The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made Thus Far (Warning: A REAL Disaster!)

Posted by Delaine - March 11, 2011 - Parenting, Single Moms - 5 Comments

Ladies, over the past two years since I began blogging on this site, I’ve been upfront and candid about sharing my Self and life post divorce with you.  And as you well know, my ‘mistakes’ and challenges have traversed virtually every aspect of my life -  dating, sex, divorce legalities, career, single parenting…

But today…today I feel compelled to share a biggie with you.  Truly this is one of the BIGGEST disasters I alone have ever created since I got divorced.  And the scariest thing is that I spend HOURS at it trying to do a great  job!

And on that note…

                             ….with nothing more to say,

                             …. I humbly present to you:








(scroll some more)







The WORST Birthday Cake Created by a Divorced Mom ANYWHERE! 

Thank God for chocolate bars:)