“Mommy” vs “Woman Entitled”: Juggling Identities After Divorce

Posted by Delaine - May 21, 2011 - Between the Sheets, Cougars & Single Moms, Dating & Sex, Time Without Kids, Women's Sexuality - 2 Comments

The other day a client and I shared a good belly laugh over a recent ‘event’ in her life.   For the first time since divorcing (over a year ago), she’d brought a man back to her house and taken him as her lover; a memorable event in any divorced person’s history book, I know!

But our laughter wasn’t spawned by her sexual experience, but rather, what happened afterwards – cause her two kids, aged seven and five came home an hour early.  She said: “I was so off in a post-orgasmic daze that I hadn’t thought to properly cover up the ‘evidence’ of my goings on from my kids.”

She’d showered and gotten herself cleaned and prettied up – but totally overlooked the initial ‘crime scene’.

“Suddenly my daughter (the five year old) walked into the kitchen with a pair of red lacy panties in her hands.  ‘Why did you undress in the living room mom?’ she asked.  ‘ Your clothes are all over the floor…”

“I  said something about ‘being tired when I got home’ and ‘silly me for being so sloppy’ and immediately scurried to go pick up my strewn clothes. I have no doubt she bought my story…but it sure make me thank God my kids weren’t old enough to figure it out!”

My client is certainly not alone in her ‘close call’: wine glasses and wine bottle left on the counter (“Who were you drinking wine with, mom?”), a man’s watch or accessory left behind (“Is this daddy’s, mom?”), a mad dash to throw on track pants over lacy lingerie…

So remember ladies that there’s room for both of you: ‘Mommy’ and ‘Woman Entitled‘ -  if you so choose, of course.  But play smart, play safe, and always remember to play safely away from your children – you don’t want to find yourself in the predicament below (hilarious!).