Is Your Dating Mindset SMART or Self-Sabotaging?

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On the heels of recent  letters I’ve received from divorced women –  many who’d just finished reading my memoir –  it really struck me how we all share many of the same fears and challenges as we attempt to date after divorce:  How do I know I’m ready, how do I handle rejection, how do I balance family life and dating, what if I’m destined to grow old alone… (sigh)?

Thus, I was inspired to take action.

Over the past two weeks, I sat down and created an audio program for women to help them date with SMARTS after divorce. And by ‘SMART’, I mean in a way that helps them develop a mindset and heartset that serves and uplifts them, instead of one that sets them up for heartbreack and self-blame. To my knowledge, this is an area that no other manual or audio program out there covers – pfft, I wish there’d been one out there for me!

So here you have it ladies – unique and carefully prepared wisdom and insights from someone who spent over four years accumulating it through professional training AND personal experience, before meeting her next Mr Right: ).  I welcome all your feedback and comments.

Delaine’s Guide to SMART Dating After Divorce, AUDIO PROGRAM


Price: $8.99

Listen to a sample:

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Product Info:

Dating after divorce requires not just courage, but a whole lot of SELF-AWARENESS and SMARTS.   Otherwise you’re at great risk of having your self-esteem – and heart – trampled on the floor.

So how do you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for the dating trenches?  Especially when you’re dealing with so many unknowns? Wouldn’t it be nice to develop a mindset that serves and uplifts you, instead of relying on your crossed fingers?

Drawing on the core learning from her memoir, “The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom”, and her four years working as a Divorce and Dating Coach, “Delaine’s Guide to SMART Dating After Divorce” answers these questions and more through her 11 Tenets of SMART Dating.  Whether you’re brand new to dating or have been ploughing through unsuccessfully on your own, this audio program will help you examine yourself in ways you don’t know to look for, ultimately empowering you to date with confidence and a smile, as you simultaneously rebuild the “New You”.