaine - December 5, 2013 - Infidelity, Surviving - No Comments

Conceptual photo of a marital infidelityNo one wants to be suspicious of her partner — and even the idea of “sleuthing around” can feel like an abridgement of trust.

But sometimes those rose-colored glasses need to come off; there’s a reason for that little voice at the back of your head that keeps saying, “hmmm, that’s odd…”

Here are five common behaviors in spouses that are cheating.  If you need to dig deeper, see here for 8 less-obvious signs.

New Look

Does he usually slop around in t-shirts and jeans, and suddenly it’s high fashion? Has her underwear drawer suddenly received a massive upgrade? Dressing better can be a sign of increased self-esteem or a reward for a task well done. It can also be a blatant clue that your partner wants to look good for someone else. If the clothes only get worn when he leaves the house, that’s a further clue.

Cell Phone Security

Does your partner suddenly turn off the cell phone when you’re around? Does he sleep with it right next to his bed? Does she take it in the bathroom with her when she takes a shower? A lot of times, guilty partners hide their phones because they’re afraid you will go through their call and text records. In most cases, if they act as if they have something to hide, they usually do.


Is money suddenly disappearing from your joint bank account? If you have mingled finances and your partner suddenly develops amnesia when it comes to explaining where all the money went, this is a clear sign, and one you need to take care of. The same thing applies with credit ratings and identity issues. Some cheating spouses attack a partner’s identity when relationships get really ugly, so being proactive and protecting yourself with a company like Lifelock is a smart thing to do. You’ll protect yourself from financial troubles that can occur years in the future.

New Passwords

Is your partner usually casual about digital security, but now cares about it so much he password-protects everything? If his usually open computer, Facebook page, and cell phone now have new passwords on them, he may have something in there he wants to hide. If she’s got all new passwords to her sites and devices and refuses to give them to you, that’s an even bigger red flag. Some people are simply very private, so if your partner starts out with this behavior it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. But if he changes suddenly from not caring to it being crucial to him, that’s when you should be concerned.

New Body Image

It seems that Americans are always on a diet. Your partner may go on and off eating plans and workout schedules throughout your lifetime together. Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about. But if she suddenly gets serious to the point of obsession with her diet, or if he suddenly joins a gym and gets himself in shape after years of laying on the couch, there may be an outside influence involved. Support their efforts to get healthy, but watch for other signs.