Sharing the Fun: A Video of my Book Signing

Posted by Delaine - June 27, 2012 - On Writing My Book - No Comments

calgary author delaine moore book signing the secret sex life of a single momThis past Father’s Day I did a book signing at Chinook Chapters in Calgary and wow, what an amazing experience!   I got to connect with dozens of my readers, married, single or divorced, and a few were even in tears, expressing how deeply they related to my memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom.

I cannot put to words how much everyone’s support and love has meant to me; it makes the struggle and ‘insanity’ of the past few years since divorcing, more than worth it.

Thus, to all of you who attended my signing, as well as those of you who have sent me emails and shared your personal journeys with me, I’m sending out a big “THANKS”.  I also want to share this two-minute video I threw together using the footage a few girlfriends shot of me at Chapters.  T’is  a tad cheesy, but I’m gonna savour and have fun with this book journey to the end!