Divorced Moms: Are They Hiding Their Sex Lives?

Posted by Delaine - January 7, 2012 - Between the Sheets, Cougars & Single Moms, Dating & Sex, Women's Sexuality - No Comments

What’s really happening in the sex lives of divorced or single moms? Are they at home on Saturday nights watering their plants? Are they periodically dating, but adhering to a strict code of abstinence? Or are many moms choosing to date and take lovers — perhaps until the next Mr. Right comes along (or not…)?

I admit that I did the latter: Post-divorce, I gave myself permission to explore myself, my sexuality and the dating trenches in ways I’d never imagined possible — in satisfying and daring ways, too. The learning I experienced was immense; personal growth on every level. And replacing my self-effacing self-image of wife and mother roused a confidant, independent woman; one who could assert herself, make good choices and own the fiery side of herself. (Read more here)

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