Awkard Moment: “Kiss Mom Right Now!”

Posted by Delaine - August 2, 2011 - Children, Dealing with the ex - 2 Comments

I was trading my kids with their dad this past weekend when it happened.  We’d agreed to meet just outside the gym in the mall and from there, the kids would go with him.

But after I greeted him and passed over a few items he required, my 7-year-old daughter suddenly blurted out really loud. “Daddy, you LOVE mom, right?”

Totally shocked, I looked down, thinking “Oh gaaaaawwwd!”  Cause my ex and I haven’t exactly gotten along very well over the past four years since divorcing.  In fact, we only wrapped up messy legal matters this past March. The truth is that we’ve despised each other a lot more than liked each other, despite my hopes it would be otherwise.

But my ex handled it well.  “Sure I do!” he said while ruffling her hair.  And though I knew he was only saying it for her sake, I was impressed that he said it so quickly and jovally.

Suddenly my daughter grabbed my arm and was pushing me WAAAAYYY too close towards my ex’s chest. My hand was actually resting on his arm when she said:  “Then you need to kiss her right now!”

(oh boy!).

Though ever cell in my body was aware of the fact I was TOUCHING my ex, I didn’t want to recoil cause I knew all three kids were watching.  So instead, I let it linger for a LONG second, and replied as best I could:  (laughing)  “He can’t honey…you know daddy’s soon getting married to someone else!”

That probably wasn’t the best thing to say.  But it was the best I could come with in the shocking moment.  And the good thing is that my kids got to see mom and dad smiling and acting friendly towards each other; way better than the ‘business’ relationship we’ve had for quite some time.

I also think it was a good thing for me and my ex.  Cause when I touched him, he didn’t turn into a vampire bat and fly away.  And he, probably to his surprised, didn’t turn to stone by the snakes in my hair: )



  • Michele says:

    Oh I feel for you and can imagine just how you felt! You handled it well my dear!

    • Delaine says:

      Thanks Michele: ) I still grin at the thought that our ‘touching’ each other was one of the longest seconds of my life: )

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