Seven Reasons Why I Like To Date Divorced Men

Posted by Delaine - January 16, 2011 - Dating & Sex, From the Dating Trenches - 9 Comments


When I was younger (and thought I knew it all), I found it a total turn-off if a man told me he was divorced.  Immediately, I thought “failure”, “tainted,” and “person-with-luggage.”

But today, as I wade through the sea of men on dating sites, I find I’ve done a 360 – I actually gravitate more towards those whose status reads “divorced” than those who are “single.”  Here’s why: 

  1. Oftentimes, they are fathers.  They’ll know first-hand what kind of commitment and lifestyle that involves.  AND they probably won’t want me to have a child with them!
  2. The very fact that they tied the knot once before suggests that they believe(d) in love and commitment. 
  3. They may have a greater appreciation for a woman’s post-pregnancy body than forever-single men.
  4. It suggests they may be a better lover for having sustained some kind of physical intimacy with another woman long-term. 
  5. Having been married AND getting divorced suggests they’ve had time to know themselves better – AND – learn from past mistakes. 
  6. It suggests they’re interested in doing it RIGHT next time around.  They will choose a new partner for better reasons, ie: a clearer understanding of what love is and what goes into making a healthy relationship verses pressure from society/family and the need to have children.
  7. Some other woman loved him enough to test-drive him so he can’t be that bad!

I know I’m making generalizations here, and every person is a stand-alone case.  I just find it ironic that the tables have completely turned: it’s the “single” status men that make me frown, not the “divorced” ones.   I can’t help but envision single men as another child attached to my apron strings;  I think “wanderer’, “selfish” and “in great need of attention.” BUT – if he’s cute and has a way with the written word, I’ll definitely give him a chance anyways.  I’m open to be proven wrong!