The Dating Trenches: Liars & Players & Snakes, Oh My!

Posted by Delaine - July 26, 2010 - Dating & Sex, From the Dating Trenches, Internet Dating - 1 Comment

liars-players-snakesVenturing into the online dating world can feel as scary as trekking through a dark, unknown wood.  Who lurk’eth in the shadows? we can’t help but wonder.  Maybe “lions & ligers & bears, on my!”

As I set out on last weekend’s first-date ‘adventure,’ I admit I felt both nervous and excited.  Both on the phone and during our IM session, we’d had great chemistry.  Plus, given as he was a dentist and almost all of my family works in medicine, we had a lot in common.

Sitting in the pub wearing a pretty dress and a fresh coat of lip-gloss, I waved as I saw him come through the entranceway. I stood up as he approached and shook his hand.  “Hi, I’m Delaine,” I said.

“Wow, you’re so cute!” he said as we both sat down.

“Cute?  Like a puppy?”  I teased.

“Haha.  No, I mean HOT.  Sexy.  SUPER sexy.”  His eyes darted around. 

Immediately, my spider sense went off.  Something didn’t seem right…. But I ignored my intuition and went ahead and ordered wine from the waitress. 

Right away, he started talking about how he’d recently moved to our city.  “I’ve spent the last 10 years in Ottawa,” he said.  “I worked for Telus Communications…”  And as he rambled on about the team of computer technicians he oversaw, I sat there with a frozen smile on my face.

Finally, he stopped talking.  I looked him straight in the eyes and stated,  “You told me you were dentist.” 

Pase.  Squirm squirm.  Eyes darted. “Oh, did I? (laugh)  

“Yes, you did.  Remember?  My brother is a dentist and almost all of my family is in medicine?  We talked about it at great length.”

More laughing; looking away.  “Ohhhhh, that was you.  I was talking to like three different girls last night.  I must have got you confused.  Oh well.  It happens (laugh).”

I looked down at my purse and clenched the strap in my hand.  Decision was made.  “I’m leaving,” I announced as I stood up.

“Oh, c’mon!  Don’t you think you’re over reacting a bit?”

I paused for a second then looked down at him.  “No.  I’m not overreacting.  I just don’t date liars.” 

And I walked out.  Liars & tigers & snakes, good-bye!


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