Emotional Awareness: Tips For Dealing with Anger During Divorce

Posted by Delaine - January 1, 2011 - Grief/ Anger, Surviving - No Comments

Anger is a stage in grief and divorce recovery. Honoring your anger is important as long as it isn’t damaging to you and those you love. Learning how to handle anger in productive and healthy ways is very important to your recovery and your mental health.

Don’t hold your anger in or think that anger is bad

Holding anger inside only results in a huge explosion of toxic emotions when it finally rises to the surface. You are angry. You are hurt and in pain. You are mad at your ex and the world. Acknowledge your anger and don’t shut it down.

What can you do with excessive anger? Anxiety can be released in many healthy ways:

  1. Exercise works off anxiety and anger. Go for a brisk walk or run or take up an aerobic-oriented exercise.
  2. Go outside and scream. Screaming at no one in particular releases excessive anger.
  3. Hit something: a plastic bat aimed at your pillows is one way.
  4. Talk to a friend and express all your anger. Better a friend than a direct attack on your ex.
  5. Go to a support group where others who are experiencing the same feelings as you.
  6. Journal: Write all your angry thoughts out. Let it loose. Write a letter to your ex and don’t mail it. Do this until you have nothing left to say.
  7. When you are with your ex or are involved in a conversation, be aware of your feelings before they erupt. When you feel an outburst coming on, walk away and release your anger in a healthy way.


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