8 Flashing Warning Signs: Dating The Separated Man

Posted by Delaine - April 30, 2013 - Concerns & Fears, Cougars & Single Moms, Dating & Sex, Phases/ Stages, Understanding Men/Women - No Comments

dangers separated men avoid datingHe says his marriage is long over.  He says he’s ready to date again.  But would it be wise for you – a woman who is ultimately seeking a serious relationship – to throw caution to the wind and dive right in?

I’d definitely say, “No way.”

Getting involved with a separated man usually comes with a host of issues and complications that spell drama, stress and/or heartache to a woman.  The bottom line is that going through a divorce requires a lot of him – he must grieve, heal, hash through legalities, potentially adjust to single parenting and financial limitations, as well as rediscover a new sense of who he is today.  It is a process that requires time, self-awareness and hard work.  And there’s a strong chance your separated man has a long way to go.

(Psst – You know there’s a chance he might reconcile with his wife, too, right? He is still married; just saying…)

Now before anyone accuses me of picking on men, let me hasten to say that separated women can be just as “challenging” to date as separated men.  In fact, I pity any man who dated me when I was separated; I was messed up, and didn’t even know it! I also hasten to add that not every separated man is disastrous to date – and should be considered as an individual.

My concern, however, is that women are getting involved with separated men without understanding the huge risk: that is, that he’s working out his garbage using your time and your heart as collateral.  If you chose to proceed in dating him, I caution you to proceed slowly and with eyes wide open.  Here are 8 flashing warning signs to heed: (View the Slideshow here)