Would You Rather Read A Book or Have Sex? A Poll for (Divorced) Wives

Posted by Delaine - January 16, 2012 - Relationships, Sex - No Comments

It’s a taboo subject in our culture: Married women, who dislike — even hate — having sex with their husbands.

It’s a subject usually held in silence, behind embarrassment, confusion, sometimes even apathy. It’s consoled with inner placations, like “There’s more important things in a marriage than sex”, or “This is just a phase” or “My attraction will increase when the kids are older.”

But at the back of minds, a thought lingers: What if this is forever? What if I’m abnormal? What would outsiders think if they knew the truth about “us”?

Well I’m going to come right out and say it: I despised having sex with my husband when we were married. And I’m not saying this to suggest that he was a bad person or I was a bad person, it was just my truth. And there were many reasons contributing to my disinterest: (read more and participate in the poll here)