Is Women’s Sexual Desire Wired For Monogamy?

Posted by Delaine - July 27, 2013 - Between the Sheets, Dating & Sex, Relationships, Sex - No Comments

women's sexual desireI sometimes worried there was something *wrong* with me – sexually, that is. Cause at some point, during every healthy serious relationship I was involved in, my sexual desire levels severely plummeted. And try as I did to restore them, using all the expert advice I could get my hands on through books, my efforts proved as futile as trying to resurrect the dead.

Last week, however, I happened to catch the tail-end of a CBC interview with Daniel Bergner, author of the new book, What Do Women Want?  He was talking about new scientific studies into women’s desire that show that, at the core, women have high libidos, perhaps even greater than men.  They’ve been trained (repressed) to believe the opposite, however.

He cited a study by Queen’s University professor, Meredith Chivers, as an example, where female participants listened to erotic audiotapes, some involving a handsome friend, others a handsome stranger.  The women ranked how turned on they were on a computer, while Chivers used a plethysmograph to measure vaginal blood flow.

The results? (Read about them here)