“The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom” in the UK

Posted by Delaine - July 27, 2012 - On Writing My Book, slideshow - No Comments

Ever since my memoir The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom was released I’ve avoided reading reviews.  I figured I’ve done my job to the best of my ability…and the book will find its way into the right people’s hands if it’s meant to be…

Tonight, however, I stumbled upon this one, written by a woman in Bristol, UK.  And as an author and a woman, I must say it made me feel pretty awesome. For  I still question my sanity in putting this book “out there.”  Cause when it comes to sex, both men and women can be highly judgemental and unforgiving.  Hence why I’ve kept so quiet about it here in Calgary.

K. McDonald wrote:  “I bought this on amazon through my husbands account and it has been one of my favourite reads this year. Even though I’m not a single mum in fact I’m quite happily married I laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed the writers frankness as the events in her new single life unfolded. By the end of the book I really felt like I had got to know the writer and like all good books felt like I had lost a new found friend when the book came to an end. Wonderfully written, a must read for this year. Hoping they’ll be a sequel!”

Thanks K. : )

Also want to say a special thanks to *Tanya* who told me she was blown away by my book and had already finished more than half of it in one night.  “I resented having to go to work cause I wanted to keep going!” she said.  And I think my heart swelled to twice its size.  Thanks Tanya.

I’m going to have movie news for you all very soon, by the way.  It’s looking REALLY good but I don’t dare say anything more until the final deal with the network comes through!