Divorced Ladies: Is It Time To Unleash YOUR Cougar?

Posted by Delaine - January 1, 2011 - Cougars & Single Moms, Dating & Sex - 5 Comments

uncage-the-cougar-divorcedBack when I first got separated and started online dating, I was insulted if any younger man called me a COUGAR. In my mind, ‘cougar’ meant older woman in leopard-skin leotards, teased hair and fake nails that wouldn’t quit. I might be in my late thirties, but excuse me, I wasn’t desperate, skanky, OR a tacky dresser!

Now two years into my divorce, I must admit the term is growing on me. In part this stems from me being more confident in my skin – I feel capable, beautiful, and entitled to make my own choices (in the bedroom and in life). The more I think about the predator I’ve been compared to, the more I see it as a compliment. After all, she’s sleek, she’s powerful, she can take care of herself and her own needs, and gosh darnit, she purrrrrrs when she wants! 

Am I the only woman warming to this nickname?  Apparently not.  Now in its third season, ABC’s television series  Cougar Town has women pouncing in front of their TVs and absolutely howling.  Starring Courtney Cox as a quirky, 40-year-old, recently-divorced mother, this so-called ‘cougar’ reminds us that not only does life go on after divorce, it’s ESSENTIAL we unpack our sense of humor.  Truly, being single again CAN be landing on another planet – but how long are you going to ‘hide’ or stand there shellshocked?  Maybe it’s time to unleash the cougar in you…and GO EXPLORE!

So turn up your speakers and have a peek at the Cougar Town trailer; I guarantee you’ll find yourself giggling.  Times are ‘a changin ladies…including how some of us feel about the nickname ‘Cougar’!  RAWR!