Dating Adventure: It really is ironic…don’t you think?

Posted by Delaine - August 9, 2010 - Dating & Sex, From the Dating Trenches, Internet Dating - 4 Comments

irony-amelia-delayneSo I spent the wee hours of last Monday night having a ‘private party’ with just me, a bottle of wine, and Alanis Morrisette.  Of course, she was just playing on youtube… but I’ll tell you, the music from her album, Jagged Little Pill, sure did hit the spot  – especially the song, Ironic.  For you see, further to the last ‘date’ I went on, where the guy turned out to be a complete liar, a similar thing happened again a week later with a DIFFERENT guy!

This man spent hours talking to me on the phone.  He seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me AND he said numerous times that he was looking for a serious relationship.

But when the day arrived that we were to meet me in person, he didn’t show up.  Not just that, he didn’t even phone!  Nor has he since…just, nothing.

So how is this ironic?  My friend, it’s not because I got duped two times in a row; heck, that happens to the best of us.  It’s ironic because I’d only recently decided that I WANT and am finally ready for a serious relationship.  And this has required I stop being so guarded and suspicious of men, and start trusting again – a scary thing to do, I know.  And what happened when I put myself back out there again?  Why I got duped and dumped SUPER fast!  

But the irony runs even deeper  – cause you see, while I was talking to this guy, my spider senses went off a couple of times; a few things he did seemed strange, i.e. him falling asleep on the phone one night.  But I brushed my suspicions off and consciously CHOSE to give him the benefit of the doubt instead: I chalked it down to me LOOKING FOR trouble (as per my habit) when there wasn’t any.    But in reality, my sense were right all along!    That’s a little too ironic…yeah, I really do think.

Please understand that I’m actually laughing about this - actually, that’s me up there in the photo saying, “What the h***?”  I moreso feel like the universe is giving me a test – as if it’s playfully taunting, ”Are you REALLY ready for a relationship, Delaine?  Or are you going to return to hiding out in your fortress if your Shining Knight doesn’t show up pronto?” 

But no, I didn’t seek cover and return to ‘hiding.’  Instead I shared my angst with Alanis on youtube over a bottle of wine…

And I laughed.  Cause as Alanis says, Cause what it all comes down to, is everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine!




  • T says:


    You’ll find yours. Yes, indeed you will.

    BIG love.

  • cate says:

    Why oh why do there have to be so many frogs?

    Keep your expectations low until you get to know someone enough to find out if they are capable of meeting even the lowest expectations.

  • Carrie says:

    The fact that you have this perspective shows so much growth. Not so much about the men, but with you. I find it amazing that the things I have found out about myself and my capabilities over the past year. I would never experienced this had I stayed in my marriage. Sit back, relax, stick out a painted toe to let them know you are there and they will come around.

  • Delainem says:

    Oh Gawd! I’m almost embarassed to say this but it happened AGAIN! Yet another guy I arranged to meet this week didn’t show up and left me alone and waiting for him at a pub!

    But again, I’m not taking it personally cause I’d never met him in person before. Nor has being stood up left me feeling angry or doubtful of the male species (though I’ve admittedly dropped a few jabbing comments about men to gfs since, bad Delaine).

    I like to think the universe is ending things quickly simply because these guys are all wrong for me! Gotta be a silver lining, right?

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